Author's Note: This is basically a prologue to 'Destiny's Hand'. Enjoy!

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Future Visions

Clone Wars:

Anakin Skywalker stood in a sunny field looking all around him. He figured that he must be on Naboo. The field was like the one that he and Padme had had a picnic in a while back. Across the field he could see a tiny figure running towards him.

His first instinct was to grab his lightsaber and ignite it and hope for the best. But when he reached down, it wasn't hanging in its usual spot. But for some odd reason he didn't panic.

When he looked back up, the figure was closer and it was a little girl that was running towards him. She looked to be no older then three or four. She had reddish-blonde hair and deep blue eyes like his.

Out of instinct, he knelt down and the little girl ran into his arms. She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then laid her head on his shoulder.

His eyes fluttered opened. A deep wave of love was settling over him. He imagined a life where it could only be him and Padmé and nothing else. But that would have to wait. The Republic needed him now.

After destruction of first Death Star:

It had been a long time since Darth Vader had had the chance for a good night's rest. The Rebels hadn't attacked them in a while and all they were doing was chasing them across the galaxy. And he knew that this would be one of the last times he would get much sleep in a long time.

He looked all around the room. It was a simple room not too fancy, not too normal. Just right. It felt like home to him. Sitting at a table in the corner of his eye, was the little girl that had been in his dreams when he was Anakin Skywalker and not Darth Vader. He hadn't seen her in so long…and he missed her.

He walked over to the little girl and sat down next to her. She turned and smiled at him. He was taken back a little she wasn't scared of him? He looked down and noticed that he wasn't wearing his normal black gloves and that his mechanical hand was gone! He was a man again.

He looked back at the little girl and could actually feel a smile forming on his lips.

"I love you." was all that the girl said to him before she faded away.

Vader woke up uneasy and perplexed. What were his dreams telling him? And who was this little girl that seemed to love him so much?

In between ESB and ROTJ:

Vader felt that the Emperor could sense that his feelings were jumbled. Ever since he had told Luke Skywalker that he was his father, the dreams of the little girl kept coming more and more. Every time he saw this little girl, his frigid heart grew warm. But he had to hide it from the Emperor.

He was standing over a bed a white bed. Lying in the bed was the reddish-blonde hair girl with her curls all awry. She looked to be sleeping, but she was covered with bruises. He reached out and gingerly touched her cheek and her eyes slowly opened.

"I love you Grandpa…"

Then she closed her eyes and faded away.

This wasn't his daughter after all! She was Luke's future daughter! He had to make sure that his son lived. But how? How could he turn against the Emperor who had taught him so much?


Vader stood next to the Emperor. Luke lay on the ground, crying out in pain, as the Emperor struck him with Force lighting.

"Father!" Luke called out as his body was racked with electricity.

In the back of Vader's mind, the image of his granddaughter appeared. That was what made up his mind. He quickly looked at Luke, then the Emperor, then back at Luke, before picking the Emperor up over his head and throwing him down a shaft. It took all his energy, but he had too. He had to help Luke survive. This little girl needed to be born…