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Chapter Two Kyouyama's Laws

A cool sliver of moonlight slowly seeped in through pale clouds, the light softly shining into the faces of two, peacefully sleeping twins, as the plane they rested in smoothly flew towards Funbari.

The gentle rumble of the engine had lulled Yoh to sleep sometime ago, his head drooping to the side and resting against his brother's shoulder. Moreover, while Hao tried to stay awake, his legs curled up on the seat, it was only a matter of time before he drifted off as well, and into a nightmare.

Li Pailong, who was sitting a few rows ahead, stood quietly and looked back at the two boys, smiling softly for a moment.

He didn't know that Hao was twisting with terror inside. Fear, pain, and shock echoed and rebounded on the fire shaman's soul, but the jiang-si didn't notice. Hao wasn't showing his pain to the outside world, masking it behind a relaxed form.

Walking towards the cockpit of the plane to check on his mistress, Li Pailong sighed.

They had, after some minor problems, finally taken off from the western desert of America around 6:30 pm and Jun had been flying for over 5,000 miles straight already. He really should take over for her.

The jiang-si opened the cockpit's door quietly, disappearing as he shut it behind him with a little click, leaving the Asakura twins alone.

Twisting uncomfortably in his seat, Hao couldn't stop his own heartbeat from racing, even though he was trying to hide his reactions to the nightmare that was attacking him.


I woke up in a dream today
To the cold of the static and put my cold feet on the floor
The sky had grown exceptionally dark after the final battle. Large dark clouds had moved swiftly into the night sky, blocking the stars and part of the sliver moon, the only true form of illumination in the American desert.

A slender figure walked purposely across the sand, short russet hair swishing in his eyes as he slowed his sandaled steps for a moment and quickly looked from left to right, scanning the wasteland.

When he didn't find the object of his desire, his eyes grew a just shade darker in sorrow and hopelessness, but he marched on, intent on finding his quarry if it was the last thing he did.

Hao, who was standing a couple of feet behind the figure so he couldn't be seen, watched the lost but determined look in his twin's eyes as the younger sibling walked. The fire shaman sighed and followed Yoh, wondering what was so important to Yoh that he would risk freezing.

Forgot all about yesterday
Remembering I'm pretending to be where I'm not anymore

For it was getting bitingly cold, freezing wind blowing across the sand and moving the clouds just enough that a silver of frozen moonlight could shine through.

"I have to find him," Yoh Asakura said to no one, slowing down to search before suddenly speaking, "It's getting awfully cold, and Hao won't like turning into a shaman Popsicle."

Hao smirked and laughed lightly; sure that Yoh wouldn't be able to hear him over the wind. If anyone else had been around, they would have fallen down at Yoh's statement.

'Of coarse,' Hao chided himself in thought, shaking his head, amused, 'No wonder he doesn't care about freezing, he's looking for me.'

Yoh shivered as he pulled his coat closer around him and kept walking, remembering that Anna and Silva had disapproved of him leaving the Dobi camp, the spot where everyone had decided to rest for the night before leaving in the morning to go back to Japan.

However, he would not leave Hao alone to die. Wherever his brother was, Yoh would find him.

Hao continued to follow his twin from a safe distant, the cold and wind not affecting him in the least. He didn't even feel the freezing temperature, or the wind against his skin. It was almost like he wasn't in his own dream.

At the time this scene had played out, if at all, Hao had been unconscious on the edge of a dense forest, using his furioko to keep himself alive.

Yoh was right. It had been very cold.

However, Yoh wouldn't find him. Not until the younger twin was dragged home by Anna and then came back a week later to talk to his brother with help from the Great Spirits, would Yoh even know that Hao was still alive.

Unfortunately, fate is obsessed by causing as much grief and pain as it can before finally revealing the truth.

A dark cloud moved in front of the moon and the desert was cast into frozen darkness, the wind becoming icier and bitterly colder then before.

Yoh slowed his walk and looked around. Lost and blinded by the sudden darkness, he took a final step in an unknown direction and with a sickening splash his sandaled foot landed in a still warm, wet, dark puddle.

Slowly walking towards his brother, making sure he couldn't be seen, Hao watched as Yoh looked down at the strange liquid he had stepped into and suddenly, the young twin's whole body froze up.

Hao stopped close to Yoh's back abruptly, and watched as his little brother's eyes turned white with shock in the reflection of the pool. Yoh's pupils shrunk to dark pinpoints as he stared at the wet, dark crimson substance he had walked into.

It was blood.

A pool of human life poured on the sand.

Hao Asakura's life.

Hao stayed silent as he watched Yoh's eyes returned to their normal, dark and gentle, hue and the young twin stared with soft, blank eyes, remaining completely silent. Easily pulling his foot from the warm puddle, Yoh slowly backed away to the edge and right into the opened arms of the one he was searching.

The one, at the moment, he thought was dead.

Yoh stopped his backward retreat when his back pressed gently against Hao's chest and as the fire shaman's arms slid against Yoh's sides and chest to wrapped him up in his light, warm grasp, the young shaman didn't give any indication that he felt Hao. He didn't even notice the fire shaman was there, and it wasn't just because his soul was slowly realizing who's blood he had landed in.

Hao could feel his twin breathe calmly and sigh against him as Yoh tilted his head up, letting the young twin expose his throat and watch the clouds move across the midnight sky. Small, cool tears grew in Yoh's eyes as the wind blew by, a light frown on the young sibling's face.

"Hao," Yoh whispered quietly to the dark sky, "I'm sorry."

The moon appeared just then, casting its glow upon the two shamans in the desert, moonlight reflecting the two soft tears that slowly slipped down Yoh's face, falling sorrowfully from his chin into the sand. Yoh dropped his head with a sad sigh, throwing his eyes into complete shadow.

Hao, releasing Yoh and smoothly shifting so he stood in front of his brother, reached up and tilted Yoh's head up again. The young shaman looked at Hao with soft, sad eyes, not really seeing him of coarse, but inwardly knowing that someone was there.

"Don't be sad, Yoh," Hao purred gently, brushing his fingertips lightly and smoothly across Yoh's face to wipe away the remains of painful tears before smiling, "It doesn't suit you."

A light smile grew on Yoh's face, and Hao easily pulled his twin to him, wrapping his arms around him in a hug, Yoh's head tipping down to rest his head against the fire shaman's collarbone.

Then, there was a sharp ring, and the very air shattered like a pane of thin glass.

Hao almost took in a sharp gasp of air as the coldness of the desert night bombarded him, trying to ice his soul over. Yoh's grip tightened on Hao as the fire shaman's chest moved slightly with his hidden breath and a numbing gust of wind blew by, causing Yoh to shiver lightly in Hao's embrace.

A little taste of hypocrisy

And I'm left in the wake of the mistake slow to react

There was a quick flash of silver in the darkness to the far side of Hao, and the elder twin's grip on Yoh tightened, his dark eyes snapping over to the spot and narrowing dangerously as his long hair and cloak blew wildly in the wind.

Someone was out there.

Someone with a deadly, steel, weapon and blood on their mind.

Hao's eyes stayed caught to where he had seen the steeled flash, tensing up his body in preparation to attack the threats that wished to harm his younger brother and himself.

He could hear them, all of them. Their murderous thoughts echoed in his head, radiating threat and pain. Many voices overlapping the others, all saying different words at once, words on top of words, Hao couldn't truly understand what they were saying.

However, he knew what they wanted.

It was what everyone had wanted for 1,000 years.

The execution of his soul, complete and whole, destroyed fully so that he could never return. Furthermore, since they wanted that, Yoh's soul would be destroyed as well.

Hao slowly tore his eyes away from the darkness and looked at Yoh as the younger sibling rested in his arms.

'You will die with me if you stay, my twin.' Hao thought sadly, 'I won't be able to protect you when the time draws near. I'm sorry, but this menace is coming now and it will slaughter us and shred our souls until there is nothing left. I'm sorry for this Yoh, but you mustn't stay.'

Slowly releasing his twin and placing his hands on Yoh's shoulders, his soul screaming against what he was about to do, Hao Asakura slowly began to push Yoh away.

"No." Yoh whispered defiantly, his eyes cast into darkness as his grip tightened, his fingers digging desperately into the front of Hao's cloak, the fire shaman staring with dark eyes at him.

"Yoh," Hao began quietly, frustration and worry beginning to lace his voice.

"I won't leave you, Hao." Yoh whispered again, louder this time, "You're my brother and no matter what happens, I'll always stay."

Hao sighed but released some of the pressure on his younger brother, causing Yoh's fingers to loosen somewhat from the fire shaman's cloak.

Even though you're so close to me
You're still so distant
And I can't bring you back

The younger shaman slowly looked up, grinned, and wrapped his arms around Hao's shoulders before there was a quick flash of steel and crimson behind the young twin and Yoh's body suddenly jerked violently, a yelp of shocked pain shooting up his throat.

Eyes slowly growing white and breath freezing up, Yoh's arms began to loosen from around Hao's shoulders as the pain began to bleed through his body and he tried to look behind him at his attacker.

Meanwhile, Hao's eyes had grown white with shock as well and while Yoh's breath slowed, the older twin's quickened. Arms tightening around the younger sibling's form, Hao let his hands attentively trail down Yoh's back until his fingers brushed against a sharp blade that was mostly imbedded into the young twin's back!

A distraught and angry scream rang from Hao's throat as he looked into the darkness with his twin to the attacker and Yoh began to lose himself, starting to slump lifeless into Hao's arms.

The assassin gazed back at the Asakura twins with a pair of livid, golden yellow eyes behind singular spiked dark hair. Hands tight against a crimson pole that formed into the silver blade, the assassin smirked wildly for a silent moment before his Kwan Dao was thrust forward.

The weapon shot through Yoh's form before the steel blade joined with Hao's.

A gust of howling wind in the night, drown out the painful screams until they died away.

End Dreamscape

Gasping breathlessly with shocked mental pain as his eyes shot open reveling white irises, Hao's body quivered for a moment in the cold moonlit darkness of the plane as he tried to calm himself.

Breathes slowing down after a minute or two, air easily passing through his lips and sighing very lightly, Hao let his dark, auburn eyes relax as he looked over at his young twin sleeping serenely against his shoulder.

It's true the way I feel
Was promised by your face

Undisturbed, untroubled, breathes easily flowing past his lips, and stray stands of chocolate hair falling in his face, Yoh was a prefect paradigm of serene and tranquilly. It almost seemed that nothing in this world would pull him out of his slumber.

Hao smiled, soft and warm. Yoh was adorable when he slept, perfectly sweet and still… and alive.

The sound of your voice
Painted on my memories

The fire shaman sighed and leaned back, his feet slipping out from the seat and touching the cool floor, content with the silence that was around him, for the moment at least.

The vision, it had just been a nightmare. A horrific one that showed the inevitable truth of their deaths.

Eyes closed, using the soft rumble of the plane's engine to block out everything but his own thoughts, Hao sighed again and forced himself to think about his dream, even through he'd much rather just forget.


Opening his eyes, a pondering look on his face, Hao looked out the window, seeing the first tendril of sun over the horizon.

Why was the assassin Len Tao?

Hao knew that Len didn't care much for the fact that both of the Asakura twins were stronger then him, but why was the final blow of slaughter symbolized by Len?

Feeling no immediate threat from the living Tao boy, not the vision one, Hao could only conclude that Len could possibly be hypocritical and betray them, eventually. Just like everyone else.

Even if you're not with me
I'm with you

Hao, snorting lightly, looked out of the very corner of his eyes at his exhausted twin and smiled, soft and sad.

You, now I see, keeping everything inside
with you
You, Now I see, Even when I close my eyes

As the nightmare had showed, Yoh had promised, deep in his soul, that he wouldn't leave his brother's side for anything. Also, even if this promise would take Yoh's life, Hao knew that he wouldn't be able to force Yoh away, or truly show him what would happen if he stayed, and he knew it.

The only action the fire shaman could take was to walk away from his gentle twin. Or at least he could try.

Yoh, curled up in his seat, flinched slightly as a stray beam of sunlight shown through the window, trying to wake him up. However, the young shaman just sighed and squished himself deeper into the seat cushions, earning an amused smile and gentle shake of the head from Hao.

Japan was 14 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, and so Yoh was suffering from a bad case of jet lag. By the young twin's inner clock, he not only had been awake for the whole day before, but also most of the night.

Hao frowned lightly. He would have to wake Yoh up eventually, even if the younger twin was extremely tired.

However, it wouldn't be pleasant for the young twin when Hao arouse him, but it had to be done. Funbari was only about half an hour away.

A slow, dangerous, smile slipped onto Hao's features, when he decided that now, was the prefect time to wake his little brother up.

"Yoh," Hao whispered gently in Yoh's ear, shaking the younger twin lightly, "Yoh, wake up."

Yoh groaned and shifted in his seat, away from Hao, fighting with Hao's prospect of waking up this early.

It was 5 o'clock in the morning! Even Anna didn't make him get up that early. Squeezing his eyes tightly shut and sighing, Yoh Asakura fell back into his nap.

Hao smirked. Did his twin honestly think he would let him get away with that?

Getting up so he could stand in front of Yoh and lean over him, Hao reached towards Yoh, his hand coming to rest under the younger sibling's chin.

Hao's fingers softly brushed Yoh's jaw line and then his throat, as the fire shaman's hand moved smoothly along Yoh's soft skin, smiling darkly as he did so. Warmth bleed from Hao's touch into Yoh and it caused the young Asakura to tilt his head up a bit and sigh with pleasure from the enjoyable, unexpected contact.

Hao's eyes narrowed softly in sin at Yoh's delightful reaction as he leaned down, close to his twin's ear, that dark, delicious smile still on his face. Coaxing his younger brother to rise, Hao gently whispered.

"Miss. Anna Kyouyama is your engaged fiancée, my twin. The Asakura's have chosen her because she can light a fire under you. Well, I am capable of doing that as well, but my way draws on a true flame."

Breathing out his last word dangerously, Hao lifted his head and brought his other hand to rest with Yoh's eye level. A small, golden, spark formed in the palm of the older twin's hand, the spark forming and flicker into life.

Small, but searing, the crimson flame burned in its master's hand, controlled with the utmost care.

Yoh moaned softly and one of his dark, droopy eyes, clouded over with sleep, opened slightly. The second the flame caught his attention, the young shaman's eyes fully opened and he stared at the fire, his whole body staying completely still.

Hao smiled slyly as Yoh's eyes darted up to his sinfully playfully ones, and then to the fire again. Yoh stayed still, for the most part, and Hao could feel his younger brother's breath slowly begin to quicken under his warm touch.

The burning flame reflected in both twin's eyes, and, slowly, the fire shaman closed his fist, once he knew Yoh would stay awake, the small flame easily fading away.

Yoh's body showed a visual amount of calming release as he sighed and slumped in his seat, his eyes softening and growing relaxed again.

"Alright," Yoh said calmly, yawning and reaching up to rub sleep from his eyes, "Okay, Hao I'm up. What is it?"

Hao's smile became soft as he looked at his little brother's still sleepy appearance and spoke softly; Yoh's chin still resting in against his fingers, bathed in their warmth.

"I want you to watch the sun rise with me, my sweet twin."

Hao smiled happily.

Yoh blinked, and smiled back as his twin smoothly and slowly pulled his fingers from underneath Yoh's jaw, creating a warm seductive teasing moment for his younger sibling. The younger twin looked at the fire shaman with eyes that were soft and pleased, if not still a bit sleepy.

Hao continued to smile happily at Yoh, before turning and sitting back down in his seat. He then leaned over his twin slightly and gestured towards the window.

"Look, Yoh." He commanded, his smile softening as Yoh turned to look at the sky, the new sunlight caressing the young twin's form.

The sun had risen only slightly, but its glow was beautiful and ethereal, fresh light spilling out against the white, fluffy clouds that covered the sky. Splashing up against the early morning sky like watered gold, the light showed the true colors of the heavens.

Yoh smiled.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Hao breathed softly into Yoh's ear, leaning over and gently resting his head on his twin's shoulder, his eyes soft and dark.

"Yeah," Yoh replied, smiling before looking at Hao.

Echoed deep in Hao's dark eyes and soul, the new sun was an ever-burning fire, never to be dimmed or extinguished. The heat of it was pure and its power complete. It would keep returning to this world, time after time, to do what it thought was right.

To be with the ones who needed it.

A hot searing star in the darkness.

Tenderly wrapped his arms around Yoh's waist, after pushing the armrest out of the way, Hao completely pressed his chest against Yoh's back and nestled comfortably against his twin's lithe form. Sighing in a soothing manner, his warmth seeped past Yoh's shirt and into the young twin's soul.

Yoh smiled again.

I hit you and you hit me back
We fall to the floor the rest of the day stands still

"I'm glad you decided to come home with me, big brother," Yoh said softly, looking back at the sun before frowning slightly, "After the Shaman Tournament was over, I looked for you in the desert, but all I found was a deep pool of your blood."

"Oh really?" Hao asked, his dark eyes narrowing.

"Yep," Yoh said quietly, nodding once, a frown on his face as he fell silent. Hao's grip on Yoh tightened gently as the fire shaman felt the echoes of Yoh's thoughts like smoke against his mind.

'It was cold and dark,' Yoh's mind whispered as the young twin unconsciously took one of Hao's hands in his, interlacing their fingers together, 'I thought I'd never see you again. I worried you had you had bled to death. I was afraid for you Hao.'

Frowning slightly, Hao tightened his grip on his twin again, soothingly. Yoh sighed before he softly squeezed Hao's hand and suddenly changed the subject, "You don't need to be alone anymore, Hao. I'm right here with you, and I made a promise to stay by you, so I will."

Hao shifted uncomfortably against his young brother.

Fine line between this and that
When things go wrong I pretend the past isn't real

Dark eyes growing with a worry and sadness inside of him that Yoh couldn't see, Hao, slowly, squeezed back. However, he didn't speak, not out loud anyway.

'I know you will, Yoh.' he thought, quietly, 'But you don't understand the reality of what the humans will do. How will you feel when you die? When I can't protect you?'

I'm trapped in this memory
And I'm left in the wake of the mistake slow to react

Yoh heard Hao sigh lightly and the fire shaman's arms slowly retreated, sliding against Yoh's sides before finally releasing his twin. The comforting warmth that had been caught between the twins evaporated quickly as Hao completely pulled away, and moved fully back into his own seat so he could stand.

Yoh held onto Hao's hand, turning so he could look at his brother.

So even though you're close to me
You're still so distant
And I can't bring you back

Hao stared back at him with dark eyes, emotionless as he smoothly stood, and even more so when he spoke, his voice blank and unemotional.

"We will be in Funbari in less then a half an hour Yoh. I suggest that you stretch your body by the time we get there, I hate for you to be stiff."

'Especially when you must clash against those who will slaughter you.'

Hao, his eyes downcast, backed away into the aisle, his arm stretching out to its full length before he or Yoh lessened their grasp. Hao's hand slid listlessly from Yoh's, before he walked away and towards the front of the plane.

"Hao?" Yoh asked, standing up quickly from his seat.

Hao stopped walking and turned just enough so Yoh could see one of his dark, soft, eyes, dark strands of hair falling into the older shaman's face.

"I'm sorry, Yoh," Hao said, smiling just a bit, "But don't concern yourself about me, I'll be fine."

With that, he turned back and walked away, his cloak lightly swaying behind him.

Yoh sighed in light frustration and plopped back into his seat, worry hidden behind his droopy eyes.

"Amidamaru?" he asked softly, his eyes fixed on Hao.

"Yes, Lord Yoh?" The samurai asked as he appeared in the aisle next to Yoh's seat.

"Do you think you could do me a favor?"

"Of coarse Lord Yoh," he said, a bit concerned with the fact that Yoh wouldn't look away from Hao with that worried gaze, "What do you need?"

"I want you to go talk to Jun okay? I think Hao needs to talk to her."

Looking to the front of the aisle with his lips pressed into a line, Amidamaru watched Hao as the fire shaman leaned casually against the wall at the front of the plane and stayed completely still, thought clouding the boy's eyes.

"Of coarse." Amidamaru said keeping his gaze on Hao as well until he disappeared.

"Thanks Amidamaru." Yoh whispered to air.

Hao sighed as he relaxed against the wall, a slight vibration from the plane's engine trembling gently against his back.

Bringing his hands, palms up, from his sides, the fire shaman took a deep breath and pulled at the small amount of exhausted spiritual energy inside his body.

A small spark form in his hands, growing until it was a small fire. Burning as if it was the flame of a single candlestick in his hands, Hao frowned.

The small flame he held was about the most he could control without losing his hold. Of coarse, Hao could make the fire larger, but then he would lose control of it, and that couldn't help him.

Preserving his life had taken up so much energy. He had been left so weak.

Sighing again out of worry and frustration, the flame fading away, Hao closed his fists as he heard the soft sound of flat sole shoes coming towards him.

Turning his head to look, the light beige color door that led to the cockpit opened suddenly. Jun Tao, the Dao-shi and eldest daughter of the Tao family, emerge from the small room that she had locked herself up in since the beginning of the flight.

Letting the door slid shut behind her, Jun's cerulean eyes locked with Hao's dark chocolate ones and she stared at him for a second, before her fists clenched and she took a breath. Seemly coming to the conclusion that she should do what Amidamaru asked her, Jun placed a knowing and smug smile on her face, her eyes narrowed and slender, and walked forward.

Hao watched her calmly as she smoothly passed him and sat down in a chair across the aisle from him. Crossing her legs, her dragon slit dress allowing the movement, Jun had placed herself close enough to where Hao stood so that there was a comfortable speaking distants between them. However, the two shamans' weren't close enough so that either felt as if the other shaman was getting into their personal space and was made uncomfortable.

"So," Jun began, a self-satisfied quality to her smile, "How are you doing Hao, fairing well?"

Hao smiled in sin, his own eyes growing dark and slender. Jun was being coy, how very like her.

Missing Scene

Jun tried to keep her breath from quickening or to lose the mask of calmness she had placed around her as Hao moved closer to her, his eyes dark and slender as he smiled.

Leaning over her, his hands resting on either side of her on the armrests, making it so that she couldn't escape, he smiled, slow and dangerous. Hao looked into Jun's slowly widening eyes and spoke.

"You have beautiful eyes, Jun Tao," he breathed, her mask of coyness showing false through the azure color of her eyes, "Make sure to use them wisely."

Missing Scene

"Did Yoh tell you that he fainted in the desert when he was looking for you?" Jun suddenly asked, her eyes sliding shut, calm and neat in her seat.

At those words, Hao stopped walking, his back straightened and he completely froze.

"What did say?" he asked, masking his voice so he sounded normal as he look back at Jun over his shoulder, his long hair hiding the fact from her that his eyes had grown white from shock.

Jun didn't look at him; she just smoothed out a wrinkle in her dress and spoke again.

"He left camp even after both Anna and the Dobi counsel told him in wasn't a good idea, considering that the battle with you and channeling everyone else's energy had tired him."

Jun took a breath, she could feel Hao's eyes on her back, which made her pause for a moment, but she continued anyway.

"After Yoh disappeared, Anna, Silva, and my brother went looking for him. It was almost midnight by the time they came back, Silva carried Yoh's unconscious form in his arms. It seems that the mixture of the cold desert elements and Yoh's own lack of energy finally hit him."

Turning to look away as Jun fell quiet, Hao was silent for a few moments, his eyes white as he thought.

The vision, that horrible nightmare that had torn Yoh away from him, the one where Len had taken their lives, had, in a sense, existed at some point in time.

Breath quickening with hidden fear and shock at this new knowledge, his hands clenching into fists, Hao spoke to Jun quickly, his words to fast for her to pick up on the worry behind them.

"Thank you for speaking with me, Jun," he said, still not looking at her, "My way was clouded before, but now I believe I know what I must do."

Then he walked anyway, back towards the seats that he and Yoh shared.

Jun watched his back and, noting where he was heading, smiled to herself. "You're welcome, Hao."

Yoh was staring out the window at the clouds when Hao found the young twin, and as the fire shaman forced himself to relax at least enough so not to get Yoh to worried, Hao said Yoh's name.

Reacting to his name, Yoh turned slowly to look at his older brother.

"Hi, Hao." He said, smiling happily, watching as Hao stood there, the fire shaman's face blank.

"Yoh," Hao said again, his voice unemotional as he swiftly commanded, "Stand up."

Slightly confused by the strange command, but doing as his brother asked, Yoh got out of his chair and faced Hao, wondering why Hao was acting the way he was.

Looking into his brother's face as Hao stood there, Yoh was certain that he saw a worried anxiousness behind Hao's dark eyes, and before he had time to think about what could be wrong, Hao suddenly stepped forward and Yoh felt his twin's hands slip under Yoh's opened shirt.

Hao arms sliding against Yoh's sides so they could wrap themselves tightly around Yoh's form, the fire shaman pressed his body completely against Yoh's.

Chest to chest, stomach, hips.

Yoh stood there, his body frozen for a moment, plastered up against Hao.

"Hao?" Yoh questioned, his own arms coming to wrap around his twin brother's shoulders, slight worry in his voice, "What is it? What's wrong?"

Hao shook his head as he breathed in Yoh's warmth. The fire shaman needed to feel Yoh, make sure that the younger twin was still warm and alive. Hao could feel Yoh's heartbeat and he took comfort in that, letting himself relax.

"Nothing." Hao spoke calmly as he smiled, his head resting against Yoh's shoulder, "Nothing's wrong. I'm fine, I promise. Let's go home, my twin."

Missing Scenes

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