Calvin jumps off the bus, and ran at top speed toward his house.

"FREEEEEE!" he screamed. "Now I have till bedtime to forget everything I learned this year! SUMMER ROCKS!"

Calvin yanked the door open, and guess what happened.

Hobbes blasted out the door, and Calvin went sailing up into the sky.

Moments later, the two made a crater in the ground. There was a moment of silence, then Hobbes leaped up.

"HOO!" he yelled. "That was a GOOD one! We've NEVER got so high that we could see China before!"

Calvin grunted, and crawled out the hole.

Calvin dusted the dirt and ruble off him, and glared at Hobbes.

Hobbes wasn't looking at him, however, he looking ahead of Calvin. A look of fear on his face.

Calvin was about to ask what was going on, when...

"Hey twinky, whachya doing?" called a horribly familiar voice.

Calvin's eyes widened in fear and he turned to Hobbes, who at the moment was a stuffed animal sitting on the sidewalk.

Calvin slowly turned his head to see... YIKES!

Moe and his gang of thugs were all staring at Calvin.

"Hey Twinky," Moe repeated. "Spare change?"

Calvin began to back up. He ran into Hobbes, and the two fell to the ground.

Calvin grabbed Hobbes by the shoulders, and held him up to Moe.

"MAUL HIM, HOBBES!" Calvin screamed.

The stuffed animal hung limp in Calvin's hands.

Moe and his thugs laughed, and with one swing of Moe's fist, Hobbes lie ten feet away from them.

Moe turned back to Calvin.

"Cough up the money doctor stupid." he growled.

"Moe, I... I don't have any money." Calvin blurted.

Moe raised his fist.

"Gee, that's too bad."

Calvin turned his pockets inside out.

"See?!" he begged. "No money, please don't kill me!"

Moe and gang held a conference, while Calvin beamed glares at the stuffed animal ling ten feet away and muttering "you didn't even raise your darn paw!"

Moe turned back to Calvin.

"I'll let ya go, if ya come to the summer camp they're having over at camp pine."

Calvin stared at Moe.

"Why?" he asked.

Moe did a punch into his hand.

"You're gonna be my personal punching bag." he snapped.

Calvin glared at Moe,

"What if I don't go?" he asked.

Moe grinned. "You'll never see the light of day again."

The gang laughed and walked away.

Calvin turned a glare on Hobbes.

"You hairball! You didn't even growl!" he said.

Hobbes stood up, and brushed the dirt off his arms.

"What were you expecting?" he asked.


Hobbes rolled his eyes, and walked into the house. Calvin followed.

"What am I going to do?" he asked his tiger.

Hobbes yawned, and picked up one of Calvin's comics.

"I suggest you don't go." he replied.

"But then Moe will kill me!"

Hobbes thought for a moment.

"I suggest you don't go." Hobbes repeated.

Calvin sighed. "I don't..." just then, his mom came walking up.

"Guess what?" she said. "I'm going to sign you up for summer camp, tomorrow. It will be fun! I'll be rid of you for... I mean.... get ready, you leave the very next day." she walked off whistling a tune.

Calvin's face turned red. Then he let out a scream.

Hobbes snickered.

The very next day, Calvin got into the car with mom, Who was starting the car up.

"But mom, I don't WANT t go to Summer camp!" he said.

"Too bad." Calvin's mom said.

She stuck the key into the car, and started it up.

They backed out of the drive way.

Calvin turned to Hobbes

"Hobbes, what are we going to do!"

Hobbes crossed his arms.

"'We?'" he snorted.

Calvin ignored him.

"If we go to Summer Camp, then Moe will tear me to pieces! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!"

Hobbes stared around the car.

"You COULD jump out the window, and run off. You could pack some stuff, and run away into the woods till summer's over."

Calvin grinned.

"Good idea, Hobbes." he said.

He turned to the window, and began to roll it down.

When it was all the way down, he took Hobbes' arm... and leaped out of the car.

Fortunately, Calvin landed in the grass by the road, and not on the hard road.

Unfortunately, mom saw it.


she screeched the car to a halt.

Calvin got up.

He was still dazed from jumping out of the car, but not so dazed that he couldn't see mom jump out of the car, and storm over to Calvin with gritted teeth.

Calvin screamed, and ran around to the stuffed tiger sitting three feet away.

"RUN HOBBES! RUN!" Calvin began to run, but mom's hand closed over Calvin's shirt collar.

She tossed him into the car, and continued on the trip, but this time keeping a good look at Calvin through the rear-view mirror.

Calvin sat in his seat grumbling.

Hobbes sat next to him looking his usual innocent, stuffed, self.

The next day, Calvin was packing. He opened up the duffle bag, and stared at Hobbes.

Hobbes stared back. Then his eyes bulged.


"Oh come on Hobbes," Calvin said. "The trip won't be long!"

Hobbes crossed his arms, and looked away.

"For-get it" he said

Calvin dropped the duffle bag.

"Then I'll force you in." Calvin yelled.

"You'll have to catch me first!"

Hobbes raced off, Calvin running after him, screaming and waving his arms.

Hobbes dived into Calvin's chest of drawers. Calvin grabbed the handle, and yanked it.

Calvin's clothes flew out like booby traps. Calvin had shoved them in to tight.

"Yoo-hoo I'm up here."

Calvin looked up.

Hobbes was in the top drawer.

Calvin climbed up onto top of his desk, and made a grab for Hobbes, but then, the next thing he knew, he was in the middle drawer.

Calvin made several grabs but missed each one.

Soon Calvin got sick of playing "which one?" and tilted the whole chest of drawers over.

Hobbes leaped from it, and dove back down the stairs.

Calvin leaped off his desk, and chased after him.

Calvin entered the livingroom, and saw Hobbes using his claws to climb up to the ceiling.

Calvin rushed over to the wall, and made a grab for Hobbes again, but Hobbes was already on the ceiling.

Calvin rushed out of the house, just then.

The movie came to a stand still, as Hobbes clung to the ceiling, and stared at the front door with a bored expression on his face.

Moments later Calvin returned with a big steel ladder.

Hobbes watched as Calvin climbed up to him. But just as he was about to catch Hobbes, Hobbes made a swipe at Calvin, and ripped his shirt, and Calvin and the ladder fell to the ground.

But in the process of tearing Calvin's shirt, Hobbes lost his grip, and he tumbled into the duffle bag, that was laying on the floor.

Calvin then ran up, and zipped it shut.

Ol' Hobbes made quite a struggle, but Calvin had him.

He turned and saw... gulp..... the bus with the sign camp pine on it.

"This is going to be a long year." Calvin said.

He walked outside.

The bus driver stared at him.

Calvin turned his head.

Calvin's mom and dad were waving goodbye to him.

Calvin gulped, then Calvin climbed onto the bus.

Calvin then saw Moe. He was sitting a seat in the back of the bus. He grinned, evilly.

Calvin gulped, and went walking over to a seat far from Moe.

There, he... HUH? Susie Dirkins?