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He was supposed to be happy to see her that happy, but this happiness hurted. He was watching her tonight and the only thing he wanted was to die. He would never be able to touch her, to kiss her, to make love to her. His only dream was evaporating, his hope fading, his pain growing. To see her dance with this man tonight was the worst thing he had to feel and he knew that there wouldn't be Lorelai dreams anymore.

While he was walking up the stair toward his apartment, tears appeared in his eyes. 'Oh no, Danes, you won't begin this'. He took a shower and sat down in his armchair beer in hand.

Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the bathroom. He got up, walked lightly toward the place where he kept his baseball bat and took it.

"Is there someone here?", he asked 'Idiot, there's nobody here, you're all alone'.

He walked toward the bathroom and opened the door.


Upright, in the middle of the piece was standing a young woman. It was the first time he saw her, but he had the feeling that I knew her. She seemed to have 18 years. She had brown and curly hairs and wonderful blue eyes.

"Who are you?" he asked in a not so assured tone. She rolled her eyes

"Why does each time, the same story begin again? You come here with your baseball bat, you walked toward me asking me 'who are you?' and I don't know what to said because I can't tell you who I am for now. Ah, I hate this job". The young girl rambled in a breath a bit freaked out and totally frustrated. Luke watched her with an incredulous look on his face. He knew suddenly.

"Lorelai" he said quickly. Indeed, the girl looked a lot like Lorelai. She had the same eyes, the same hair and the same way to speak. Was it possible that she became younger from 16 years in a night?

"And it's getting started!" she said exasperated. "My name is Emy, I'm here to… to… how could I say it? … to… to… to comfort you."

" Is it Miss Patty who's sending you?"

" How could Miss Patty send me?" She said looking in his eyes when she understood what he was insinuating. "Ew, you think I'm here for that! Argh, at least, there's something new this time. I'm not here for it! It would be insane, really insane."

" So why are you here"

Luke was loosing his patience. All he wanted tonight was to be alone in peace. And now, some crazy girl was standing in his bathroom rambling that she hated her job and how much it would have been insane to be sent here for something he preferred not thinking about right now.

"I'll explain you everything, but first, please, put down this bat" she said calmly.

Weirdly, Luke was beginning to thrust her, so he did what she asked for.

"Good, thanks, but before anything, I've a question for you.

" Go ahead"

"Do you know Charles Dickens?"

"I don't read much"

"But, you know his stories at least"

" Who doesn't?"

"What happens in one of his stories is my job. I want to show you some events of your past and of your future that is important to be recalled or known".

"I always knew that I was grumpy, but not that much".

"You don't understand. Mr Scrouch, or whatever was his name, was very sad because he was miserly. That's why he had someone for him that night. Me, I'm here to show you what you need to see to be happy again".

"Good luck!"

Luke thought a bit. How was it possible? And this girl… looked like…

"Are you an angel?"

"What?" She said with a laugh.

"Are you angel?"

"Do you want me to be an angel?

"I don't know maybe. It would be comforting"

And she laughed again, a laughed Luke knew he thought.

"Each person has in his life someone like me to comfort him. We call them soul mates. I'm yours. Each time you feel sad or worried, I come, I show you things you need to see and then you forget. Tonight will be a long night 'cause your soul is really sad, but this is my work so…"

She claps hands and the décor faded.