-The REAL Story of a Wolf in a Red-Hood's Woods.-

Daniel shivered from cold. The forest path was dark – sunlight couldn't penetrate early autumn trees, especially not in a forest that was typically dark and dismal.

If his grandma didn't live here, he would've given up long ago on these walks. But she needed company, and neither of them could be around civilization on the full moon. This month he was cutting it close, tonight would bring the change he so dreaded.

"Hello, little boy," a poisonous voice greeted in his ear.

Daniel jumped a mile out of his only part-human skin. "Who – who're you!"

"My name's Willow, little boy, but you can call me Red," she smiled, lips bright red.

"'M not little," protested Daniel. "I'm sixteen."

Her mouth was right beside his ear again before he even realized she had moved. "I'm four hundred and seventeen, little boy," she told him in a husky whisper.

His eyes widened, and he backed away quickly. "Vampire – but it's day!"

"Sunlight doesn't hurt what it can't find, little one," Willow giggled behind a hand, dark eyes dancing in mischief.

"Please – I just want to go. I have to be somewhere."

"You've nowhere to go but me, little boy. And your blood will stay with me some time longer."

And as fast as blinking she had tackled him, and was tracing his ear with her tongue. "Do you know what it's like, to die young? You watch friends and family grow old and die. And if they know you're watching, they call you demon – just because a stranger took you under his dark spell. And you watch your friend's grandchildren grow and die, and you remember your old lover, and find he was cheating on you anyway." She bit the shell of his ear lightly and lapped up the resulting puddle of blood in his ear.

"G-get off, vampire!" he snapped, braver than he felt, and she knew it. She laughed at his pathetic attempt of struggle.

Then she tasted him – really tasted him, taking a deep drought from his neck. She pulled back, startled. "Wolf-kin," she snorted. "I was hoping for something more human, but the pickings here are slim. Well, wolf-boy, perhaps I should play with you before I drain you dry."

Daniel shivered again, but not from the cold.