-#-Chapter 1-#-

Aragorn held his eyes tightly shut, he didn't understand the words the two being's before him spoke, the only words he caught were 'it's for you own good,' and it made him uneasy, but he quickly found he couldn't open his eyes, even if he wanted to. He felt his body go numb, right before his mind did the same and he collapsed.


Estel's eyes opened slowly and he moaned softly, putting a hand to his throbbing head. He glanced around the small clearing, his eyes wide in fear.

"Ada?" he murmered, "Ada! 'M scared..."

He stood slowly and hugged the large tunic against him, shivering. After a moment he sat back down and pulled the heavy overcoat he recognized as his fathers on top of himself, trying to keep warm in the dark, musty forest. His young mind going at a tremendous pace, trying to figure out how he got here.

He batted fearfully at some of the large, purple moths that flew nearby and after only a moment crawled right under the coat, trying to hide away from the creatures and ending up in a large mud puddle. He froze when he heard something else enter the clearing. He peeked out slowly and whimpered at the sight of the enourmous spiders that were crawling towards him. He tried his best to keep quiet but when one of them dragged the leather coat off of him he cried out and immediately scurried backwards in an attempt to escape.

One of the smaller, less patient of the arachnids leaped at him, only to fall to the forest floor in its sudden death.

The child glanced up as he caught sight of three elves entering the clearing and immediately hid under the coat that he had retrieved. He whimpered but refused to let himself cry, he could only imagine what would be said to him if the elflings from Imladris saw him right now. He shivered, more in fear than cold for the thick leather managed to keep out most of the cold air, as he heard the giant spiders screetching in their deaths.

It didn't take long for the clearing to become silent again, but he refused to come out, not wanting to see what had happened.

He didn't seem to have much of a choice.

The leather coat was lifted off of him, the shock on the elf's face only too evident as he stared at the thing. His gaze then turned to Estel and he slowly knelt in front of the mud-covered child.

"Hello little one," he spoke softly, "what are you doing out here all alone?" he looked both confused and worried.

Estel whimpered slightly and backed away from him.

The elf noted the fear and smiled gently, "No worries child, I will not harm you. But where are your parents? Surly you were not aloud out all alone?"

Estel bit his lip and shrugged, "I dunno..."

"You don't know where your parents are?"

"Home... I think... dunno where I am."

"You're in Mirkwood," he frowned, "you did not know this?"

The child shook his head fearfully, "Live in Imladri'"

The elf blinked, "How'd you get out here?"

"Dunno... went to sleep an' next I knew I was here."

The elf frowned and glanced down at the leather overcoat, "Where'd you get this little one?"

Estel frowned, "Is ada's..."

The elf raised one eyebrow in surprise, then shook his head and smiled again, "What's your name little one?"

The child frowned at him, "Ada says not to tell people I dunno who I is."

"Who you are," the elf corrected automatically.



"Huh?" the child frowned in confusion, "Who are you dough?"

"Though," he corrected again.

"Dat's what I said."

The elf shook his head in amusement, "Of course, how silly of me."

Estel just stared at him.

"I am Legolas little one."

Estel's eyes widened slightly, "I know you den! Well... I neber met you... but ada says you is da twins fwiend."

Legolas frowned, "The twins?"

Estel raised one eyebrow, "Yeah, 'Dan and 'Rwo. Dey says dat when I was old enough dey'd take me to meet you."

"Did they?" Legolas frowned, "will you tell me who you are now then?"

The child nodded slightly, "I'm Estel."

Legolas froze, "You... are?"

Estel frowned at his odd actions, "Yeah... why?"

"Uh... no reason," he shook his head slightly and glanced at the two elves waiting behind him before turning back to the child, "well then, do you wish to come back with us? Then we can send word to your ada, okay?"

Estel nodded immediately, "Kay."

Legolas smiled, "Good."

He stood and started on his trek home, the three did not have their horses with them as they hadn't intended to go far originally, but they had then started tracking a small group of the spiders that had come oddly close to the elven realm and had then found the child. Unfortunetly they had been walking for nearly five hours before that. Going at a fast pace they could reach home in two.

Estel trudged along behind them, watching them in awe now that his fear was gone, he tried his best to copy their movements. He frowned and after a while started to listen into what they were speaking of, unwilling to say something in fear that they would reject him.

After an hour of walking the tired child was near positive he'd fall over, but he still wouldn't admit it. He managed to go another fifteen minutes before stumbling and nearly falling over, only catching himself by clutching to a nearby tree. He watched tiredly as the elves continued on, he forced himself forward. He still refused to say anything, the elflings had pushed the belief on him that if help was needed you're weak. Which didn't make sense to him since he had seen all of them helped at one time or another.

Estel was nearly caught up with the elves when he ended up tripping over a tree root he had been unable to see in the darkness. He just barely managed to catch himself, but not before catching a deep gash on his side from the root. He whimpered slightly and shivered again.

Legolas heard the slight noise and his eyes widened, he couldn't believe he had forgotten about him! He flinched and turned back immediately and dropped to his knees next to the child.

"Ai Estel! I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

The child nodded wordlessly.

"What happened?"

Estel simply pointed at the root, "Din't see it..."

Legolas flinched again, "Are you hurt?"

Estel hesitated slightly but nodded slowly and let the elf see the bloodied gash on his side.

Legolas winced in sympathy and closed his eyes slightly in guilt before pulling his bag over his shoulder. He swiftly pulled out his water flask and carefully washed the wound, surprised that his young friend didn't make any noise during this, and wrapped it quickly.

"I'm so sorry," he murmered again and looked at him worriedly, "is that all?"

The child nodded and frowned slightly, "'T wasn't your fault."

Legolas sighed, "Yes it was, I wasn't watching."

Estel shrugged, "Doesn't hurt," he lied.

Legolas caught that and sighed, "Come on now, I'll carry you the rest of the way."

The child accepted gratefully.

Legolas smiled and stood, the child curling against the elf automatically. It didn't take long for Legolas to realize Estel was shivering. He pulled his cloak around the child and frowned, could he get sick from being cold? He couldn't exactly remember all the ways humans could get themselves ill. It really didn't make much sense to him.


Estel sat in a large bed, watching Legolas pace back and forth, mumbling to himself. The child wouldn't tell the elf but he was actually enjoying watching him rant to himself. He found it quite amusing.

Legolas moaned slightly, "What do I tell ada?" he flinched at that thought, "he's not going to take this well... he'll probably send me to the healing ward."

Estel blinked, not understanding why the elf would be sent to the healling ward because of him. Was he hurting the elf somehow?

"Is I hurting you?" the child frowned.

Legolas paused in his ranting and gave the child a confused look, "Excuse me?"

"Is I hurting you?"

"Why would you be hurting me little one?"

"Cuz you said dat your ada would send you to the healing wards."

"Oh, no of course not, never mind little one."

Estel frowned, "Kay..."

Legolas sighed, "You should sleep Estel, you look very tired."

The child pouted, but dropped the look when he caught the elf's eyes. He sighed.

Legolas smiled, "Good, now lay down, you can take my bed tonight."

The child shifted over to the edge so the elf could lay down when he went to bed and curled up under the warm blankets. He was asleep within moments.

Legolas smiled at the child and went to bed himself.


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