Union of Twin Souls

By MoonlightDewz

Author's Note – Hello, MoonlightDewz here, and welcome to my first Shaman King story – Union of Twin Souls.

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However, before we get started with the story, I would like to issue a warning.

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This story is prone to fluff, silliness, angst, crazy shamans, and romance of all kinds (and I mean ALL kinds) Although I will place warnings in the story to protect those who don't like: yaoi or twincest, I can not stop Hao from being his sinful little self, of coarse. You don't like it, don't read it.

Also, any flames will be given to Hao, who will send them back full force.

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You have been warned.

Disclaimer – I don't Shaman King. Brother, My Brother belongs to Blessid Union of Souls. I own the idea for this story though.


Union of Twin Souls

By MoonlightDewz

Chapter One Brother, My Brother

A setting sun, a burning inferno red with age-old flames, cast a crimson glow upon a high rocky cliff. The rock face, devoured by the scarlet of the sun, had changed from its natural brown to a burning crimson, the color of blood and fire. The desert sands below the cliff blew lightly in a soft breeze, and the wasteland was a dark ruby, the color almost making the sands like water.

A solitary, lithe figure, legs crossed in front of them, sat on top of the rock face, completely still and silent. Dark, deep amber eyes were gently closed as long, beautiful, auburn hair blew lightly in the warm wind.

Hao Asakura sighed and smiled in pure pleasure, taking in the warmth and scent of the wind around him, dark strands of his bangs softy falling into his eyes. He slowly released most of the tension and spiritually pain that had plagued him ever since last week.

Even since last week, Hao had been left weak to this world. His body had been horribly injured and his furiyoku, a.k.a. mana, drained to almost complete exhaustion. The thoughts of other people, ones that he always heard, were slowly getting louder, and more painful.

Opening his eyes leisurely, Hao looked down to the desert below, sighing sadly and pulling his knees up into his chest when he saw the bare wasteland.

He remembered the village that once stood on that plot of sand, and what had happened there only a week ago. Oh yes, he remembered it all.

"My twin, I'm sorry." he whispered, burying his head partially into his arms, "Please forgive me, Yoh."


Cold wind blew across an open meadow, making dust from the dry ground blow by, and the sky was a pale yellow. The only sound in the lonely field was the slowly blowing wind singing as it passed through a circle of large, light gray, pillars.

A young, male, figure, one with long auburn hair, causally sat on a stone bench with his legs crossed.

Eyes closed and arms crossed lightly over his chest, Hao waited patiently for his twin to come. Waited for Yoh to come and face him at the Pillars of Ilvirakan, the holy columns that supported the sky, and beyond which lie the Great Spirits.

The darkling shaman knew that Yoh was facing the three Guardian Spirits, the Deshodoida, right now. It would not take long for his brother to come and face him.

Meanwhile, a little five-year-old girl with dark skin and dark, bushy hair, was sitting besides Hao, her small legs dangling off the edge of the bench. The girl, named Opacho, was being exceptionally quiet. She was busing herself by curiously watching the golden bands around her ankles flash in the sunlight as she swung her feet back and forth. She waited for Yoh Asakura as well.

Looking up, Opacho's dark, long, eyes caught the sight of Yoh Asakura coming towards her across the open field and she tugged on Hao's cloak.

"Hao-sama!" she whispered urgently, occasionally looking back to Yoh as the shaman came closer, "He's come, Hao-sama!"

Hao slowly opened his eyes and looked at his approaching twin, a smile against Hao's lips.

"So he has." he replied coolly, "Opacho, stay back, this won't take long."

Opacho nodded lightly and released her master and friend's cloak as he uncrossed his legs, stood, and walked towards his twin.

"So," Hao started, when he and his twin had gotten within a comfortable speaking distant, "You've decided to meet with me, Yoh? I know that you haven't come to willingly join with me, so I guess a fight between us is inevitable."

"I don't want to fight, Hao." Yoh replied, dark brown eyes locked on his brother. "But, I didn't come to join you either. I just want to know why you are doing this? Why are you causing so much hurt for everyone? Why do you want to kill all the humans?"

Hao smiled evilly, a somehow, softly sinister look, that crossed his features, before he spoke, the words caressing his tongue.

"Because, little brother," he said, "Humans don't deserve this world. They kill the earth without a second thought. They don't understand that their survival, and ours, relies on the health of the planet. They take, and take, and take, and never give anything back. They only understand what is significant in their own ugly lives and they shun anyone who isn't like them. They are destroying the spiritually of our world, and they are never happy! NEVER!"

Yoh remained completely passive as Hao paused his rant, the good twin's eyes staying terribly gentle.

"Your thinking that I'm wrong, aren't you?" Hao asked, looking back at Yoh with the same dark eyes, mirroring him.

Yoh shook his head.

"You're not wrong, Hao," He said, gently, "But you're going about this whole thing the wrong way. You don't need to destroy to save the earth. If you'd just give humans a chance."

"Maybe," Hao whispered, looking past Yoh for a moment, remembering, "I could try to understand, but the whole idea's useless anyway."

"That's not true." Yoh said, his voice determined.

"Isn't it? I will not stand by and watch my beautiful world decay any longer, Yoh. I will bring about the world rebirth, and only shamans shall live. They are the only ones you really understand anyway."

"But, it's not right," Yoh said, his gentle eyes indifferent, "Hurting and killing people isn't right, and I can't let you do it anymore."

"Well I can't let you stop me, my twin," Hao said gently as he smiled, "If you will not join me, then we will have to clash. Spirit of Fire."

The great spirit appeared behind Hao, large and imposing, its skin glowing fire red. Its green eyes locked on Yoh's form and they narrowed.

"Amidamaru!" Yoh said suddenly, "Are you ready?"

Amidamaru became visible behind Yoh and spoke, his right hand tight on his sword.

"Yes, Lord Yoh. I am ready, I promise not to let you down."

"Amidamaru," Yoh commanded, "Into Harasame."

Hao watched in interest as Yoh pulled Harasame from its sheath and Amidamaru oversouled with it, the samurai's spirit disappearing into the Japanese sword.

Yoh then pulled out a small dagger-like weapon and spoke, holding Harasame next do it.

"Now into Utsu no Mitomane Tsurugi!" (Hope I spelt that right. U)

The two weapons and Amidamaru melded swiftly together, creating a glowing azure sword. Yoh held it out in front of him, his hands tight around the handle, ready for battle.

Hao smirked. His little brother had gotten quite far in his training, but no matter. He would show Yoh how weak he still was.

"Spirit of Fire!" Hao command as he pulled a sword similar to Yoh's from out of thin air.

The huge spirit nodded lightly while looking down at Hao and disappeared in a swirl of fire, bonding with the sword in its master's hands. The handle of the sword was covered in a hard red substance and a fiery energy curled from the base, quickly moving up the blade, making it seem that the blade was on fire.

However, in truth, the blade really was on fire!

After the transformation of both swords, the two shamans on the field stood still for a moment, waiting for the other to make the first move.


The young shaman who cared about his friends and would never let them willingly get hurt, even to the extent of sacrificing his own life to protect them.

The one who would always laugh when everyone else was so stressed out they'd blow a casket.

The one who Anna had to kick to get up in the morning and was found sleeping every time someone took their eyes off him.

The one who would give the famously clueless, Asakura smile and every female that saw him would melt into a puddle of maternal goo. Who was sweetly cute and every girl just wanted to hug, just because.

The one who would accept you no matter what you had done in the past and never ever blame.

Friendly, amusing, lazy, cute, accepting.

Yoh Asakura.


The millennia-year old shaman who had the searing, burning, power of flames swirling around him from a life upon life.

The one who came back, twice, after his own death to claim his dream of a pure, shaman only, world.

The one who managed to stay serenely calm, even when his own family and friends were backing him into a corner.

The one who was perfectly delicious and sexy as sin. Who caused every female within range to cry from delight and blissfully faint on the spot.

The one who, no matter how long it took or how many times he died and had to come back, was always patient with the shamans who shared his dream and understood why the humans must die.

Powerful, persistent, calm, sexy, patient.

Hao Asakura.

Born on the same day.

Children to the same family.

Twins from the same soul.

Yoh and Hao.

The Asakura twins locked dark eyes, and the battle was on.

Swords clashed angrily against each other as Hao quickly took the offensive and came down on Yoh, starting the battle, trying to drive his twin back as Yoh blocked.

Yoh, his sword above his head to block Hao's swift attack, barely had anytime to block again when his brother's sword attacked a half a second later, trying to slash his side.

The attacks from Hao were fast, powerful, and prefect, right on target. Hao was no stranger to the long, deadly, weapon, and he showed it by attacking Yoh rapidly.

Yoh Asakura barely had anytime to block his brother's advancements as Hao tried to strike him again.

This head to head battle seemed like a one-sided fight.

Hao was just so strong.

However, Yoh was still blocking, and he wasn't going to give up.

Swords clashing again, locking the two shamans into place, Hao looked right into Yoh's eyes, a slow, sinful, smile slipping onto his features. Yoh was close enough to touch, close enough to grab, almost close enough to kiss.

"You've gotten strong, my twin," Hao teased, gently, "Let's see how long you can last."

Swiftly pushing back on Yoh's sword with as much force as possible, Hao flung his unbalanced twin to the side, the power throwing Yoh across the battle area. Yoh crashed into one of the gray pillars, his back slamming against it with a surprised and hurtful gasp.

While Yoh recovered, partially collapsed against the pillar, Hao walked up to him and easily pointed the crimson blade at Yoh's head. Yoh opened his eyes, a slightly pain filled look in them.

"That's one," Hao said fatally, his voice sounding like a death sentence.

Obacho, still sitting on the stone bench, watched the violent battle in front of her and spoke, speaking to no one in particular.

"It will all be over very soon now. Yoh is stronger then before, then when Hao-sama first met him, but Hao-sama is still stronger. Even with new power, Yoh will lose."

Opacho stopped to take a breath, watching as Hao backed away slightly and Yoh stood, leaning on the pillar for support.

"Merging with someone who is weak would not do Hao-sama any good. But, since Yoh is stronger then before, Hao-sama could merge with him now. Hao-sama could become whole, and Yoh would be happy."

Still leaning against the pillar, sword in his hand, Yoh slowly pushed away and stood on his feet. His eyes were still filled with slight pain.

Hao smiled. His little brother had gotten stronger then before. No normal person would be able to get up after being thrown across the area. Obacho was right. It would be nice to merge with him now.

Yoh went on the offensive this time. Weapon to the side, he moved up to Hao and tried to slash him in the side. However, Hao was quicker, and blocked without much difficultly, locking the two blades again.

"Your getting better, Yoh." Hao said, his sword scraping against Yoh's as he moved it to set up for his next move, "But, you still need work."

Pushing back on Yoh's sword, Hao quickly knocked it up enough so that it was out of his way, and then he attacked.

Although not with a blade.

Instead of attacking with his sword, which would of resulted in Yoh being impaled on the crimson weapon, Hao reached out with his free hand and grabbed hold of Yoh's wrist, the one holding the cerulean sword, stopping Yoh from dodging or making a possible counterattack.

Yoh's eyes widened when Hao grabbed him, and he stared when Hao smiled. Quickly jerking Yoh backwards, which threw Yoh of balance once again, Hao pushed his twin down and forced him to lie on the stone floor. The blue spirit sword dropped from Yoh's hand, and he rested there, his back pressed against the ground as Hao leaned over him, pinning him into place.

Right arm restrained over his head by Hao's grip, body pinned down by Hao's own, Yoh was left unable to move, his breathing deep but fast as he tried to stay calm.

However, Yoh slightly relaxed when Hao smiled gently at him, eyes soft.

Leaning down, seductive smile across his lips and eyes softly narrowed, Hao whispered gently in Yoh's ear.

"That's two, my sweet twin."

Yoh had picked up his sword again when Hao had let him up, and the battle wore on for quiet some time after that.

Yoh was beginning to get tired.

Deep, laboring breathes passed Yoh's lips as he tried to keep from falling. His whole body was trembling from holding spirit control for so long, and if the battle didn't end soon, Yoh could very possibly die.

However, he wouldn't give up.

Hao frowned as he attacked again, noticing how slow Yoh's blocks were becoming, how weak his little brother seemed. The fire shaman had managed to get three more strikes in at Yoh, and although he didn't draw blood, Yoh was still hurting inside.

Also, the Spirit of Fire had devoured the other Great Spirits, Syamasu, and had taken on a yellowish color, before returning to a sword form. Technically, Hao didn't need Yoh anymore. He didn't need to merge with him, although it wouldn't hurt to take him anyway.

Blades clashing together again, Hao looked into Yoh's dark, tired, pain filled eyes one more time, and something in him snapped.

Hao's pupils suddenly turned into pinpoints, the rest changing to a blinding white, devoid of any color. A purely evil smile crossed Hao's features, before he looked down slightly and began to laugh darkly.

He didn't need Yoh. He didn't need Yoh. He didn't need Yoh!!!

Hao pushed roughly against Yoh's sword, loosening it from Yoh's exhausted grip, and the blade was flung up into the air.

Yoh, shocked that his sword was gone, tried backing up to avoid Hao's coming attack, but it was too late. Hao's foot came up and he kicked Yoh, sending Yoh flying backwards and landing in front of the stone bench that Opacho was now hiding behind.

Yoh crumbled into a painful heap, as Opacho watched with horrified eyes from over the top of the stone bench.

Hao laughed again, his voice taking on this disturbingly evil and wild sound, before beginning to walk over to where Yoh lay.

Hao Asakura had gone momentarily insane.

"H-Hao-sama?" Opacho stuttered fearfully, peaking over the stone seat when Hao had gotten close.

"What?" Hao asked, reaching down towards Yoh's fallen form.

"W-What are you doing? Shouldn't you merge with Yoh? Isn't that what you wanted?"

"No, Opacho," Hao hissed, "I don't need Yoh anymore. I have enough power now that the Spirit of Fire as taken Syamasu, but Yoh's weakness annoys me. It would just be best for him to die."

Opacho watched with horrified eyes as Hao grabbed hold of Yoh's hair and lifted him from the ground. The little girl kept from whimpering in fear as Hao's hand plunged to Yoh's abdomen and grabbed hold of the younger twin's soul before beginning to pull it out.

Yoh's eyes shot open and he opened his mouth in an excruciating, but silent, scream. Pain raged up through Yoh's whole body as his soul was ripped from him, and he couldn't do a thing to stop his older brother from killing him. Tears of pain slipped from Yoh's eyes as he held completely still, to drained to even move.

'No.' Opacho's mind screamed in thought, watching as Yoh continued to cry and soundless scream, and Hao easily tearing and devouring Yoh's soul, 'No. No! No! NO!!! This is not how Hao-sama wanted this! He didn't want to kill Yoh! He told me all about how the merge would work. He told me that Yoh wouldn't be hurt! Hao-sama cared for Yoh!'

"STOP IT!!!" Opacho screamed, "STOP IT HAO-SAMA!"

"BE QUIET, OPACHO!!" Hao snapped, glaring at the little girl as he finished with Yoh and dropped him.

Yoh's body collapsed into a heap.

Opacho whimpered, tears springing to her own eyes, looking at Yoh's fallen form before looking back at Hao.


Hao just laughed crazily in her five-year-old face.

Opacho, eyes wet with tears, ran away from Hao, upset and terrified. She ran until Hao couldn't see her anymore, and when she was far away, she heard Anna and all of Yoh's friends scream in emotional pain.


End Flashback

Hao sighed, turning his head to look away from the desert.

He had been a fool. How could he of done that to his little brother? How could just lose his mind like that and kill Yoh? When all he really wished to do was protect.

Also, Opacho, who trusted him with her very soul, why did he scare her so much? Why didn't he control himself and stop what he was doing? Why?

Hao sighed again. Yoh had gotten his revenge against him at least, but Opacho was probably still wandering around somewhere, lost and afraid.

Yoh thought he was dead, and Opacho hated him.

He really was a fool.

After he had killed his twin, Yoh's friends had tried to fight him, even though they didn't stand a chance. The group was knocked down repeatedly, but they didn't give up. They kept fighting until Yoh came back from the dead, somehow.

Hao's twin then defeated him, sliced him in half, which snapped the fire shaman back to his senses. Of coarse, Hao should have died, as bad as his injury was, but something held him back. Something that really didn't want him gone. Something that needed him.

So he survived, but not without some hot, agonizing, pain.

Flashback (Yes, I know, another one. )

Hao Asakura lay on his side, his eyes clouded over, not taking in anything that was around him. Tears threaten to fall as blood pooled out around him from the long slash that started at his collarbone and ended by his stomach, the slash that has been made by his gentle twin in order to bring Hao back from the realm of insanity.

Hao was slowly bleeding to death.

He was dying for the third time.

However, he didn't know why this time it hurt so much more.

The pain was awful and he was cold, so very cold, not that Hao really felt any of it. He was far away from this world by now; he had lost most of his awareness.

Everyone thought he was completely dead, and even though they hadn't left yet, he knew that they would. It was only a matter of time before Hao Asakura's heart finally stopped beating.

A blinding white light then appeared and enveloped everything in its path. Hao knew that this was the work of the Great Spirits, who the Spirit of Fire lost after the battle. They had decided not to have the shaman fight any longer, so when the light subsided, there would be no more Dobi Village.

That was fine with Hao, it wasn't like he'd live any longer to care.

Yoh and his friends shielded their eyes from the light, so they didn't see the Spirit of Fire show up next to Hao.

Looking down at its dying master with its green eyes, the Spirit of Fire bent down slowly and offered one of its antlers to the fire shaman. It knew that trying to move him too much would just cause more pain.

Turning his head slightly, his eyes still clouded with pain and cold, Hao slowly reached up and weakly grasped the antler, wincing and gasping lightly from the pain it caused him from moving.

The Spirit of Fire slowly raised its head, lifting Hao gently from the ground. The shaman's warm blood smoothly trailed down his soft, exposed skin, creating crimson drops that fell like rain to the puddle that he was leaving behind. His pants had bee stained red by the liquid.

The Spirit of Fire almost winced when it saw how large the puddle of crimson was, but the guardian spirit was not going to leave Hao to die. The Spirit of Fire had protected Hao since he was a baby, and it was not going to leave him now.

Letting the injured Hao, who was trying to keep breathing, rest in the giant spirit's hands, the Spirit of Fire leaped into the air and took off for the nearest forest. Its master would be safer there then with the people who almost murdered him.

No one saw them leave.

As the Spirit of Fire flew smoothly on, the fire shaman resting in its hands relaxed as warmth seeped to his cold skin, and his eyes began to regain focus. The Spirit of Fire always did do its best to protect him, no matter what.

Landing at the edge of a dense forest, the Spirit of Fire easily placed Hao on a large, warm, rock and pressed its large fingers against the still bleeding wound. The blood flow would stop soon enough.

Hao sighed as he lay against the stone surface, and he wondered if he'd really survive. Maybe there was hope.

The Spirit of Fire slowly removed its warm fingers to check if the bleeding had stopped. It had.

Hao looked down at his injury and grimaced. The wound wasn't deep enough to scar, and Yoh's attack luckily didn't damage any organs. However, Hao usually didn't look this bad, and if the wound became infected, the fire shaman would surly die.

The wound would need to be cleaned with heat.

The Spirit of Fire seemed to be thinking the same thing, for it raised its hand toward Hao again, the very tip of one finger glowing red with heat, and rumbled its opinion.

Hao stared at the glowing fingertip and narrowed his eyes.

Both shaman and spirit knew that Hao could control fire, and therefore take a huge amount of heat without problem. However, Hao was injured, weak, and if the Spirit of Fire tried to sterilize the wound, Hao would feel a huge amount of unbelievable pain.

Hao tightened his hands into fists and shut his eyes.

"Do it." He commanded, his voice determined.

The Spirit of Fire slowly brought its searing fingertip towards its master's flesh and, gently as it could, it touched the injury.

The flaming heat caressed Hao's wound and he gasped and hissed, arching his back to try and dull the hurt. However, the pain was just too much and he finally screamed in excruciating pain, trying to keep from losing his mind again.

The Spirit of Fire was greatly worried about its master and wished Hao's pain would soon end, but it did not stop or speed up its sterilization, slowly and gently pulling its finger down the shaman's body. It would be much worse for the fire shaman if the spirit hurried.

Finally, after a minute or so of pure pain and heat, the Spirit of Fire was done, and Hao collapsed on the rock, most of his energy spent.

Hao tried very hard to keep breathing deeply as his guardian spirit dressed his wound with bandages Hao had in his pocket.

It didn't take long for Hao to crumble from exhaustion and exertion.

He fell into a deep sleep soon after words, the Spirit of Fire keeping watch.

End Flashback

During the week that followed, Hao had to use up most of his furioko to keep himself alive, draining his shaman powers to almost complete exhaustion.

The Spirit of Fire had to resort to a spirit ball mode to conserve the little energy Hao had and Hao could no longer do some of the things he could before, he was just so tired.

It would take quiet sometime for the fire shamans spiritually energy to get back to the way it should have been, and although Hao's power would return quicker by training, he didn't really see the point.

His clan and dream were gone.

Opacho hated him.

Every shaman in the world probably thought he was dead.

Yoh, his gentle twin, most likely hated him as well.

There was no hope for him, except to let himself eventually die alone. Was that what the Great Spirits had in mind for him? To just let him die? Of coarse.

Nevertheless, Hao was wrong.

"I'm sorry, Yoh, I'm sorry." He whispered one more time, looking out into the desert that stretched out before him.

However, a calm, questioning voice and the click of sandals on rock answered Hao, even though he wouldn't of expected it in a thousand years.

"What are you sorry about, Hao?" Yoh Asakura asked.

Hao whipped his head around, staring at a person that shouldn't have been there.

"Hi!" Yoh said good-naturally, giving one of his goofy, happy, smiles, "I thought I'd fine you here, Hao. You always did like high places."

Hao blinked as Yoh walked up to him, still smiling.

"Why are you here, Yoh? How did you find me?" Hao asked, watching as his twin sat down right next to him, Yoh's soft eyes watching the setting sun with his older brother.

Brother, my brother
Tell me what are we fighting for
We've got to end this war

We should love one another
Oh, can't we just pretend this war never began? We can try, Brother my brother

"I came because you're my brother, Hao," Yoh said, "I can't just leave you behind, even though Anna's probably going to kill me. I would of come sooner, but I wasn't sure where you were, and the Great Spirits had to give me help."


"Yep, they called with the oracle bell. Unfortunately, I was out with Morty at the time. Sorry I'm so late."

Yoh laughed, the sound nice to Hao's ears after having no one except the Spirit of Fire to talk to for the whole week.

"So," Hao began, "Why have you come to me, Yoh? Why do you risk your essence by being with me? I did rip your soul out and almost killed you the last time we met."

Yoh smiled, "Yeah, you did do some pretty bad things, but it wasn't your fault, you didn't realize what you were doing. Plus, we don't have to fight anymore, because there isn't anymore Shaman fight. We might even be able to forget about the fight, about the war between us. It just doesn't matter anymore."

"You didn't answer my question Yoh," Hao said, "Why are you here?"

Yoh smiled again, locking dark eyes with Hao.

"To bring you home with me, my brother."

Hao smirked and looked away, letting out a small laugh before speaking.

"What makes you think that I would wish to do that, Yoh? Besides, even if I wanted to come home with you, everyone that knows my name despises me with a passion, remember? Including you as well."

"You think I hate you?" Yoh asked, still looking at Hao, his eyes slightly wide.

"Don't you?"

Yoh shook his head.

"I don't hate you, Hao, not at all."

"Well," Hao began again, watching the sun finally set, and stars beginning to emerge in the heavens, "Maybe you don't despise me, but everyone else surly will. Yoh, I wish that I could admit that it would be nice to come live with you, that we could possibly be a family. But I can't. Although, I suppose we could try to build our lives together, but…"

"But what?"

"It wouldn't work."


"Because, even if you give yourself to me, to be my twin, everyone around us would loathe me, and my life would be like a living hell. For me, and you."

'Not to mention that you would die from being with me.' Hao thought.

We face each other from different sides
The anger burns, can't remember why
It's kinda crazy to cause such pain
Our foolish pride makes us feel this way

"That's not true." Yoh said, determined, "You're my brother, Hao. I don't care what you've done up until now, that's in the past and I'm not one to dwell on things. Also, I know that everyone else isn't going to care either. Why would you think that everyone's against you?

Hao sighed.

"Because they are, little brother," he said, "You might think that everything will settle down in time, that everything will 'Be alright' but we are not meant to be on the same side. We must face off because we are not meant to be together. The people around us detest me and wish to rip us apart, to hurt us and keep us from being happy. Even if it is a crazy thing for them to cause us pain, they still won't admit it to their prides."

'And when we won't bend to their wills, they will slaughter us both without remorse.'

Narrowing his eyes at those words, Hao clenched his fists at his sides and stood. Intent on walking away from Yoh, he turned his back on his younger brother.

"Hao?" Yoh asked. Hao didn't look back.

We watch our world fall apart
Tell me what good is winning,
When you lose your heart

"I'm sorry again, my twin, but I wish to protect you, so I can not be with you. If I was, I would just pull you down with me and destroy your happy world. I'm sorry."

Taking fast paced steps, Hao Asakura began to quickly, but sadly, walk away.

"No, Hao wait!" Yoh called, getting up as well, causing Hao to slow down, "You don't have to be alone! Everything can work out if just given the chance. Besides, my world will shatter anyway if you're not in it, big brother."

Hao stopped walking, but Yoh continued anyway.

"Don't think that by getting your way in this is fight between us, losing your happiness, is the answer, because it's not!"

Brother, my brother
Tell me what are we fighting for
Isn't life worth so much more?

Should love one another
Oh, can't we just pretend this war never began?
Tell me why, Brother my brother

We can try, Brother my brother

"Then what is the answer, Yoh?" Hao asked, not turning around as Yoh came up behind him.

"I don't know," Yoh answered truthfully, "But it's no use fighting about it. We'd just waste our lives if we did."

Taking a breath, Yoh sighed before continuing to speak.

"I don't care what everyone else thinks, Hao. You are my twin brother, you always will be, and I will always be here to help you. So why do you want to walk away from me? Why do you want to leave? Tell me why?"

Hao sighed as well and shook his head.

"I've already told you, Yoh." He said, "We could try, but being brothers just wouldn't work. It would cause to much pain." 'And our deaths.'

Lets take a moment and look deep inside
And say it won't hurt to give love a try
We're not different as we seem to be

There's so much more to me than what you see

Yoh frowned and came closer to his brother's back. If he reached out, he could just barely touch him.

"I know that you're lonely and hurting, Hao," Yoh spoke suddenly, surprising his twin, "But if you'd just give us a chance, you'd see that trying to live together wouldn't hurt you."

Yoh then smiled, and, like always, he changed the subject.

"The stars are beautiful tonight," he said happily, looking up at the bright spheres of burning fire and placing his hands behind his head, "You can't see them this well at the Funbari because there's to many lights around."

Hao looked up as well. High in the cool dark sky, the stars shone like hot, white diamonds. The stars were beautiful.

"We're the same, big brother." Yoh continued, still watching the sky, "We were born on the same day, to the same family. We are twins, Hao."

Hao looked down and shook his head again.

"Only on the outside," he said, laughing a bit at the irony of his own words, "You know, I really hate to admit that Yoh, for I have tried to get you to understand that we were the same since the beginning of the shaman tournament. However, I realized that you are good and forgiving, while I am the complete opposite, and there is much more evil to me than you think."

'You won't survive when your friends turn their backs on you, Yoh, when they give you to the humans. They will blame you for what I have done, murder you with their own hands, and I won't be able to stop them.

Our souls will bleed, my gentle twin, grow faint and weak, just like the stars you love so much, and we will die.'

Don't have to be this way,

Think about the consequences,
Turn around and walk away

"It doesn't have to be like that." Yoh said, determined as he looked back at Hao, "It doesn't matter if we are different. We can still be a family."

Hao's fists clenched again, his anger flaring at Yoh's naivety.

Why? Why wasn't any of his words getting through to Yoh?! Didn't his twin understand why he couldn't be with him?! Didn't he understand that if they tried to be brothers, they would both DIE!!!!"

"Darn it, Yoh!" he yelled, turning around to face his younger brother, "Haven't you been listening to a word I've said? I've told you, being together just wouldn't work!"

"I've been listening, Hao," Yoh screamed back, "But tell me why! Tell me the real reason that you're running from me?!"

"I am not running!" Hao screamed, coming closer to his brother.

"Then why are you? Tell me the truth Hao!"

"The truth is that if we become a family then the people around us will hate you because they hate me! They with despise you because you will bring me into their hateful lives, and the only coarse of attention they will take is to eradicate us! THEY WILL KILL US, YOH!!!! So the best thing for you to do is to STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!!"

Brother, my brother
Tell me what are we fighting for
Isn't life worth so much more?

We should love one another
Oh, can't we just pretend this war never began?
Tell me why, Brother my brother

Turning to look at the starlit desert one more time, sure that he was going to walk away from Yoh, Hao Asakura began to try and breathe slowly to regain his natural calm. He didn't say anymore.

Yoh Asakura, eyes slightly down cast and hidden in shadow, stayed silent as he watched his brother's chest move gently in and out, a soothing rhythm of life.

Then, without speaking, Yoh easily moved in front of his twin brother and wrapped his arms tenderly around the fire shaman's shoulders, hugging him.


Tell me why

Oh, what are we fighting for?
Isn't life worth so much more?

Tell me why

Hao blinked and watched as Yoh gently placed his forehead on Hao's shoulder, the younger sibling sighing in comfort as he did so.

"Yoh?" Hao asked, quizzically, looking at the headphone-wearing head of his brother, "What are you…"

However, Hao fell silent as Yoh's grip became slightly tighter, desperation guiding Yoh's actions.

"That won't happen," Yoh whispered, clinging to his older brother, "I know that it won't. Please come home with me, Hao. It will be alright, I promise."

Yoh gently dung his head into Hao's shoulder, holding tight to his older brother and feeling an unusual burning warmth from Hao's form.

The heat of the fire shaman's body was exceedingly warm, warmer then it should have been under such calming circumstances.

Actually, Hao was warmer then Yoh had felt any other person anywhere, and the younger twin realized that Hao was different then anyone he knew. Hao's normal body temperature was just a degree or two above that of an average person.

Hao sighed.

"You're still saying that?" he asked, causing Yoh to cling tighter to him, feeling the unnatural warmth of his older brother.

Pure, liquid fire was flowing under Hao's soft skin. Flowing freely with his own blood, the searing blaze was unlike normal fire, which burned and destroyed everything in its path. This wild flame was not trying to escape Hao's lithe form. Instead, it seemed content to just flow free with the smooth rhythm of the shaman's gentle heartbeat.

This inner inferno raised Hao's temperature normally, even if only by a couple of degrees.

"Yes," Yoh whispered, pressing himself closer to Hao's body, "Why? Is it still wrong?"

Hao sighed again and slowly began to bring his arms up, tenderly wrapping them around Yoh's form, encasing the gentle shaman in a warm cocoon.

Hao didn't seem notice his abnormal body temperature, and if he did, it didn't bother him. Why should it? Fire was Hao Asakura's main element after all.

"No, it's not wrong," Hao said, shaking his head, still holding on to Yoh, "It's your way of thinking, and it's wrong of me to make you believe otherwise."

"Yep," Yoh smiled suddenly, agreeing with Hao "You're right Hao, it is wrong, and it is also wrong for you not to come home with me when I say it's going to be okay."

Hao smirked. Yoh always did find a way to voice what he wanted in the most innocent and carefree way. Also, there was no denying it, when Yoh set his mind on something; there was nothing you could do to change it.

Slowly raising his head and looking into his twin's face with his soft, gentle, eyes, Yoh Asakura smiled and spoke.

"My friends won't hurt us, Hao," he assured, "It will be alright, I promise."

Hao Asakura easily smiled back. It was hard to deny Yoh anything, even when he was being extremely naive. Besides, Hao was starting to understand that Yoh was probably right when he said that everything would be okay. Yoh never lied. Never.

Taking one of Yoh's hands and intertwining their fingers gently together, Hao spoke.

"Alright, Yoh," he admitted, looking into Yoh's face and dark droopy eyes, "If you promise me that you'll stay by my side, I'll come home with you, my twin."

Yoh smiled. He didn't need to answer, Hao already knew what it would be.

"Shall we go then?" Hao asked, giving a soft, delicious, smile as he reached up and brushed a stary bang gently from Yoh's eyes.

Yoh nodded, his mouth turning into one of his cheerful, silly grins.

He then preceded to back away and, still holding Hao's hand, easily pulled his brother around and began to slowly lead the fire shaman away from were they had been sitting.

Yoh was still grinning.

Hao's features broke out into a soft, wicked smile, as he was pulled, his steps easily matching with Yoh's as he came up to walk along side his twin.

Yoh caught Hao's smile and for a spilt second, calculation flickered in the young twin's dark, droopy eyes.

That smile reminded him of something, but what was it?

Yoh bit back a nervous laugh that was bubbling up his throat.

Hao almost looked like…

Then, suddenly, Yoh gulped but laughed out loud anyway.

"Now, what's so funny, little brother?" Hao asked, his wicked look slipping back into his usual gentle smile, eyes narrowed softly.

"I just remembered what Anna's going to do to me when we get home." Yoh groaned, but his laugh kept getting louder, "I never did tell her where I was going. Oh man, she's going to kill me!"

Hao was silent for a moment, grinned and burst out laughing as well.

Soft hair, gentle eyes, and lithe forms, one almost completely mirroring the other.

Twin shamans, laughing in pure pleasure in the night.

Brother, my brother


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