Chapter 1

Summary: Serena and Darien's lives have changed for the worse, when they got married. First off, Raye kicked them off the team, the day she was going to tell her good news. Luna and Artemis believe Raye is a better leader and leave Serena, and the only one's who believe in Serena are Pluto Neptune, and Uranus. When enemies arrive, Raye's group won't let Serena fight. Will Tokyo go down, or will Serena find another way to help it?

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Serena ran, to scared to stop, or they might come after her…

"Your such a klutz!"

"We don't need you anymore!"

"I'm a better leader!"

Tears streamed down her face. She couldn't believe what she heard just then. She actually felt sorry for them, for having herself as a leader.

She was a klutz; she's known that for the past years of her life. But why didn't they tell her this sooner? Maybe because they felt bad for her.

Serena stopped. Looking ahead, she saw the bus station. She was wet from the rain, but it didn't bother her a bit. She paid for her ticket, and hopped on. She and Darien lived a little away from Tokyo. When they got married, they bought a house, ten minutes away, so they could get out of city life. Sure they had to ride a bus, or drive to Tokyo, for little things, but it was just how they liked it.

But right now, Serena never wanted to step foot in Tokyo again.

She sat down, and waited patiently for the bus to go to her house. People admired their house. Serena didn't like showing off, but people always asked who their gardener was. She'd always replied, 'Me and my husband are.' Some would go as far as ask for her to plant for them, but she'd politely tell them she couldn't.

She pulled the little buzzer, and the bus slowed to a stop. She hopped off, and walked up her driveway. Passing the red, black, and white roses along their path. Usually Serena loved walking up to her porch, but not today. Today her mood felt like the weather, dark, gray, and cold.

She opened her door, and took off her shoes, and wet jacket. Darien wasn't home yet, and she didn't expect him to be in another little while. She slipped on some slippers, and went upstairs. She went into her and Darien's room, and changed her clothes, and dried her hair.

She didn't feel like pulling her hair back into little buns, so she just let it fall. She slowly went back downstairs, and looked out the window. It was raining now. It had suddenly got dark, so she turned on her kitchen light. She was pulling stuff from the fridge, when a black car pulled into the driveway.

She watched as three women came out, one carrying a little girl. She closed the fridge, and greeted them at the door.

"Hello, Serena!" One said. Serena let them inside, and they took off their wet shoes, and set their umbrella's aside.

"What's wrong?" Another asked.

"Almost everything went wrong today, Amara." Serena replied.

"With what?"

Serena led Amara, Michelle, Trista, and little two-year-old Hotaru into the living room. Hotaru was set on the floor, and she looked up to Michelle. They sat on her couch and Serena sighed, and let it all fall out.

"The scouts… They've kicked me out." She said.

"What do you mean?" Michelle asked.

"They wanted me out, so they kicked me out… I am no longer the leader of The Sailor Scouts." Serena said tears forming into her eyes, again.

"How could they do that?" Amara asked.

"You're the Princess!" Trista exclaimed.

"What made them choose this?" Michelle asked.

"I don't know, but I was going to tell them the good news I found out yesterday." Serena said. She wiped her eyes.

"What's that?" Trista asked.

"I'm pregnant… At least two months in." Serena said.

"Congratulations!" Michelle exclaimed. Serena smiled. At least she still had friends who cared.

"Amy… already knows. She's the one who told me…" Serena said.

"Well you know what I say? You don't need them! Your too good for the likes of them!" Amara said. Serena smiled.

"Thanks you guys, but that doesn't mean I just give up on Tokyo. My family still lives there, and I don't think they could do it by themselves." Serna said.

"Well, of course!"Trista said. "No one could forget about their own home." She finished.

Serena hugged them. They gave her, her dignity back. They stayed to help her with dinner, and talked about the little baby growing inside Serena.

"So Rini will be coming to stay?" Michelle said, as she held Hotaru.

"Well, you never know! Now since the other Sailor's have turned on us, that changes fate, and maybe it won't be Rini." Amara said.

"Yeah, well. Whatever is growing inside me, I don't care!" Serena said happily. She was back to her bubbly self.

"What if it's an alien?"Trista teased.

"Aren't we, technically, aliens?" Serena asked.

"I guess… But I pictured Aliens to be green, and weird…" Michelle answered. They laughed, and continued to help Serena with dinner.

Even though they helped, they still had to go.

"We'll visit soon!"Trista called. Serena waived, and they pulled away. A moment later, a red car came through. Out came Darien.

"Was that Amara?" He asked. Serena nodded, and greeted her husband with a hug.

"Let's eat. I have something to tell you." Serena said.


Darien helped Serena clear the table, and put dishes in the sink. She then led him to the living room, and sat down. Darien sat down with her, and she laid her head on his shoulder.

"How was the trip to Tokyo?" Darien asked. Serena sighed.

"That's what went wrong…" She said. Darien looked down.

"Wrong?" He asked.

"Uh-huh… I went over there today, but they didn't greet me the way they usually do. Well, first off. I got into a fight with Raye, and she let some things slip about the way she, and supposedly, the way the scouts feel." Serena said. She sat up straight, and Darien looked at her. "She said that no one liked, me and they needed a new leader. They've kicked me out of the group…"

"What?" Darien asked surprised. Serena nodded, and wiped at her eyes. Darien pulled her into a warm hug, and kissed the top of her head.

"I can't believe they'd actually do that…" He whispered.

"I just hope they believe they did the right thing. Because I'm not going back to them… The only person I can go to you, are you, Amara, Michelle, Trista… And only Amy to check on the baby." Serena said, breaking the hug.

"How are you feeling anyway?" Darien asked. Serena smiled.

"Better! Now that I know I still have friends, and a husband to turn to." Serena said. Darien smiled. Serena could always cheer up, faster then anyone he's ever known.

"And I'll always be there for you."


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He turned to Serena, who was now cleaning up her juice.

"Just the nerve of her! And Luna too? I swear I would have…" Serena trailed to a stop. There was little scratching at their door. Darien answered it, expecting Luna there, but it wasn't her.

"Diana?" Darien asked. The little gray cat smiled, and looked back.

"I told Rini, this is their house!"

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