Beka was steamed. How dare he? He had no right. "Gaheris, you let me out right now!" She pounded on the door of her quarters. "Andromeda, let me out!"

Andromeda popped up. "I'm sorry Beka, but the Commander has ordered me to keep you here until further notice." She blinked out.

"Further notice? What the hell does that mean?" She was furious. She'd left some time ago, only coming back when it appeared that the Perseids had found a way to cure Harper. And it had worked. Beka'd only planned to stay around long enough to make sure he was fully recovered from the operation and then leave. But Gaheris was taking that decision out of her hands. Of course she'd been stupid to even be bunking in her old quarters anyway but....

The door slid open and he entered. Beka was going to make a run for it but the door closed pretty fast. "Hi, Beka. I can see you're furious."

"That doesn't even come close to describing how I feel. What gives you the right to hold me here? I told you we were over."

He nodded. "Yes, you did. And I let you go. And it was a mistake. A mistake that can be corrected easily, unlike others. This is my second chance and I'm not making that mistake again. I love you, Beka."

"And you assume I love you too. I don't." She didn't know how she'd expected him to react. Not the way that he did, for sure. He laughed.

"Nice try but you're lying. I can see it in your eyes. He grinned. "It's O.K. I love spirited women. It's almost like you're Neitzschean. Speaking of which, Harper's cure has done a lot for my goal. The news is out and that plus the fact that we're the only hope against the Magog World Ship is...well....let's just say things have a way of working out. On all counts. Enjoy your stay, Beka." Before she could do anything, he was gone, leaving her locked in. And very unhappy.