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Crystal Rose

A strong breeze swept through Raven's window, waking her from her dreams.
Raven sat up, rubbing her eyes. She looked over at her window, its curtains
streaming in the wind, which was strange since she didn't remember opening
them at all. She levitated out of her bed and toward the opening. As she
stretched out her arms to shut it, she noticed something glint in the
moonlight. There, on the edge of the windowsill, lay a violet rose made of
crystal and silver. Ravens eyebrows narrowed as she picked up the seemingly
delicate flower, noticing an engraving on one of the leaves. She squinted to
read the small print, her eyes widened in surprise at the small engraving.


Sunlight lit up Titan's Tower, waking all but one Titan, who had been
sitting on the couch. Raven sat there, the rose in her hand. Over and over
she read the print, To Raven, From Someone Who Cares. To any ordinary
person, it might not have meant much, but to Raven, the fact that someone
cared about her made her…well…feel wanted, like she belonged. As she stared
at it, Beast Boy snuck up behind her. Peaking over her shoulder, he asked,
(well, more like yelled)

"What's that?"

His unexpected appearance made Raven jump, causing the X Box to explode.
This, in turn, made Beast Boy jump as well.


Beast Boy screamed as he ran to hug what was left of the controller. Raven
rolled her eyes as she tucked the flower under her cape.

"Morning Y'all!" Cyborg said, walking into the kitchen, his eyes
immediately turning over to the fridge in hunger. Raven decided to go into
her room before the chaos over tofu or sausages erupted. She was just about
to walk into the hall when the chipper, young tamaran blocked her path.

"Friend Raven, will you be joining us in this magnificent feast of
breakfast?" Starfire grinned with way to much enthusiasm for the morning
making Raven flinch a little.

"I…" Raven was about to give an excuse to leave when Robin stepped in.
"Come on Rae, join us!" She hated when he popped up like that, it was too
unpredictable for her liking.

"I'm making tofu!" Beast Boy tried his best to make the dish sound appealing
as he waved a pan in the air, everyone except Cyborg moved farther away,
waiting for the meat/tofu war to begin.

"Dude!" Cyborg yelled holding up a different pan "We are NOT having tofu! We
ARE eating sausages!"




The battle raged on, ending with the decision of chocolate chip pancakes.
For some strange, reason, Raven was still in the kitchen, and even stranger
she ate a few pancakes while having a discussion with Robin. After
breakfast, the titans fell into their normal morning routines. Starfire was
sipping on her beloved mustard, Beast Boy and Cyborg playing video games
(with a new PS 2), Robin going off to train, and Raven reading in her room.

Raven sat on her bed, picking up a black and white book from her shelf with
her powers. After an hour or so, Raven was so involved with her book she
didn't manage to see a fly (Beast Boy) buzz into her room. Beast Boy watched
her intently. He had been doing this almost everyday, his crush on Raven
growing every time. Even though he thought it was a secret, all of the
titans (besides Raven) knew that he liked her. He would sit there hoping to
find something that would make her laugh. Anything that would make her show
any other type of emotion besides annoyance towards him. After quite a
while, Beast Boy buzzed out of the room and into the hall. He turned back
into his human form and started to walk through the hall, his good mood
dampened by the loss of information. When he turned the corner, he ran into
Starfire, who had been running done the hall a primal sad sound echoing from
her lips. When they both recovered from the fall, Beast Boy noticed that
Starfire's eyes were red and swollen. Tears streamed down her face. He
helped her to her feet, a concerned look in his eyes.

"Starfire, what happened?" Starfire stood up and looked down at her boots,
sniffling dejectedly.

"Friend Robin wishes not to be…overly friendly…anymore." Beast Boy stared at
her in shock. Robin and Starfire, the names just seemed right together, the
titans had always thought they would be together forever. He couldn't
believe it, it just didn't make sense to him. After helping Starfire to her
room, Beast Boy ran into the kitchen looking to Robin to confirm this
statement. There Robin
sat, a mug of tea sat between his hands, not looking happy or sad.

"Dude, I just ran into Starfire." Robin didn't look up. Instead, he stared
at his tea. "What happened? Why did you break it off?" Taking a deep breath,
Robin spoke softly.

"It just doesn't feel right anymore, there's" Robin was hesitant to reveal
the reason of the breakup "there's someone else."

"Did I just hear what I think I heard?!" Cyborg stared at both of them, his
eyes wide with alarm, the video controller limp in his hands.

"I don't want to talk about it okay!" Robin stood up, his fists clenched. He
walked out onto the terrace. Cyborg had always been like a big brother to
Starfire, and he couldn't just let Robin hurt her and not know why. He
stomped out onto the terrace, following Robin angrily.

"Man, Robin! What happened? How could you do this to Star?! Who is it?"
Robin turned around, his mask making it impossible to read any of his
emotions except anger.

"There's just someone else okay?" Robin's jaw clenched.

"That's not good enough Robin!" Cyborg was starting to get mad, his jaw
clenching as well. "Who is this girl? And how can she be so important to
crush Starfire? HUH?" Cyborg's anger was apparent.

"It's Raven okay!!?" The chair next to Robin suddenly fell, startling the
two titans. Standing by the door was Raven. She gasped, causing another
chair to go down as well, and slowly disappeared in a black puddle.

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