The Last Rune Runes

"The Speech of Eldh"

"English Master of Magic and Runes The Return of The Runes

It was a calm cool day on Earth. Travis Wilder, the Runelord, was sitting on the porch of his and his husband Beltan's flat outside of London. As he gazed up in the sky he sighed and remembered his time on Eldh. Just as he was contemplating this a gate suddenly opened before him. He lurched out of his chair and gawked at the gate in shock. He thought that all the runes were gone so no magic could exist anymore. Suddenly a deep voice spoke and answered his question for him.

No child, no. I know that which you think of, my child, but gladly it is not true. I am Lord Runeus (AN: Yeah I know, not very creative), God of the Runes of Magic. And unless I am very must mistaken, the Last Rune is not gone but there upon your chest. There along with the First Rune. Ah child if you only knew the truth….

"The truth" he cried. "If you want me to know of the truth just tells me it. Stop stalling like some wannabe magic user!"

Wannabe! Said the voice indignantly.

Wannabe! I'll have you know that I rule over magic you impudent mortal! If you want the truth then you have it. You can no longer stay on Earth. You can no longer stay on Earth because you will die unless you connect with the city of Morindu the Dark. You see child magic and the runes have returned. You are now to be the God-King of Morindu now, and your husband shall rule alongside you. You see the blood of the God-King Oru runs in your veins making you a blood-sorcerer and being able to control the most powerful of the morndari. You are A'narai Travis. You are fateless.

AN: Whoohoo! The first chappie in this story. And probably the first story in this category. One should really read the Last Rune Series they really are good. Well this may be really short, but I was just introducing the basics of the story. I hope to have more up soon!