Chapter Fourteen:


She was finally free. No longer was she trapped to obey Naraku's whims and selfish plots. Instead she was once again whole. When Kagura regained consciousness she knew she'd moved on to the Meidou. She wouldn't know true peace until after Naraku's death.

There was a great sense of freedom to be experienced gliding across the sky on her enlarged feather. The air was thick, but not uncomfortable. Large skeletal remains covered the immense landscape. Idly, she wondered if she'd be able to control the skeletons with her fans. She'd have to try that later. Unless somehow Sesshoumaru regained his near invincibility she'd be stuck in the Meidou forever. She honestly didn't think anyone else was capable of defeating Naraku.

So many had tried and all had failed. Sesshoumaru was different. She'd seen Naraku try to absorb the demon lord and fail. That had never happened before.

Amongst the skeleton graveyard there was one object that her attention focused upon with great interest.

Kagura had only heard rumors of what Sesshoumaru looked like in his true demon form— gigantic, white, magenta stripes, and blood red eyes. The actual visual was amazing beyond words. Over the past years she had gradually fallen in love with the stoic, cold-hearted demon lord who represented her only hope. Would she have ever let him know of her feelings? No, of course not. She didn't have a death wish. Well, that hardly mattered now seeing as she was dead.

Would she do anything within her power to help him?

She'd give her life for him. And she had.

Kagura directed her feather in his direction. "Come, you're needed elsewhere Lord of the Western Lands," she said hovering near his ears.

His large red eyes flashed angrily at her and she quickly dodged out of his reach when he snapped his jaws at her.

"You're even more ill tempered in this form," she complained.


Kagome stood in front of Sesshoumaru, placed her hands on either side of his face and kissed him softly on the lips. She then reached for the bottom corners of her blouse and pulled it over her head standing before him in her bra. She kicked off both shoes and then leaned over to pull off her soot-covered socks.

"I think this is some form of torture," Sesshoumaru murmured with eyes glazed and attention riveted to the pale swells of the breasts in front of him. Kagome then pulled down her pants and set them next to her shoes and sat on Sesshoumaru's thighs with her legs curled around the back of the chair. Under her weight, Sesshoumaru shifted bringing her center closer to his rising member.

He dipped his head down and grasped the bra's straps between his teeth and yanked them over her shoulders while Kagome worked on the opening of his shirt moving it to expose his chest. She kissed him above his heart and then with the tip of her tongue traced a circle around each of his nipples blowing on them teasingly.

"Mind taking off this contraption? Otherwise I'll be ripping it off with my teeth," Sesshoumaru said with a growl to his deep voice.

With a nervous giggle Kagome reached behind to unhook the clasp and allowed the garment to join the others on the floor. No sooner had the bra been removed before Sesshoumaru's mouth started tasting her breasts hungrily. The feel of his rough tongue and teeth against the sensitive flesh made all logical thought escape her mind and her panties were now drenched.

She backed away just out of reach of his mouth and focused on the fastenings of his pants.

"You seem surprisingly adept for one that doesn't know what she's doing," Sesshoumaru said with narrowed eyes.

"I watch a lot of cable," Kagome muttered opening his clothing and allowing his erection to spring free. "Oh Kami."

"What? Is something wrong?"

She swallowed thickly. "I just, don't know that we're compatible."

"Don't be ridiculous. Our bodies were made to fit within one another." He glanced down at his groin and scoffed. "Besides that is nothing compared to my usual size."

"I just, I don't know what to do now," she said softly chewing on her bottom lip.

Sesshoumaru grunted, then pulled his abdominal muscles away from her and shifted his weight on his legs in such a way that he caused Kagome to be thrown into the air half a foot before he shifted back and impaled her opening. For a human he was still surprisingly strong.

Kagome brought her lips to his shoulder and cried out in pain as she felt herself being torn. This was not the moonlight and rainbows she had imagined her first time to be, but for the man she loved she'd suffer through any agony.

"Get used to the feel, it will get better, I promise," Sesshoumaru whispered in her ear before kissing her neck lightly.

His gentle words compared to the brutality of the joining caused her to breathe out a shaky breath and relax. It didn't hurt quite as much. She shifted around on his lap experimentally causing him to groan pleasurably. Well—at least he was having fun even if she were a bit miserable. A small smile flitted across her lips and seeing him so enthralled made the butterflies return to her stomach. She put her feet flat on the floor and pushed her body up, sliding across his length until only his tip remained within before falling down again to meet him at the base, she repeated the movement, muffling her groans against his shoulder.

For his part, Sesshoumaru struggled against his restraints. He wanted to hold her, he wanted to prepare her more for his girth, he wanted to be able to take care of her and not simply steal her innocence. "Slow down, my love."

Kagome stopped completely, panting with the effort. "What did you call me?"

"You cannot possibly think this love is one-sided. Slow down, I want you to have some pleasure from the experience." He slid back from her and then slowly re-entered, taking control of the rhythm and pace. He could feel the start of his orgasm but he resisted wanting to experience the thrill with Kagome. "Try to tighten your muscles there."

At his suggestion, Kagome tried to squeeze her vaginal muscles in a way she'd never tried before. The sensation was strange, and her nerves were raw from the unaccustomed exercises. It felt as if she were trying to milk him and then there was a shudder that seemed to pass through his body into hers accompanied by a release of warm fluids toward her very core.

Seconds ticked by in the aftermath as they both struggled to regain their breath and waited for their hearts to return to a normal tattoo.

"I cannot believe we just did that," Kagome whispered kissing his neck and then leaning her cheek against his shoulder.

"It is not the only unbelievable thing to occur," Sesshoumaru whispered.

The feeling of a warm hand between her shoulder blades caused Kagome to stiffen. Her eyes landed upon the fully whole Sesshoumaru—with two arms. In the newly reformed arm the hand held a sword and Sesshoumaru pulled his arm away and twirled the sword experimentally. "Perhaps this is an omen and it's not my time. There is a bucket of water in the corner. Go clean yourself and then dress and then me. We're leaving. I would not have been blessed with the gift of a whole body and sword if I was meant to be fodder to some hell-hound." He kissed her again quickly on her cheek. "Hurry."

"Where did that sword come from?" Kagome asked quietly staring at the strong arm and the new sword.

"Not sure. But strangely enough, I know its name. Bakusaiga. And I know its mine as father's fang belongs to Inuyasha."

Kagome nodded, not sure what to say. She crawled off Sesshoumaru's lap and did as he requested feeling both used and dirty-but what did she expect from her impromptu conjugal visit. She could understand his excitement at having regained his arm and a new sword. He and his brother seemed to love their swords more than anything or anyone else. If they got out of this predicament alive—like she hoped to—she'd have to deal with being second to Bakusaiga as she was third to Tetsusaiga and Kikyo with Inuyasha.


Kouga burst through the door breathless and annoyed. He growled upon smelling the heady, salty scent. "Could you have not found another way to convince him?" he asked Kagome bitterly. His expression softened seeing her wrapped in the dingy blanket and trying in vain to pull off the chains.

"Make yourself useful, wolf, and break these chains," Sesshoumaru commanded.

"How'd you get your arm back?" Kouga asked stepping over and ripping the chains off the chair releasing Sesshoumaru. "This mean you're going to start helping and we can stop wasting our time rescuing you?"

"Let's go," Sesshoumaru said. He turned to Kagome and yanked the blanket off her. "Leave that here, it stinks."

"And just where do you think you're going?" Bankotsu asked standing the doorway balancing his sword on his shoulder.

Sesshoumaru glared at Kouga. "Couldn't you take care of him?"

Kouga scratched the back of his neck. "He's a bit difficult. I did kill him at least once."

Bankotsu jestured toward his neck. "You separated my head from my shoulders. But as you can see, the results were only temporary. You can't kill what is already dead." He laughed coldly. "If you're in such a rush to get out of here, why don't we all step outside? Leave that big sword if you will," Bankotsu said stepping back a bit so that his other team members could be seen.

"You decapitated him? That's how he was killed back when he was human. It didn't keep him dead," Kagome whispered to Kouga.

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Kouga whispered back.

"And don't get any ideas wolf, I borrowed a little sutra from your friend," Bankotsu called out interrupting their quiet conversation.

Suikotsu dropped the unconscious forms of Mitsurugi and Izayoi on the floor.

In spite of his newfound joy at feeling whole Sesshoumaru gave a weary sigh and held the tip of his sword down. He didn't want to risk the humans being killed in the foray. They'd have to find some other location. The little bit of hope that started to grow was crushed by a sense of despair. He really hated being human. Plus, he was certain the sword had awesome powers that he'd only be able to control in his true form.

"No!" Kagome shouted, holding the broken chains in her hands. They were glowing a vibrant pink infused with her holy powers. She rammed them against Bankotsu's chest and he staggered back.

The earth seemed to shake under their feet before the roof of the structure was ripped away by a massive pair of claws. In an instant Sesshoumaru—in human form—vanished and merged with the large dog demon. His sword also vanished.

The four members of the seven-men team scrambled to get out of Sesshoumaru's way. Kagura on her feather floated down to stop their retreat. She had a small army of skeletons standing behind her. It turns out it didn't take much experimentation to have them do her bidding after all.

Kouga whistled appreciatively and crossed his arms over his chest casually. "I like it when the cavalry arrives."

"What's Kagura doing here?" Kagome asked rushing over to the bodies of Mitsurugi and Izayoi—whom she recognized from when Jaken used her form to trick Inuyasha and obtain the black pearl from his eye.

Kouga came to her side and picked up Mitsurugi and Izayoi one on shoulder. "I guess she got killed on the other side." He huffed as he adjusted their weight. "I was supposed to be the one to kill her for what she did to my tribe."

"Let bygones be bygones," Kagome advised as they hurried out of the building. "Sesshoumaru's going to recognize us, right?"

Kouga looked up at the lumbering figure as poisonous fangs ripped into the seven-men team members. "I certainly hope so."


"So, all I have to do is defeat this demon that can control passageway into the Meidou?" Inuyasha asked.

"Yes, though you'll probably die in the process," Sesshoumaru's mother said. "Pity."

"Why can't we use that necklace?" Miroku asked before Inuyasha could do anything stupid—like fight a demon needlessly that held a deep grudge against his father.

"Because I don't know that it will work," she answered.

"Give me the necklace. I'll use it's power as an aid to get myself and Inuyasha to the Meidou," Kikyo interjected.

"Right, and then you'll keep him there," Shippo shouted clutching onto Inuyasha's leg. "I don't think so! You can't take him away!"

"It is possible for them to get back on their own, right?" Sango asked looking from the demoness to Totosai and then at Myoga.

"It's possible as long as Sesshoumaru has his sword."

"What sword?" Inuyasha asked confused looking from the Tensaiga to the Tetsusaiga in each of his hands. "I have them both."

Totosai bopped him over the head with his staff. "With Bakusaiga!"