A Very Stormy Christmas Eve

-Meeko Melodie

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I've waited all my life to cross this line

To the only thing that's true

So I will not hide, it's time to try

Anything to be with you

All my life I've waited

This is true

- Ryan Cabrera

Amon simply could not believe it.

But the burning sensation of her skin, the intoxicating scent swirling around him made Amon realize this was not a dream. The window curtains were drawn aside, revealing the huge, steamy window. Outside in the cold, the blizzard had seized and beyond the thin layer of clouds, the pale moon peeked out gingerly, shimmering a soft glow on the dark world.

Amon paid his attention back to the slumbering fire witch again, who was softly breathing on his chest. Her peaceful, and innocent contortion caused Amon to smile the tiniest.

If only Robin could see what she was doing to him, the supposedly 'cold-hearted jerk' as he was most likely to be known. A few strands of her dull gold hair fell unnoticed and Amon quietly tucked it back behind her ear, hoping Robin would not be awoke by his movement.

But he failed.

Robin stirred, groaning with sleep as she rubbed her eyes lazily. Images became clear once again. The stations on the radio had been off air and there was only silence in the house. She felt a pair of arms encircling around her waist, pulling her closer for warmth. She gladly welcomed.

She had thought it was merely just a dream, when Amon had kissed her with such passion that she had no idea he could acquire, a dream she never wanted to wake up. Robin was glad she could feel Amon's heat seeping through her blood streams and systems and straight into her heart, warming her.

The words on the card still plagued within Robin's mind as she snuggled closer to the dark hunter. A playful smile tugged on her lips as the words played itself back in her head again.

Dear Robin,

I know I've been an asshole ever since the first time we've met. The truth was: I was using my uncaring facade to hide my true emotion towards you. The strange feeling that you had evoked within me the first time our eyes locked.

A little giggle here from Robin as she thought, 'the first time our eyes locked?' The use of his language in this letter was just so... what was the word? So... un-Amon-ish.

I hope the truth will not scare you away from me because this is really how I feel. I'm falling for you, without noticing it myself.

Love always, Amon

'Love always?' that was definitely something Amon would not write. 'Who knows?' Robin thought, 'maybe he got someone to write it for him but if it is really how he feels...'

"Did I wake you?" he asked in her ear, his warm breathes tickling her sensitive skin and sending shivers down her spine. Robin turned around just enough to look into Amon's gray irises. But she saw something different inside tonight; it was not cold, nor emotionless, and empty like how they used to be. Instead, they were filled with a kind of new solicitude, and flickering passion for Robin and her alone.

"No," she lowered her gaze, her cheeks growing hot as she felt herself melting by those ablaze silvery eyes of his.

Instead, Robin looked out the window.

"Look, the storm had stopped," she exclaimed, jumping off of Amon's lap eagerly and ran to the window, her face pressing against the cool glass like a child looking out hastily at snow for the first time. Amon smiled slightly at her fondness for such an irrelevant matter and walked up behind Robin, embracing her gently from behind.

Robin laid her head back against his chest, feeling his every heartbeat.

"Do you ever wonder why all lovers like to enjoy the moon's presence? And why most of the poets like to write about them?" Robin asked out of the blue as the tingling glow of the crescent moon light rained over the ground. Amon figured it was one of those dreamy trances that Robin was in; in truth, Amon never really thought about it, so he replied with a no.

"There are lots of other things in the sky too," she tried to reason, "like stars, the sun and clouds."

"Maybe it's because moon is the only celestial body that has its times when it is full and bright, and when it is dark and not visible," he replied carefully. He could feel Robin inclined her head at the statement.

Wind was continuously howling, though clouds were completely gone. In the deafening serenity, they could even hear leaves racing each other down below on the deserted paths, their edges rustling noisily as they brushed against each other.

"Hey," Amon suddenly breaking the stillness, "I know why the matter of love is always tied to the moon."

"Why?" her innocent voice asked.

"That's because they are both are 'yellow', get it?" Amon smirked. (Meeko: Anyone don't get? Okay, I don't know if it works with English, but in Chinese, 'yellow' also means sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal. According to the dictionary)

Robin hit his arm playfully and said in light sarcasm, "somehow, I don't think that's the reason."

"Then what is it?"

"It's because the moon is everyone's guiding light that can never be turn off," Robin answered cleverly, "it's a light that never goes out.

"Do you know that in the future, people are able to send the ashes of dead body to the moon, where they can revolve around the earth?" she asked sheepishly.

"Wouldn't that be a bit too late to do the moon walk?" he replied half-jokingly (Meeko: Wow, imagine that. Amon can joke.), one arm still holding her waist in place, the other snaked up to play with her brown locks between his fingers. Robin leaned in his gentle touch.

"But still, at least he had been to the moon," Robin said simply.

"Would you send my ashes to the moon when I died?" Amon inquired, taking her small hand in his and led her back to the couch, where Robin snuggled in Amon's arms like a little puppy seeking for comfort and company.

"I don't know," Robin shrugged, answering with honesty. There was a short moment of placidity before Amon continued, "if you did truly send my ashes to the moon, would you turn off the light?" He swore he was getting as poetic as Robin was; he was really rubbing off of her dreamy nature.

Robin looked up, a sincere smile playing on her lips as she answered, "nope, don't you remember? This light never flickers out."

She reached up and brushed her lips against Amon's softly, leaving the dark hunter wanting more. But he suppressed his burning desire of taking her here and now by holding her tighter, resting his chin on the top of her head.

Sleep momentarily claimed Amon as he was lifted from the reality Or at least, as real as he could imagine.


Beep- Beep- Hm... what the hell is that? That was Amon's first sane thought. He opened his eyes warily; only darkness consume his sight and beneath him...

A bed!

Oh no, Amon inwardly groaned. He didn't do it, did he? Not that he would be regretting it or anything like that but he... oh what the hell, even if he did do it, he couldn't even remember. What the fuck is wrong with him?!

But the beeping pulled Amon back to the reality out of his trance.

His communicator was blinking irritably on his bedside table.

His bedside table!

His room!

Okay, what is wrong with this picture here? Amon shook his head fiercely, his hair flinging in different directions. But he was still in his room, wide awake.

"Yea?" he said to the communicator. Michael's urgent voice came through, "Amon, get to Shinjuku Station with Robin quick, there's a witch on the loose!" Amon was about to answer when a sense of uncomfortable familiarity with the sentence he had just heard filled his body.

He had a bad feeling of deja vu hitting into his aching head.

"Isn't it Christmas today?" he asked curiously.

"You're still asleep, aren't you?" Michael laughed, "it's the day before Christmas."

What the hell?!

-End of Story-

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