Note: This is an Angel/Buffy Crossover, This is set in season 3 of Angel. And for Buffy is set in Season 6, after Buffy is alive.

Note2: This is set after Connor returns from the other dimension but anything after that didn't happen. Also Willow and Tara never broke up, and if Conner had came in Angel after Tara was killed, well that never happened either so it fits in the story.

Pairings: Gunn/Fred, Willow/Tara, Xander/Anya,

Future Pairings: Fred/Tara/Gunn, Dawn/Connor.

Arising Flames

Summary: After a recurring dream about someone she once knew, Tara sets out to find a friend that was long lost. But as time draws closer Tara fears she lost the one who was her old flame!. But when the Scooby gang meets with the fang gang, Tara finds the very person she looking for is with Angel and co.

Things become even more complicated when Tara finds out Willow had already knew Fred from her last visit to Angel.

Tara kept twisting and turning in her bed, one face haunting her dreams night after night. It started about a week and half ago when she was reminded painfully of her old girlfriend in one of the pictures that she never shown to the others, especially to Willow.

The dream was complex, The dream seemed to be in some hell dimension and her girlfriend was some sort of Cow slave.

And then some man was leaning over her, tall and dark with spiked her, for some reason Tara kept thinking it was Buffy's ex Angel, and she could swear she saw Xander's ex Cordelia as well.

But she knew that was impossible, they had nothing to do with the girl.

Tara still remembered the name clearly in her head. Fred. Winifred Burkle.

"Baby, come back to me" a voice said in her head.

"Fred?" Tara quietly said. "No, Willow" Willow replied next to her but Tara didn't awake. Instead the dream changed, Fred was still there.

A black guy was behind her with a crossbow, and a demon was charging right at Fred with a sword.

"Help!" Fred screamed.

"Fred! No!" Tara screamed.

"Fred!" Angel yelled as the demon charged at Fred.

In quick motion Angel jumped in between Fred and the demon and grabbed the sword.

"Sorry, but no luck" Angel smirked, he punched the horned gray demon and kicked him. The sword dropped.

'Arg!" The demon yelled, Gunn pushed Fred behind him and shot the arrow in the demon's guts.

Before the demon could recover Gunn slammed the edge of his crossbow on the demon head then twisted his head off.

"Good save" Cordelia said coming down along with Connor, Lorne and Wesley following her.

"Well, nobody messes with my girl" Gunn replied.

"So, are we off to visit Sunndydale?" Cordelia asked

"Yeah, everyone got there stuff lets go then" Angel replied. Everyone started picking some things up and started for the door.

"Why are we going there again?" Fred asked.

"Just for a visit, nothing wrong with that" Angel replied. Fred nodded her head and picked her stuff up and followed the others out. Somehow, she had a feeling she left something behind very precious to her before going to LA and getting sucked into Pylea.

The Scooby gang was gathered around in the Magic Box, after Tara explained to them about her dreams, Giles had decided to research on it as it could mean something.

"Was there anything else in the dreams?" Giles asked Tara, the group was around the table, aleast some of them were. Tara and Willow sat next to each other on one side while Xander and Anya sat on the next side.

Buffy and Dawn sat on the stairs while Giles was standing up looking in books.

Spike was standing behind the counter looking at shelfs.

"There not much else, I can't remember all of them" Tara replied,

"Who's was the girl, maybe we can figure it out" Xander replied.

"Um.. well she was my girlfriend before she disappeared, she had some errands in LA to do but she never came back" Tara replied, not once had she looked at Willow while saying this.

"LA?, oh right I forgot to tell you that Angel and company are coming just for a visit" Buffy suddenly spoke up.

"Oh, that good" Giles replied.

"How did you cope?" Willow asked

"Oh, fine I said it was okay, I would like to see the old gang, even the new extras" Buffy replied.

"Not you, Tara" Willow said.

'Oh right, sorry" Buffy replied

"Tara?" Willow asked, Tara turned around and looked into Willow's green eyes.

"I think she had left me, but it was hard, she been gone for five years" Tara replied.

"That long, I am surprised you didn't call me for vengeance" Anya said.

"I wanted to, but somewhere inside me something told me she didn't leave me" Tara said.

"And you should always trust your instincts" Dawn replied. Tara smiled at the teen.

"Well, I do some more research on it, but it could mean she in danger" Giles replied.

"Why didn't you tell me this?" Willow asked

"I was afraid to tell you" Tara replied.

'Hey baby, you can trust me, you know that" Willow replied, Tara stiffly nodded her head.

"Hey, and I promise to keep you happy and I am going to find your friend" Willow replied.

"Maybe I should tell Angel to turn around and find this girl" Buffy suggested

'That a good idea" Giles replied.

'Come, Tara we tell Angel to look for them and describe her for him" Buffy replied taking Tara to the phone which was on the counter.

"Make sure you don't use it too long, don't want bills you know" Anya replied.

As the group got into the car Angel's phone started ringing.

"Hello?" Angel said

"Hi Angel, its me Buffy, I need a favor" she asked.

Angel listened to her and then replied "Okay, I tell Fred and Gunn to take care of it" Angel replied. The two exchanged goodbyes then hang up. Angel turned to Gunn and Fred and told them the situation, the two nodded and went off.

"So, we are looking for a girl with brown hair, blue eyes and glasses are we?" Gunn asked.

"Yeah, that was the description" Fred replied as the two walked down the street, Angel took their stuff so when they finished they didn't have to worry about it.

Gunn stopped and stared at Fred. "Fred, they said the height and the weight too" he replied. Fred turned around with a confused look on her face.

'So?" Fred asked

"This girl is looking for you" Gunn replied.

"Yeah, you right, what was her name again?" Fred asked.

"Tara" Gunn replied, suddenly Fred was hit with memories of an old flame of hers.

Two girls, one with blonde hair and stuttered when she talked, and a brown hair girl who was really shy were making out on a bench, their lips smacking.

Fred pulled back and glazed into the blue eyes belonging to Tara Mcclay. "I-I love you" Tara stuttered. "I love you even more" Fred said quietly, both of the girls smiled at each other. Brown eyes mixing with Blue.

"You are so beautiful, I don't know what I would do without you" Fred replied.

"M-Me N-either, I loved you since our eyes met" Tara said. Once again the two glazed at one another, admiring each other beauty.

"Fred, come back to me babe" Tara said in a male voice.

"What" Fred asked.

"Fred!" Tara said grabbing her shoulders. The beautiful image of Tara faded into a handsome black guy, Gunn.

"Oh, Gunn," Fred said breaking into tears.

"Oh Willow!, what if I lost her" Tara sobbed on Willow's shoulder.

Buffy leaned to Tara, "No, Tara you haven't lost her and I promise.."

"That we will find her" a voice irrupted Buffy, the three looked in the doorway and Angel and company stood there.

"Angel, welcome back" Buffy replied.

"Really?" Tara asked looked up.

'Yes, even if we have to kill every demon to get to her" Angel replied.

"Hey dead boy, whatcha been up to?" Xander replied

'I told you to stop calling me that" Angel scolded.

"Dead Boy?" Connor asked amused.

"That what Xander called Angel" Cordelia said to him.

"Thought there were more of you?" Anya asked.

'Oh there is, Gunn and Fred are looking for Tara's girl thought" Wesley replied.

"Wesley, nice to see you again" Giles replied

"Rupert, good to see you as well" Wesley replied.

"Angel, nice to see you here again" Spike spoke up.

'So, Cordelia, how are things?" Xander asked.

"Good, you?" Cordelia asked

"We are getting Married" Anya said putting her arm around Xander and giving Cordy a look.

"Don't worry, not here to take your boyfriend, surprise he hasn't gone back to Willow yet" Cordelia said.

"Hey, right here and I am gay" Willow spoke up before any of the three could argue.

Connor looked over at Dawn sitting at the stairs and admired her that instant, Dawn looked at him and the two quickly looked away blushing.

"Is it just me to did everything become tense?" Tara asked

"History problems" Dawn said to her.

"Hey!" Angel, Cordelia, Buffy, Xander, Anya, Giles, Willow, Spike and Wesley all exclaimed.

"What, that the truth" Dawn said smiling.

Connor moved from his spot and stood next to the other teen.

"So, a key?, how that working out?" Connor said coolly.

"Okay since now I don't open anything" Dawn replied flirting. "How is a spawn of two vampires working out?" Dawn asked

"Okay, have super strength" Connor replied.

Buffy and Angel both looked at each other and tried to hide their laugh.

'What?" Dawn and Connor asked at the same time.

"I need her now, I can't live on knowing she possible gone" Tara said softly bringing everyone back to earth on why they were here.

"Well, we start researching now shall we, Giles?" Wesley asked "care to tell me what you got?".

"Uh yeah, well I was looking at some hell demon dimension and came across one called Pylea" Giles said.

"It meant to be some.." Giles trailed off, the fang gang except Connor had frozen at the word Pylea.

"Pylea?" Cordelia gulped.

"Pylea?, LA?, Tara is their any chance that this girl was a science type?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, she was, she went to the library in LA to look at some stuff" Tara replied.

"Dad, isn't that where.." Connor asked, it finally dawning on him.

Then the gang said one word that jerked Tara's attention.

"Fred!" the entire gang said.

"Winifred?" Willow asked.

"Wait, you know who she is?" Tara asked

"You know her?" Cordelia asked.

Taking a double back Tara leaped from her chair and turned to Willow. 'You knew who she was and didn't tell me!" Tara asked.

"Not at the time" Willow said.

Tara stared at the fang gang and Willow, unbelieving that they knew who she was.

"I can't believe this, you knew who she was" Tara asked.

"We didn't know" Angel replied.

"That a load of bloody crap, I said her name, and to Willow as well" Tara yelled shocking everyone.

"Hey, when did you become British" Spike asked

"Shut up Spike!" Tara snapped. Spike was taken aback.

"Tara, we didn't know" Cordelia tried to say but Tara wouldn't hear it.

"Here I am trying to convince myself she is alive thought she worked with you!" Tara said.

'But we didn't know she was gay" Wesley replied.

"How couldn't of you know she was Gay, isn't she dating any girls" Tara asked.

"Um, actually she dating a guy named Gunn" Connor replied.

"you know what, Dawn right, you got problems" Anya spoke up.

'So do you" Cordelia snapped at Anya.

"Hey, watch it" Anya snarled.

"That all you can do" Cordelia laughed.

"Enough, no fighting please" Buffy spoke up.

"And I thought we were weird" Xander said.

"Tara?" a voice said behind the gang. Everyone turned there attention to a girl and a guy.

"Winifred" Tara replied.

A/N, so how was that? Good, sorry if it was short but I wanted to leave you on a Cliffhanger. I will start on the next chapter now but it should be longer.