"Okay, Melody! Did Bleep get the robes?" Valerie requested.

"You bet he did! Nobody saw him either. He was great, weren't you, Bleep?" Melody replied, pleased, handing her the robes.

"Bleep Bleep"

"Good. We haven't much time. Josie and Alan have already painted themselves. Now it's our turn," Valerie explained to her. Josie and Alan emerged with pink faces and handed Melody and Valerie each a bucket of paint in exchange for two of the robes Valerie held.

"Alright," Valerie explained as she slathered her face with pink paint. "Alan and Josie, you've found a place where we can infiltrate the city. I've programmed the coordinates into the spaceship's system of a location just outside. All Alan has to do is push the button. I think we know the plan from there."

Alexander was more than happy to fulfill the role he was given, very happy that he didn't have to join them among the scary and potentially murderous aliens. He'd have Sebastian to keep him company. Josie, Valerie, Alan, Melody, and Bleep bid them goodbye and made their way out into the increasing darkness, intent on rescuing their estranged companion.