Chapter 23

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Everyone looked around. The trees were slowly coming back to life, and the ground looked healthier. Raye could even feel the energy as they stood there.

"Is this really home?" Mina asked.

"This is Tokyo Park. As you can see all the energy is returning." Sheena replied.

Everyone took a seat either on park benches, or the ground. Sheena sat on one park bench, and waited for everyone to get settled before she could tell the tale.

"It started a long time ago. At least two or three hundred years before you were born, Serena. Well I was younger back then. I had also just become the new Sailor Prophecy. My mind wasn't…well right at that moment, so I split it. I separated from my evil side so I could become what I have become today.

"Well, after you were born, I noticed my evil side gathered even more energy. It slowly became stronger and stronger. After the whole affair of the dark moon, and Wicked Lady, my dark side gathered enough energy to make her first appearance. This appearance is what made the sailor scouts turn on Sailor Moon. Although she did it first in the past, so it would travel to the future. This is when my prophecy started to unfold about Tokyo's future.

"Do you remember, Darien, when I told you there was a little left of my good side in the evil? Well that's what got me through to Amy, even though I was in the prison. I made her change, but I had to stop. My evil side got to me, and trapped me in a time prison. I couldn't escape. Luckily Amy pulled through, and got to Serena before it was too late.

"I was in that prison for the longest of times, that's why when Darien and Helios found me, I was very weak and old. I sent you two where the sailor scouts where, but it seemed that you got caught on the way. Someone put you into those tubes. I am happy that you got out of it.

"After that, I waited. Then it hit me. My prophecy ball shattered, along with my prison. This is when I knew the prophecy failed. My body came back, and as fast as I could I came back to where your body lay. I had a talk to the Time Keepers, and they allowed that one trip to the past, to retrieve Queen Serenity. Fortunately she knew what to do. And Rini came back and helped her mother further.

"This is where we ended up. I've told you everything I can tell you."

She ended with that. Everyone sat dazed for a moment.

"Sheena? What was up with your evil side, and sending us to false reality places?" Lita asked.

"I don't know. I guess it was just her way to make you feel dark, and sad. She wanted you to feel something to make you stop fighting her. She used it on Serena to stop protecting Rini when she was in her."

"But what about when I found Rini? I came right to her when the evil side of you sent me into the dark." Serena asked.

"Again I used some of my powers to send you here. Mind you, I was extremely weak by then. I could hardly move." Sheena said.

"Is this the end of your evil side?" Mina asked.

"Well, she has returned to me. I promise to never let her out of my body again."

Sheena waited to see if there were any more questions. Seeing no one take a move, she got up.

"I'm sorry I have to leave so soon." She said. She gave them a smile, and everyone said goodbye. She glowed a little before dispersing into light.

Serena couldn't take it. She leaned her head onto Darien's shoulder and fell asleep. It has been such a long day for her. She just really wanted to go to sleep.

Everyone watched as she suddenly was engulfed in light, and went back to her normal form. She wore her baggy pants, and oversized shirt. Her stomach poked from under her still.

Darien carefully picked her up. Everyone did feel the urge to sleep. They helped each other up, and walked down the empty streets of early morning Tokyo.

June 31, and everyone was at the Cherry Hill Shrine. Rini, though, had to leave earlier. Leaving just Serena and Darien alone for a week and a half. She had gotten a letter, from her future mother, saying she would like her to come home. It also said that everything was back to normal. Trista, Michelle, and Amara had to take Hotaru home. They were sorry they couldn't make it, but it was okay to Serena. Everything had settled down.

Except for the fact that Luna had big news of her own. Diana was coming to stay sooner then they thought. Everyone was either patting Luna, or making Artemis feel extremely uncomfortable at the little remarks they made.

Serena could hardly move. Her stomach was big, and her back hurt almost constantly. Plus Amy wouldn't allow hardly any movement. She did sit on the floor though, enjoying Lita's chocolate cake she had made just for her.

"Happy birthday Serena!" They said once again, as she was showered with gifts. Most were for the baby due in a day, but then there was the equal amount of other presents.

"Thank you, you guys!" Serena cried as she opened the last of them.

They had cake, ice cream, soda, and any other junk food they could find. Amy scolded Serena for eating so much, but Mina convinced her it was Serena's birthday, and it was okay to eat as much as they liked.

Serena was in the middle of her second piece, when she felt a hard kick. It wasn't the regular little kicks the baby made, but a real hard one. It made her but down the piece she had.

Her eyes went wide when the second one came around making her make a muffled little sound of surprise. Amy and Darien noticed her lack in eating, and turned to her. The third contraction hit, and Serena cried out in pain. Thus making everyone stop eating, and turn to her.

"Serena?" Darien asked. He was now really worried.

Amy hopped up, giving out orders in an instant. Soon everyone was running around getting things. Amy had her medical bag close at hand, and had Serena in an extra room. Darien sat in there with her, telling her it was okay. Mina got the water. Lita had the towels. Raye got more towels, while Amy stayed and organized everything.

Soon Serena's wails of pain were heard throughout the Shrine. Amy ushered everyone, excluding Darien since Serena wouldn't allow it, out of the room, while she went to work.

The three sailors waited patiently. And after ten minutes of agonizing waiting, they heard the sounds of crying. Not Serena's crying, but softer crying. They looked at each other with smiles on their faces.

Darien, and Amy came out. Darien held a bundle. All of them huddled around to take a look.

"Oh! She's so cute!" Mina cried.

"Pink hair! I can see it!" Lita exclaimed.

"This has to be Rini!" Raye said.

"I hope she is anyway." Amy concluded.

"I think she is. Look." Darien pointed to her forehead. It was fading already, but you could still see the outline of a moon symbol. She then opened her eyes. They were a bright pink color, and that smashed any after thoughts about this girl not being Rini.

"Serena sleeping?" Mina asked. Darien shook his head.

"She wanted everyone to look at her, before she took her away to hold for a long time." Darien said with a laugh.

"Well don't let the mad mother wait!" Raye said, turning Darien around, and pushing him inside. The girls laughed, and let the two new parents have some time alone.

Darien walked slowly over to Serena. Serena smiled and held her arms up. Darien carefully bent down, and passed Rini to her. She held her carefully in her arms. Darien took a seat next to the two.

"She is beautiful." Darien said. Serena smiled, and watched as little Rini grabbed her finger. Darien smiled. He then wrapped one arm around Serena's waist.

"I'm going to have to work out to get rid of the baby fat." Serena said. Rini was now trying to bite her finger.

"Not until you are fully healed." Darien said. Serena looked up.

"I know that. I've heard Amy preach about it thousands of times!" Serena exclaimed. Darien laughed.

Serena leaned on his shoulder, and sighed a happy sigh. Darien kissed the top of her head, and got Rini to stop trying to bite Serena's finger off.

"I love you bun." Darien whispered.

"I love you too, Darien." She whispered back. She handed Rini to him. She could feel her body falling asleep. She let her body rest, as Darien held the little girl in his arms.

Their family was complete. Tokyo was saved. There was no Sacrifice.

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