"A True Friend"

Takes place after Wavelength. Kind of an alternate ending to the season three arc after that time, but with different characters in the show. Hints of CyJinx and BBT.

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Chapter One: Underground Treasure

So they were at their third headquarters, Mr. Brother Blood and his students in the H.I.V.E., and they were hearing a speech from the headmaster himself, about the recent events.

"This place is very well hidden so they can't find us here," Brother Blood told his students at their new school. A young girl, Jinx, who was sitting with her two best friends in the back of the H.I.V.E's auditorium scoffed as soon as she heard that statement. Gizmo, one of her best friends was listening intently to Brother Blood's speech/lecture. He even took notes about it for crying out loud! He was a bald one, and his color he wore was green. The rest of himself was covered in tech. Jinx sometimes wondered why he never put the goggles that sat on the top of his head on his eyes. She didn't bother to ask though, because who wants to listen to a 45 minute explanation of that anyway? In her opinion though, it was much better than what they were listening to then. Gizmo was about 4 years younger than Jinx, but 10 years smarter. He was about 3 feet shorter, but 20 times more prepared. Jinx was a good fighter and all-one of the best actually, but she didn't take it as seriously as little Gizmo. She was just doing her job, which was being a villain.

Her other friend, Mammoth was waiting anxiously for lunch. Jinx heard his stomach growl once or twice even if he had stolen food from the cafeteria with him. A big muscular guy like that's got to eat though. Unlike Gizmo, Mammoth was twice as big as Jinx. He had a brown thick hair that went to his shoulders and even a beard. He wore black with yellow bracelets and a yellow "M" on the front of his outfit. His shoes were HUGE...and yellow. Jinx was smarter than him and she knew that for a fact. She was probably better prepared than him for an attack. He was the strength of their team though, and that helped a lot.

"They can't find us here," she said in a mocking tone, "Just like last time..." she said under her breath in her regular voice. She played with the pink pigtail on the left side of her head and thought about this last time.

Last time the ever popular Teen Titans sent one of their members to spy on the H.I.V.E due to having to take care of three raids in one week. Their chosen one to go and foil their plans was Cyborg; the half man half robot that she didn't really care for before he came to the H.I.V.E. But then she remembered. It was not Cyborg who acted as their friend, danced with her at the Sadie Hawkins Dance and was one of the top students at their little evil school. It was Stone.

Anyway, a few months later the Titans came back to see what Brother Blood was up to thanks to this Aqualad guy who told them the H.I.V.E was hidden under water and destroying his precious home. She did not see the Titans at all that time, but she heard kids around the school talking about it and she also heard that another one of her close friends named Bumblebee was a spy. Herso-called friend worked for the other side.

"Which now brings us to here," Jinx said, while talking to herself again. The third; and hopefully the last headquarters. She zoomed back into reality.

"To prevent anymore interruptions to my plan, we'll have triple training hours to be ready."

The depressed students awed. The students at the H.I.V.E lost interest in Brother Blood's plans and came to the point that they didn't really care if the Teen Titans came back or not.

"Anything that looks strange, or anyone who seems strange is to be reported to me," he continued, "those who do not..."

'Blah, Blah, Blah' That's all that Jinx and most of the other students in the H.I.V.E were hearing. Does this guy ever stop talking? She began to zoom out of reality again, and her eyes fluttered as she was about to fall asleep.

"Hey Jinx!" a gruff voice yelled in her ear.

"What!" she shouted back at Mammoth.

"You ok? You've been sitting here with that annoyed look on your face the whole time."

"Yeah, and you've been talking to yourself too," Gizmo added, "Can't you pipe down? I'm trying to take notes."

"And I'm trying to sleep. Leave me alone you guys...just this once."

Mammoth shrugged and Gizmo was already back to listening to the headmaster but unfortunately for Gizmo, Brother Blood had ended his speech and the auditorium was scattered with clapping. It was finally lunch.

Lunch was a special...whatever it was and Gizmo, Mammoth, and Jinx sat at their usual table. Everyone understood that it was their table and their table only.

While they were eating, Gizmo took out something from his backpack.

"Whas tha?" Mammoth asked with his mouth full.

"It's a TI-92 you clutch head," Gizmo responded, "Stole it from that new electronics store on Civilax Avenue. The best calculator I know of."

"You sure about that?" Jinx asked.

"Duh. Come on Mammoth, let's go play Worm."

Jinx finished eating and watched her two friends play "Worm" she guessed the object of the game was to catch as many worms as you can and fuel up some plane which was in the shape of a bird. You had to make it to the worm king.

Although the game sounded stupid, Jinx actually wanted to give it a try. "Hey guys, can I play?"

"Um..no," Gizmo responded while not looking up from the calculator.

Telling her to "pipe-down" was enough for one day, and for some reason Jinx felt insulted. If she was in the mood she'd hit him so hard he wouldn't be able to feel it. Instead she asked, "Why not?"

"Because it uses superior nano technology and a microchip and has a strong CPU which you don't know how to use." (AN: I don't' really know all that technical vocabulary for calculators. What Gizmo is saying is pure junk I've heard over the years.)

"And besides," he added before Jinx could say anything, "you're just a stupid girl."

He and Mammoth guaffled at Gizmo's words. Now, Jinx was in the mood to hit him. She didn't care if he was just joking. Jinx stood up and got her powers ready. "Can a stupid girl do this?" A wave of pink came from her hands and threw the two boys backwards. A few people in the lunchroom gasped and waited what would happen next, but the dispute didn't last long because a voice boomed out, "JINX!"

It was Brother Blood- and she knew she was in much trouble now. Don't bring that kind of behavior to my school. I thought you knew better than that. For you it's 6 times extra training and while you're doing that, you're going to learn how to control your temper," he said with a smirk.

Wow, he was one to talk.


"Are you arguing with me young lady? Training room; NOW!"

Jinx slowly followed the headmaster while glaring back at Gizmo and Mammoth who were howling with laughter. Would she ever have a true friend?

The young pink-haired girl stood in the training room, while cameras of the school staff watched her. She ran the obstacle course a few times and got bored. She was sitting down whether or not the cameras were watching her. Deep in thought, Jinx looked out the window. She needed to take a walk. A long walk. Jinx turned to the camera and fired a jinx at it. Then she climbed up the honeycombs on the side of the wall and jumped out. Since the headquarters was practically in the middle of nowhere, she decided to run as fast as she could to the city. Not the nearest city, but the city they were at before they headed East-Jump City. Maybe she could do something to take her anger off her friends such as causing trouble for everyone else.
Since it was in the middle of the day, it was pretty quiet outside for Jump City. She needed an audience to cause trouble. For some reason, this day's events were prettyodd because the ground soon started shaking and started to cave in. Many rocks went underground and very soon she joined them.

When Jinx came back to her conscience, she was face to face with a statue in the shape of a girl about her age.

Being the big bad villain she was, she couldn't be scared. It was just a giant rockā€¦in the shape of a kid. She'd seen rocks in the shape of George Washington's head before so it wasn't that strange. Rocks from above when the ground caved in were still falling. Jinx looked up and down at the statue, wondering what it was. She looked down to read the plaque which had writing on it, but the statue glowed yellow and the rocks that made it blew off. Jinx fell back and after much dust cleared away from her eyes, she observed what was left of the statue. But she didn't see a statue, she saw a girl who was covered in dirt still standing there with her eyes closed. Her hair which looked to be blond before looked brown due to all of the dirt. She wore blue armor which had ripped cloth attached to it.

After a long silence and a break of strange events, the girl opened her blue eyes to say out loud, "It's about time I got that to work." She took one look at Jinx, while Jinx took one look at her, and in unison they both screamed.

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