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Chapter 1

Carn's pov.

Ender, Bean, Petra, Nikolai, and I decided to give this new video game a try. It was called White Patch (get the irony?). You'd think that the Dragon Army kids would have zero free time to spend, but Ender talked the teachers into giving them a one day break. Surprisingly, they obliged. It seemed normal enough, steering ships through a maze consisting mostly of asteroids, comets, and small wandering planets. That was until we got to the white patch part.

"Hey, all I see is the blank screen!"

"Push over, Petra, I can't get a good view of the screen!" While we were all chattering about the mysterious blank screen, nobody noticed that we were slowly moving. It was in some weird way like the screen was pulling us in, but it always seemed the same distance away.

Nikolai's pov.

Suddenly we were plunged in total, absolute darkness. None of us had ever been in complete darkness before, and it was scary.

"Is the station malfunctioning?" Petra asked.

"No, Bean went sneaking around today and all the energy controls were operating perfectly."


"Sorry, Bean, but they all know anyways."

"How did you find out without me detecting?" Touchy, touchy.

"Well, you aren't the only genius here. I'm only behind you by about one zillionth of a point in the standings," Ender pointed out.

"Hey, I don't seem to be breathing!" Carn exclaimed. That shut everyone up. Then the dead silence hit us. It was the creepiest feeling you could ever imagine. No light or sound at all. Not even the sound of our own breathing.