(-)Chapter 11(-)

Aragorn sighed-Will this never end? I've been here for three months, I should have been back in Gondor by now. Ecthelion will not be pleased...- he groaned slightly.

He shook his head-No point just sitting here. I might as well get some rest...-


He woke up with a groan, he pressed his hand to his head and sighed, "Typical... I shouldn't have let the twins hang me upside down for so long."

He pulled himself out of bed and froze, "Wait a second..." he grinned, "Finally"

The human had just enough time to get some fitting clothes on before Elrond opened the door, frowning

He had heard his son's voice from the other room and it certainly hadn't sounded five years old.

Aragorn spun around as soon as the door opened and burst out laughing at the expression on his fathers face.

Elrond smiled, looking relieved.

The elf slowly opened the door the rest of the way and sat down beside his son.

Legolas and the twins showed up at basically the same time. Glorfindel and Thranduil showed up five minutes later.

The first thing Aragorn did when Glorfindel came in was throw a pillow in his face.

Glorfindel just laughed, deciding not to do anything back and just leave him be... this time.

Aragorn glanced at the elvenking, not entirely sure where he stood with the elf so he ended up just sitting there shifting nervously and waiting for the other elf to speak.

Thranduil sat on the bed slowly and smiled at the human, "I have to thank you Estel. Had it not been for you Legolas would still dwell on past thoughts and we would both still hold our hatred towards men."

"He weasled his way into your heart too huh?" Glorfindel asked jokingly.

Thranduil laughed, "Aye, that he did..."

Glorfindel just pulled the human against him in a rather sideways half hug, "He did it to all of us."

"I couldn't help it," Aragorn muttered innocently.

"Of course not," Elladan laughed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Elladan simply pointed at Legolas who just blinked.

Aragorn shrugged, "He was a special case... that one took work."

Legolas laughed, "Thank you ever so much," he joked.

Aragorn just shrugged again.

Elrond frowned slightly, "I suppose this means you're heading back to Gondor."

Aragorn was silent a moment before nodding, "Aye, I've been away much too long... at least this time I was able to warn my better that I would be leaving and wouldn't be back for a while."

The twins frowned.

They all went silent, the mood in the room dropping quickly.

Aragorn stared at Thranduil a moment before snickering softly, "After all the trouble I caused I'm surprised you haven't thrown me out the window yet" he joked.

The elvenking arched an eyebrow, "It is a good idea..."

Legolas looked slightly surprised at his father joining the human in his teasing, "Shall I help you ada? I'm sure together we could manage to heft this heavy human out the window."

Aragorn gave him the best hurt look he could muster without laughing, "That hurts Legolas... 't is not my fault..."

Glorfindel smirked slightly, "With the amount you eat I'd say it is your fault."


Elladan snickered, "You'd eat anything as a child."

Aragorn groaned, knowing exactly what they were about to bring up, "I was three years old and you told me it was normal..."

"You ate a worm... even a child should know that's not normal."

"You had me convinced you were normal... after what I was used to, I believed anything could be normal."

Elrohir paused, "Is that an insult?"

"For you? Not even close. For one that really is normal... yes, it would have been."

"Now that was an insult," the elder pouted.

Aragorn rolled his eyes, "Was it? I'm surprised you noticed with your small minds."

"Hey," they both growled in unison.

Aragorn blinked and quickly scooted in behing Glorfindel, who happened to be the closest to him.

"All you wished to do is suffocate me with feather-stuffed material and now you wish for my help," the elven lord laughed.

"Basically," the human put in happily, then blinked and leaped off the bed as the twins made to jump on him and hid behind Legolas.

The archer laughed, "Come now Strider! Surely you're not afraid of your brothers."

"Them," the human snorted, "never... I am, however, afraid of what their actions should be if they caught me."

"Oh you should be afraid, because once-"

"-We catch you you'll be laughing until sundown," Elrohir laughed.

The tall human then jumped behind the next elf in the circle.

Thranduil blinked in surprise and held his hands up, "I'm a neutral here, leave me out of this," he laughed.

Elrond winced, "Oh, bad move mellon-nin," he chuckled.

"Neutral huh," Elladan smirked and glanced from Elrohir to Aragorn.

Elrohir grinned wickedly.

Aragorn did the same and cocked his head to the side, "You wish for them to suffocate me then?" he pouted.

"Well, no b-"

"Ah! So then you are on his side! That makes you our enemy," Elrohir grinned.

"What? No," the elf looked incredibly confused.

"So? You must be one or the other," Aragorn frowned, "for you can't-"

"-Really be neutral," Elladan cut in, "for then you would-"

"-Not care if he were suffocated-" Elrohir started.

"-To death-" Aragorn added in amusement, "which would put you in league with-"

"-Us!" Elrohir cut back into the conversation, "But then you said that you don't wish for-"

"-Our little brother to suffocate which would mean you would have to be on-"

"-My side," Aragorn nodded, "but that just puts us right back to-"

"-The fact that you still said you basically did not care if he-"

"-Were suffocated to death-" Elladan cut his brother off with a mock frown.

"Interesting," the three murmered at once.

Thranduil stood in a shocked, confused silence.

"So then, as we were saying before-" Elrohir started again.

"-Which side are you on my King? There is no-"

"-Neutral when in this position. You are standing in-" Aragorn was cut off again.

"-A war zone now. You should know what happens when one-"

"-Becomes caught between two raging groups. You-"

"-Don't stand a chance," Aragorn ended helpfully.

Legolas was staring at them oddly.

Even Elrond looked surprised, Aragorn had not joined in with the twins like that since he was 20 and he had discovered exactly who he was, and even before then they had never carried on an entire side of a conversation.

"Well," Elladan was grinning happily now, "I suppose we can let your comments slip this time little brother," he laughed.

"Indeed," Elrohir looked thrilled.

Aragorn smiled and flopped tiredly back onto his bed.

Elladan suddenly smirked, "You know... if you're leaving so soon we're going to have to make up for all our 'lost time' with you."

Aragorn immediately sat up and eyed the elf, "Elladan... I do not wish to return with odd coloured hair, skin or clothing..."

Elladan blinked innocently, "Well of course not! We wouldn't dare," he said slyly.

Elrohir grinned.

Legolas just rolled his eyes in amusement.

"Whatever you do please to not cause any damage," Elrond muttered, sounding rather exasperated.

Aragorn groaned, "I'm not going to leave here alive..."

"Of course you will little brother! We'd never kill you."

"Promising," the man grumbled sarcastically.

"Oh very much so," Legolas muttered.

Elrohir grinned, "Come 'Dan! We have... work... to do."

The other elf smirked and followed his twin back to their rooms.

Glorfindel shifted and glanced between Elrond and Thranduil, "We're not going to escape this unscathed you know."

Elrond sighed, "I know..."

Thranduil just looked nervous.

Aragorn glanced up at Legolas, "So what do you say we go for a nice long ride"

"That would be great," he muttered all too quickly.

"We'll come with you," Glorfindel leaped off the bed.

Elrond nodded, "Aye, we'll meet you at the stables."

Aragorn nodded and was on his stomache pulling his sword out from under the dresser in the blink of an eye.

Legolas laughed.

The elves and human seperated to get what they needed and met up again by the stables in five minutes flat.


"They're too easy," Elladan snickered.

"Wait until they see what we intend to do with their clothes..."

Elladan frowned slightly, "I'm not sure..."

"About what?" the younger twin frowned.

"That yellow and pink look any good on our dear little brother," he smirked.

"Ah, well, I suppose we'll find out then wont we?"

"Oh yes."

"If only we were able to see the look on his captains face..."

Elladan grinned as he painted a large yellow smiley face with pink eyes onto the back of his brothers hunting cloak with the words 'Have a nice day!' in pink as well beneath it.

The End


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