"Come back here, Sebastian!" Alexandra yelled as she chased him. That cat had spoiled her plans one too many times. "You stupid cat, where did you go?" she muttered under her breath. Sebastian had disappeared and Alexandra began looking around wildly. Suddenly, he appeared in a doorway and she took that opportunity to dive at him. Sebastian managed to jump out of the way, but Alexandra went sliding through the opened door and there was loud crash.

What a mess! She had landed in the control room and the place was in a shambles. None of the equipment seemed damaged, so that was good, Alexandra thought, when all of a sudden red lights started flashing and the ship began to jerk out of control.

Alexandra heard the sound of screaming and footsteps, but was too disoriented to make any sense of the situation. In rushed Valerie, Melody, Josie and Alan all in a panic.

"The systems are all shutting down!" cried Josie.

"Let me see what I can do," Valerie tried to remain calm and made her way to the control panel. She quickly began pressing buttons and soon the ship was stabilized and the lights stopped flashing. "We're going to melt down," she said "if we don't land the ship right away. I'm not sure what happened, but I'm going to need to check it out. I've put on the reserve power for now, but it'll only last a little while. We have to land.

"There's a planet not far from here. There's not way of finding anything out about it and it looks strange, but we've got no choice; we're going to have to take our chances." With that Valerie bent over the controls and proceeded to manually steer the ship towards the unknown planet.

As all of this was going on, no one took any notice of Alexandra, who was still on the floor in the corner. 'We might be in real trouble' she considered quietly to herself as she sat there. Should I feel guilty?' she paused for a moment, 'Nah! It was that Sebastian's fault that we're in this mess, not mine. That stupid cat can never do anything right! Well, a planet is a pretty big place. At least big enough to lose Josie. Maybe this will be my chance to break her and Alan up!' With that thought she roused herself and joined the rest of the group. No one noticed her, not even Sebastian who was now purring contentedly in Melody's arms.

In what seemed like no time at all, Valerie was landing the spaceship. "We need to go out and explore," she said. "The ship needs to cool down a bit before I can work on it, and we need to get a feel for our surroundings.

"Great idea!" exclaimed Alexandra. "We'll split up. You can go with Alex, Josie can go with Melody, and oh, look—that leaves Alan to go with me," she smirked.

"No," said Valerie. "We'll all go together. We've got more safety in numbers and can't afford to lose each other on a strange planet.

"Hmmph." Alexandra pouted, but finally she agreed and after they had retrieved Alex from the place he had been cowering, the group made their way outside together.