A/N: This is a sequel to my fic 'Uninvited'. That story basically revolved around the romance of Seto Kaiba and Iolite. She's a royal and on the run from her very evil brothers with her body guard. Her father was friends with Yugi's grandfather and that is how she arrived in Domino.

Through an act of greed Kaiba put Iolite's life in jeopardy, the only way to save her was marriage, which she was reluctant about. The two quarreled a lot, the tension was palpable, and the lies and secrets were only reinforced with foolish pride. It's a romance story with lots of twists and turns. Obviously, it ends happy.

This story picks up several months after that left off. Things are shaky between the newlyweds as they struggle to figure out just what they mean to one another. Please, be my guest and read the other story if you are new to this plot line. I don't think it will be hard to pick up reading this story w/o reading the other. You will, however,miss a few clues I dropped throughout 'Uninvited'. I will recap as each character is introduced so if you choose to read from here foward you will be able to with ease. If you have any questions see my Author's page and e-mail me. ...Twilight...

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Chapter 1

Iolite sat alone in her office at the mansion. She didn't mind working from home, at the headquarters of Kaiba Corp. she was too easily distracted by her husband. She sighed and smiled. He was the same old Kaiba, but he was hers, as much as he could be. Besides if she did work at the office she would have to adhere to a dress code and she preferred her sweats and t-shirts to those hideously uncomfortable skirt suits or pant suits or whatever. Death would be preferable to stockings and high heels. Barefoot was best, she wiggled her free toes as a reminder.

She looked at the screen of her laptop and frowned. No matter what defense mechanisms she put up she constantly found 'footprints' of intruders in Kaiba Corp.'s mainframe. To a normal onlooker, even a security expert, it wouldn't seem like anything out of the norm (whoever was doing the spying was quite talented) but to a seasoned hacker and raider the evidence was there. Kaiba wouldn't spot the trangressions because he was more concerned with development and besides the man was amazing but not omniscient.

It was getting more and more annoying. The person, or persons, weren't causing any harm, but they were snooping and she was having problems tolerating it. She wanted to tell Kaiba about the problem, but if she did she would have to fess up to her own hacking. So, instead, she would simply download new precautionary programs and firewalls and tell him it was for his own safety's sake. He was tired of trying to argue with her, and closing her out of his system only provided a new challenge for her to get back in. He didn't want or appreciate her interference, but she insisted on using her talents to aide him. They were stalemated.

At the moment she was more concerned ironing out a few details in her raid on the software company DataLux. The CEO of that company was funding her older brother Simon's latest venture. Simon was as slimy as a typical bottom feeder. Whatever he was dabbling in would probably turn out to be a stolen idea or something completely illegal. By raiding the company she dried up Simon's assets and set him one step closer to the path that would ruin him. All she needed to do was wait until he, or their older brother Aron dipped into the wrong pockets and then she would nail them, hopefully together, to the wall.

She smiled. She wished she could be a fly on the wall when he found out his 'provider' was bankrupt. Tomorrow she would meet with Mr. Rodgers and explain that the dismantling of his company would begin immediately. The man had it coming, his backroom deals were, at best, legal and his morals were corrupt as well. In a few hours her skills would be roadblocking one of Simon's main methods of fundings. He would come after her, she knew that, but she was ready. Kaiba would naturally be angry with her for infuriating her brothers yet again, but he'd just have to deal.

A soft sliding sound followed by a loud thump caught her attention. She shook her head and turned her attention to the screen again. She closed out of Cathway, her own investment company that for all intents and purposes she was a mere employee of not the owner, and began downloading her newest acquisition. She would be meeting with the CEO tomorrow and she intended to be prepared.

Again a loud slide and a thump caught her attention.

"Mokuba!" She shouted, but received no response. She tried again, but he didn't answer.

With great agitation she rose and followed the sounds into the great hall. There was the young Kaiba sliding across the newly waxed floor and slamming, braced by his hands and arms, into the wall on the opposite side. His hitting the wall was causing the most noise. She was quietly impressed by the distance he could go.

"What in the heck are you doing!" She yelled at him. He smiled sheepishly as he took off again, sliding across the floor and thumping, hard, into the wall. He wasn't afraid of her authority, truth was, she was his partner in crime...usually.

"I'm bored and everyone's busy so I'm having a bit of made up fun." He started to run towards her, then stopped moving his feet so he could slide the last of the way towards her. He miscalculated and ended up crashing into her.

She managed to keep her balance and prevent his fall. She frowned at his actions.

"It's fun, you should try it!" Mokuba suggested.

"I have work to do Mokuba, besides I hardly think your brother would approve of this behavior." She tried to sound mad, but knew she failed.

"You're turning into Seto aren't you?" He asked with big sad eyes.

"What do you mean?" She asked feeling hurt by the comment.

"He works all the time, never plays and ignores my days off from school."

"I'm sorry Mokuba, I guess what I have to finish up can wait until later. What would you like to do?" She smiled at him hoping he'd choose some benign activity.

"I wanna see if you can beat my sliding record." He suggested.

"I can't do this," she moaned.

He goaded her with taunts of 'chicken' and 'fraidy cat' until she agreed to his little game.

"I can't do it." She looked down at her sockless feet. "Bare feet won't slide at all. I'll get wood burns!"

"That's ok, put these on." He handed her a pair of black socks made of silk.

"Are these Seto's?" She asked noting the quality. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this was wrong, but then decided to ignore that impulse.

"Of course, they slide the best. Much better than cotton-I think they cause less friction." He shrugged as she sat on the floor to tug them on.

"I think I need a bit of practice first, before any contest begins." She ran a few feet then stopped, she felt the slide start then promptly fell on her backside. "That's gonna leave a bruise." She stood while gently rubbing her sore hip.

Mokuba was rolling on the floor laughing. "You have a horrible sense of balance!"

"I never said I was good at sports or anything!" She growled, "You sure you don't want to read?"

"No, I want to challenge you!" He smiled and took off to show her how to perform the stunt.

After her tenth attempt, and many falls,she managed to skid straight into the wall, bracing herself with her hands like Mokuba did. She giggled at her sense of accomplishment, but winced as the pain surged up her arms from her hands and wrists.

"I think you're ready now!" Mokuba announced. She was glad he was so sure. This was a bad idea and she knew it.

The two repeatedly slid, going further and further, slamming harder and harder each time. He was quite the pro. She still managed to lose her balance most of the time, plopping down on already sore body parts. Grimacing, she thought of how stiff she would feel later. She shook her head 'no' when he suggested skateboarding would be a better way to go for her.

"Well then, lets see how far we can go!" Mokuba suggested with peals of laughter. He ran to the door, which led to the foyer. It gave them an extra 50 feet or so.

"You first!" He shouted at Iolite. She shook her head no, rolling her eyes. This little activity he suggested would be the death of her. It wouldn't be too much longer before bones started breaking, her ego was shattered several slides ago. She backed up to the wall and took off fast. She stopped running 10 feet before she hit the threshold and slid clear into the foyer, her best attempt so far, then promptly slammed into a very startled Seto Kaiba. He attempted to catch her as she tackled him, but the force she was backed by was too great. He stumbled backwards and fell to the floor with her draped over his body. It took the two of them a second to realize what had just happened.

She propped herself up on her elbows on his chest, "This was much better then crashing into the wall...hello Seto." She giggled, slightly breathless.

"Just what the hell is going on here?" He asked, clearly not amused as his grip tightened on her waist, his beautiful blue eyes looked stormy and narrowed on her. She frowned at his anger, not that he ever came home jolly, not that he ever was jolly, or even happy, but angry was annoying.

"Cool!" Mokuba shouted as he came sliding out, "Pile up!" He shouted as he landed with a thud on top of Iolite's back.

She thought her eyes would pop out of her head as the air rushed out of her lungs.

"Mokuba!" Kaiba growled in a very fierce tone. He nearly smiled as he saw her expression change from a frown to suprise as the wind was knocked out of her.

"Oops," Mokuba managed as he scrambled off the two then ran off, slipping a bit as he circled the corner.

"Chicken," Iolite whispered under her breath. She tried to pull away from Kaiba, but his grip was firm.

"What is the meaning of this?" He asked. "I can accept this behavior from Mokuba, but you're how old!"

Her scowl returned, "Is that suppose to mean I'm not allowed to have any fun?"

"Of course you can have fun," his tone lightened. "You can do woman things."

"Woman things!" She asked, slightly amused.

"Knit, gossip, watch soaps, shop and get facials." He suggested with a dry, honest tone.

"Is that all a woman's good for?" She asked as she struggled to free herself. He seemed to have no intention of letting her go.

He playfully slid his hands over the curve of her backside and whispered, "No," against her ear.

"Let me go," She demanded and he finally released her. She rolled off of him onto her backside, which she noted was quite sore,and started pulling the socks off. Sadly, they were ruined. There were tiny pulls all over the bottoms and the wax had gunked up as well. Great, she thought to herself, now she knew why Mokuba had a spare pair, so he could change them when he started slowing down…

Kaiba stood and watched his wife with curiosity. For royalty she left a lot to be desired. Here she was in sweatpants and a ripped old t-shirt that she refused to throw out because it was…'comfy'. She never wore a stitch of make-up, though truthfully he didn't think she needed it. The pony tail she insisted on pulling her long hair into, on most days, begged to be pulled, she looked about 13 when she wore it that way. It was also her way of preventing the nervous habit she had of twirling it around her fingers. She had the ability and the means to go anywhere and do anything, but instead she chose to help clean the house and race around sliding on newly waxed floors. He shook his head as he began flipping through the mail.

"Soaps, knitting, don't know the first thing about knitting, and no I don't gossip…men…I'm amazed I've put up with you for as long as I have!" She was mumbling. Kaiba glanced down at her and then realized that those were his socks she was inspecting, his very expensive socks that he had specially ordered.

She felt his eyes boring into her and quickly looked up at him with the same intensity.

"What!" She demanded.

"Did you just ruin my socks?" He asked as he helped pull her to her feet.

"I'm sorry Kaiba," she offered with sarcasm. "It won't happen again, seeing as I have to busy myself with getting facials and…"

She didn't have a chance to finish her sentence as he had grabbed her in his arms and claimed her mouth. She struggled for a second, but then closed her eyes and twined her fingers into his hair. He slowly devoured her top lip, then the bottom before demanding entrance into her mouth. She complied readily.

"Yuk!" Mokuba exclaimed. "Are you two at it again!"

Iolite reluctantly pulled out of Kaiba's grasp and her toes touched the ground. She was always quite amazed how he managed to pull her into his arms and off the floor.

"It was all her idea Seto!" Mokuba managed as Kaiba's eyes narrowed on his brother. They were the worst influence on one another. Mokuba needed a time out and she needed...he smirked at his own ideas of her 'needs'.

She gasped at Mokuba's remark, but didn't give him away, besides if what she just received was punishment she intended to do something bad on an hourly basis.

"She decided to slide on the freshly waxed floor?" Kaiba asked as Mokuba nodded his head.

"She chose to disobey my rule of staying out of the great hall?" He asked as Mokuba continued shaking his head, the boy didn't dare look up at Iolite.

"And, I suppose she chose to use my good silk socks as well?" Mokuba's eyes widened. It looked like fear to her, even though she had a feeling he wasn't going to be punished. Kaiba was cold and ruthless in the corporate and dueling worlds, but Mokuba was treated with tenderness. It was a quality that could make a girl's heart melt.

Quickly Iolite broke away from Seto's arms. She turned to face him, standing in front of Mokuba and shoving the small boy behind her.

"It was all my idea Seto. Mokuba wanted to read quietly, but I insisted we do this. I use to do it all of the time back home and I figured it would be fun to do it here as well." She felt Mokuba's hands grab at her t-shirt material.

"You're a great influence on him," Kaiba announced sarcastically.

"Thank you," she smiled and winked at him.

"Dinner!" Cook called out. Iolite and Mokuba moved towards the dining room while Seto started for the stairs.

"You aren't joining us?" Iolite asked Kaiba.

"I have work to do." He turned his back on her without another word and climbed the stairs.

Still the same old Kaiba, she admonished.