A Caribbean Christmas Carol

Once upon a Christmas Eve, within a window frosted, a face was unseen, hidden by piles of…gold.

Mr. Ebenezer Barbossa was the owner of that face. He ran a rum trade company, and was as rich and as cheap as any man could be. However, in the cold dark corner near the old fireplace, were his employees. The ones he hadn't chased away with his greed and unkindness anyway. That left two men. Pintel and Ragetti Crachet. They were twins. They tried vigorously to rekindle the slowly dying fire, but to no avail.


"Yes sir?" they said in unison.

"Not you, one-eye, the fat one."

"Yes sir?" said Pintel timidly.

"It's your turn to do me laundry tonight."


"It's your turn! Do I make myself clear?"

"Perfectly, sir."

"Now that's more like it."

A knock came at the door. Barbossa opened it, and lo and behold, were two red-jackets with a collection tin!

"Hello Mr. Barbossa, sir. We're Murtog and Mullroy. We're collecting for those less fortunate this Christmas Eve. Would you like to make a donation?" said the man named Murtog.

"Oh, it's for the poor is it?"

Both men nodded their heads enthusiastically.

"Well let me tell you something lads. The poor make up most of the population. They are no good scoundrels who are too lazy to work to earn money. The rich, on the other hand, work hard, that's why we can take care of ourselves. So tell me now, why should they be getting any of my hard-earned money? Getting it themselves would teach them a valuable life lesson, would it not?"

"But sir…it's Christmas Eve!"

"Bah humbug! Christmas Eve…" and with that he shut the door.

"I don't like that man much." said Murtog.

"I've seen worse." replied Mullroy.

"No you haven't."

"Yes I have."

"So you've seen a man destroyed by his wealth, and so greedy that Hell itself spat him back out, is that what you're saying?"

While the men argued all the way down Ashley Avenue, inside the office the man named Ragetti piped up timidly.

"Well…you know sir that tomorrow is Christmas Day, and we were wondering if we could have the day off? To be with our family?"

"What's that you say?" called Barbossa from behind the…gold.

"We were wondering if we could take the day off, tomorrow, seeing as it's Christmas." said Pintel.


"Please sir!" they pleaded, begging on their knees.

"Alright! But I want you back at dawn the next day to make up for lost time! Is that clear?"

"Yes sir! Yes sir!" They shouted in unison, doing little happy dances.

"Leave now. You're an eyesore, the both of you."

"Yes sir! Yes sir!"

As they grabbed their coats and rushed to get out the door…

"Don't forget my laundry!"

"Yes sir!"

Pintel ran in and grabbed the bag, and left just as quickly with a "Merry Christmas!"

"Christmas…Bah humbug…"

A/N: Yay! Here's chapter 1! I hope you guys liked this story so far! I would like to have this done before Christmas, and comments are very much appreciated.