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"Get off me you pervert!" Akane screamed as she malleted Kuno to the other side of Nerima. "That's the third time today! If he does it again I'll break his hands!"

"Whoa Akane, you've got a lot of distance on that one!" Ranma gave a rare compliment to his fiancée. 'It's fun watching Akane pound the hell out of Stick Boy.'

Meanwhile, Kuno almost lands on Nabiki on the other side of the city. Seeing this as an opportunity to earn a few yen, she grabs hold of the back of his shirt and drags the unconscious kendoist to Dr. Tofu's clinic.

After they arrived, Nabiki flung Kuno up onto the table usually reserved for Ranma. The good doctor wondered what was going on and decided to take a look. He noticed Nabiki sitting on the guest chair reading a magazine next to someone flat on their back and drooling heavily. He recognized him as one of Akane's admirers and quickly deducted what happened.

"Why hello Nabiki! What have we here, another victim of Akane's magical hammer?"

"That's what I'm guessing, but I'm sure he deserved it. I just wanted to take him here to make sure the idiot didn't die." Nabiki didn't bother to look up from her reading material.

"Well now, let's see what kind of damage that girl did now." Tofu moved over to inspect Akane's handiwork. After a few seconds, he started to frown. Kuno continued to drool, but made no sound or movement. "This is not normal. From what I've seen, this boy has a very thick skull, so a simple mallet attack should only render him unconscious for a few minutes. I suspect he may…no. I'd better run more tests before I make that conclusion." He then turned to Nabiki. "I need to conduct some more tests, so I'm afraid you'll have to wait out in the waiting room. I'll call you in when I'm done."

"Wow Kuno. I think you really pissed my sis off this time. Here, let me clean you up." She took some tissues and wiped the saliva off of his face. He still didn't respond. She stood up, kissed his forehead and left the room. 'Why the HELL did I just do that?' She kept repeating the same thought over and over while she was waiting.

Ten minutes went by before Tofu came out. He looked extremely depressed, and his voice was even more so. "Nabiki, I'm afraid I have some bad news."

For the first time in a long time, Nabiki was actually very concerned for the well-being of someone outside her family. "What is it? Will he be ok?"

"I'm sorry to tell you this, but his brain is broken."