My First, My Last, My Only
Chapter Sixteen: Happy Birthday
By: OhJoy
"You sound like Sango," I chuckled, my mood instantly lighter.

She smiled, "Oh, yeah? I think I'm really going to like her. I can't wait to meet her."

InuYasha was stone cold silent the whole drive over to the restaurant. Eri and Arimi talked the entire way about how awesome Koga was for giving me that video as a birthday present. According to Eri, if she was me, she would 'play it every day until I saw him again.' I knew they meant well, but it wasn't helping things with InuYasha. He had a scowl pretty much cemented on his handsome face.

I mean, okay, InuYasha and I weren't 'boyfriend/girlfriend' - at least not like officially. But Eri and Arimi both knew how sprung I was for him. Arimi totally did. She even knew that I wasn't all that into Koga. But I think she was way more infatuated with his celebrity status than with who he was as a person. Or how he treated me.

Staring out the window, I began to wonder when in the world things would be simple again. Why was it so hard to just be with InuYasha? Why aren't we together? I had every intention of having sex with him tonight. I really could give a rat's ass about whatever honor thing he's got working about not doing anything more than kissing me. That was gonna end tonight. I will seduce him and he will love me. I tossed a sideways glance his way. Damn, he was so fine! With or without that freakin' scowl on his gorgeous face.

And damn Koga... that stupid video... he might as well be sitting in the freakin' limo with us for the way InuYasha was so fully distant from me.


Now there was a freakin' piece of work. The butt head hadn't even so much as called me since I came home for the summer. Not even once! Then he goes off the deep end and sends me a stupid video serenade. Like that was supposed to make up for not calling? I wanted to know when he had the time to make the damn video in the first place when I knew full well he was still in Vancouver with what's her face. Freakin' lying, cheating bastard. Like I even give a shit about him!

Man, I couldn't wait for Sango to show up tonight. I so needed to talk to her! She'll get my head on straight.

We were seated at a large round table in the corner of the courtyard. This was my favorite restaurant, the Little Door. It was so intimate and romantic. I was kinda glad that we were too young to indulge in any wine even though they boasted having the best wine bar in Southern California. I just wanted to be sober around InuYasha. Just being near him was intoxicating enough.

Making sure I sat next to him, I whispered in Eri's ear, "Sweetie, can I sit next to InuYasha?"

Nodding slightly, she silently moved to another seat, I noticed... closer to Miroku.

Lightly placing my hand on InuYasha's shoulder, I said in a breathy whisper, "Hey."

His amber eyes clouded with an unreadable emotion. He simply nodded in acknowledgment. My heart wrenched. Damn you, Koga. How fucking dare you get between me and my Puppy!

Taking my seat, I drew InuYasha's hand into mine. He glanced over his shoulder at me. I started rubbing circles over his knuckles.

"Puppy," I said in a low voice, a small smile dancing across my lips. "Thank you for bringing me to my favorite restaurant."

Finally! His cold wall of ice was melting. He turned to face me, a small smile on his luscious lips.

"Anything for a smile, love," he replied softly.

Aw. I turned his wrist over and dropped a kiss on his pulse.

"Mm... I know it's my birthday, but I have a present for you," I continued in a low tone. Well, it could be construed as a present for me, too. I stifled a snicker.


"Yeah," I raised an eyebrow suggestively and leaned to whisper into his ear, "I'll have to show you later. Remind me, k?"

He seemed intrigued and his mood definitely lifted. Thank all one hundred eight Kamis. I kept a hold of his hand on my lap, as if it was a precious gift I couldn't live without. I guess, InuYasha was... someone I couldn't ever live without. My grasp tightened and I added my other hand. You know, just in case. I could hear his spirit rising in the tone of his voice as he entertained everyone with some silly deprecating story of Sesshomaru and his biggest fan boy - Jaken, I think was his name.

Miroku ordered some appetizers as we waited for the late comers. Sango was on her way and should be here soon enough. Arimi had invited Katsuro, so he was expected soon too. Casually, I placed InuYasha's hand on the top of my thigh, at the top of the slit of my dress. Gods, but the heat his hand emanated! I sent him a sidelong glance as I opened my legs a bit and I slid his fingers underneath a bit of the material.

"Mm," he murmured. He turned his head slightly to catch the sparkle of mischief in my eyes and quirked an eyebrow.

Laughter and devilry gleamed from me. I ran my tongue slowly, hopefully seductively, over my lips and felt the butterflies flutter in my belly when his eyes fell to my mouth watching my movements. When his gaze rose up to mine, I saw the fire there and the butterflies took flight. Oh. My.

His fingers shifted the material of my dress. He began to gently caress the inside of my upper thigh. Ah. Breathing became difficult. Mm. So, he wanted to play, huh?

I pulled my seat a bit forward, sat all the way back and slung my knee over his. Mm, spreading my legs a bit more... giving him more access... Gods! When did I get so bold?

He tossed me a casual glance as he listened to Miroku's tale of his latest surfing experience. InuYasha's beautiful eyes were a molten gold. I saw so much there. Heat. Want. Lust. Mm. His hand wandered up until he hit my core. I was so wet. I was sure my panties were soaked, that he could feel my desire through the silk of my panties. Softly, seductively, torturously, he ran his a finger up and down my sodden slit. Oh. My. I wasn't sure how much more I could take. Quelling a moan, I stretched and spread my legs even further, if that was possible. He pushed the silky fabric aside and explored my core with thrilling familiarity.

He whispered in my ear, his voice low and sexy, "Go take your panties off for me, love."

Mutely, I nodded. Without a word, I grabbed my evening bag and left for the bathroom. Inside the stall, I yanked my panties off and tossed them into my purse. Leaning my forehead against the cool metal of the door, I stopped to catch my breath and to gain control of my lust. Oh, what the Hells... I took my bra off too.

Gods! How I needed to fuck! With a small smirk, I returned to the table... hoping that InuYasha was going to continue what he started. I noticed Katsuro had arrived. Everyone was busy talking to him. I took my seat next to my love and grabbed his face for a sumptuous kiss. When we broke for air, the kiss went unnoticed as our friends were engaged in a conversation led by Katsuro. Thank the Kamis.

Settling back into my seat, I resumed my position with my knee over my Puppy's and my legs spread. He moved his chair a little closer to me and eased my leg a little higher on his. His hand quickly landed on my pussy and I nearly fainted when I felt him immediately insert a finger. Oh by the Gods! How long has it been since I got any action? Freakin' forever! My hand went to the back of his neck as I tried to look as if I was paying attention to what was going on around me. He had his palm on my button and now he had two fingers in me. Pumping, thrusting.

Ah, man! I was so close, just a little more. I braced myself by holding onto the table with one hand, closing my eyes. My other hand gripped the back of his neck tightly, as if to communicate to him I was on the verge. I nearly tore my bottom lip off as I bit it to silence my scream of ecstasy. I was making every attempt to calm my breathing. I saw him grabbing a few calamari rings with his other hand and munching them. Then he did the most erotic thing ever... he pulled his fingers from me and licked them clean. At the table!

Leaning into his shoulder, I sighed with contentment. Fulfillment. Satisfaction. Only InuYasha would finger fuck me until I came all over his hand... in public, no less! My Gods. How deliciously naughty we were! He wrapped an arm around me and stroked my arm.

"That's two you owe me, love," he whispered, an arrogant smirk on his face.

Memories of our winter carriage ride in New York flooded my mind. Mm...

His gloved hands drew me closer... and began wandering. Eep! I pulled the blanket up to my chin, I threw a glance back at him, he had sly smile on his face. Ah! His hands were on my breasts, just softly kneading them, rubbing my seemingly always turgid nipples. Oh. My. I felt my desire pool between my legs. It never ceased to amaze me what his touch does to me!

"Mm," he moaned in my ear, "definitely all my pleasure."

I figured he must have paid the driver extra, because he was not at all concerned about us stopping. I was in a lustful haze as I took in the beautiful sight and sounds of New York City at Christmas time. Gasp. He just undid the button and zipper to my corduroy pants! When did he take off his glove? Aaah!

"InuYaaaahhhh...ssshhha," I moaned as he slipped a finger in my wet cavern.

"Shh, Bitch, or people will stare," he said over my lips, quickly silencing me with a heady kiss. I moaned again when I felt another finger enter me. Mm... delicious. Decadent. Debauched.

"Unless, of course, you want 'em to watch," he continued in a lusty breath.

Aah! A mental image of me and InuYasha having sex in the carriage for all to see... I shook my head. His thrusts grew harder. I felt that warm pleasure spiral in my loins. Oh, yes. He so totally knew what gets me off. He dropped his mouth onto mine again, swallowing my moans and mewls. I came with the sparkle of all the lights engulfing my vision.

He withdrew his hand. I watched him, dazed and glassy-eyed, as he brought his fingers to his lips and sucked them clean. His lecherous smile would've made Miroku proud.

"I love how you taste, Kagome... sweetness," he whispered. "How I wished it was my mouth and not my fingers..." he trailed off just before I captured his mouth. I tasted just a hint of my essence. So erotic. His hands were halfway up my sweater. Mm... this was sinful. I broke the kiss for air and my modesty. I wrapped the blanket around us a little tighter and refastened my pants with a smirk.

"I love you, InuYasha Takahashi," I said just loud enough for his ears, shaking my head slightly to bring me back to the present.

"I love you, Kagome Higurashi," he responded as he dropped a kiss on my head.

Gods! How I loved this man! My hand dropped to his crotch. There was no way he wasn't hard. Mm. I rubbed his shaft and I felt him growl. He was so hard. I ran my hand up and down.

"Kagome," he hissed.

"Mm?" I looked up with as much of an innocent look as I could muster.

He rolled his eyes. And we all noticed how Miroku suddenly stopped in mid-sentence. His eyes glazed over. Was that drool coming out of his mouth? I followed his eyes.

"Sango!" I exclaimed and jumped out of my seat to greet her.

The rest of the night went by in a blur. I barely remembered Sango and Miroku flirting. If there was ever a girl to give him a run for his money, she was the one. Katsuro and Arimi were smooching and Eri wandered off to the bar to hit on some guy that sent her a glass of wine.

Eventually, we ended up at Kaminari's for a bit of drinking and dancing. Cocktails were mixed and handed around. Somehow, Sango and Miroku never made it to the club. A fleeting thought of where they were came... and went. I made a mental note to call her hotel room in the morning. In the meantime, I had my own plans... I spent a few songs seducing InuYasha on the dance floor. Bumping and grinding on him. We made out like teenagers. I was so wet. I felt my arousal skim down my thighs. I imagined InuYasha's tongue lapping up all my nectar...

"Puppy," I breathed in his ear.

His hands gripped my hips a bit tighter as he nuzzled me as if to say 'what?'

"I need you," I whispered as I pressed my full body length against him.

His arms wrapped around me even tighter. I felt his body stiffen, just a little.

"Are you sure?" he asked.

"Take me, I'm yours," I answered.

In the blink of an eye, we were in the limo. I snuggled into his warmth. Trailing kisses along the gorgeous column of his throat.

"Inu...Yasha," I sighed and frowned slightly.

"What's a matter, love?" came his query as his thumb ran a bewitching path along my jaw line.

"How much longer till we get there?"

"Impatient are we?"

"Yes!" I squeaked, and leaned into him further. In his ear, my voice was low and sexy, "I've missed you!"

His hand lifted my chin to his mouth in a soul-stealing sensual kiss. His lips were warm and intoxicating. I lost myself in that kiss. His tongue slowly, seductively, achingly licked my lips. Automatically, I welcomed him. Sighing into him, I was engulfed in the sweet dance of his tongue on mine. His arm around me pulled me onto his lap as our kiss sent shivers through my heated flesh. His other hand pulled the chopsticks from my hair and I felt it fall in a soft cascade down my back. Immediately, his hand tangled in the tresses. None too gently, he pulled a handful exposing my throat for his attention.

I tossed my head back further, allowing him greater access to my neck. Gods! How I missed his touch. His mouth. That tongue. His hands roamed my body freely. The heat of his hand combined with the silk of the dress wound the coil of pleasure in my loins ever tighter. My moans and mewls hung heavily in the air. When his thumb landed on my aching nipple and his hand passionately held my breast, I cried out in pleasure.

The red leather strip holding his hair was pulled off and I fisted my hands in his illustrious mane. Bringing his mouth back to mine, I poured all my emotions into that kiss. The longing, the heartache, the love. All of it. Everything.

I felt his hand continue its journey down on my thigh. Mm, I love the slit in this dress! His hand lingered on the back of my thigh as I pulled myself closer to his hard chest. I so wanted to feel his hand on my ass. Ah, mm. As if reading my mind, his hand lovingly cupped and stroked my bottom. I was lost. Lost in a sea of swirling emotions that only InuYasha ever invoked in me. I clung to his neck and recaptured his mouth. Once again, I held nothing back... I poured my soul into that kiss. All my emotions, my hopes, my dreams. I missed him. I missed this.

A cool breeze hit my legs and I let out a gasp when I heard someone clear their throat.

"Master InuYasha, we have arrived."

Uh... that was Myoga and the chill was from the open car door. Ah. I quickly smoothed down my hair and loved the fact that InuYasha had yet to release me from his embrace, a hand clearly on my ass.

"Thank you, Myoga," InuYasha drawled. He ran a hand through his glorious silver mane and smiled into my eyes, softly caressing my face from my temple to my jaw, "Ready to go, love?"

With a light caress and squeeze on my bottom, he released me from his warm embrace. I nodded mutely and we made it to his room uninterrupted. Once he closed and locked his door, I found myself in the warmth of his arms. Was there any better place in the world I'd rather be? Hells, no!

"Happy birthday, love," he said softly.

His arms fell from me and he took a step back. Flashing a brilliant smile, he walked towards his stereo and put on a George Winston CD. Mm. I stood there watching him set the scene. He pulled out a lighter from his desk and began lighting candles that I didn't know he owned. A few moments later, his room was a scene straight from a romance novel. Wow, impressive, Takahashi.

"Dance with me," his voice like silk as he extended his hand in a warm invitation.

Without a word, I took his hand and had his arms envelop me once again. I loved being in the safety of his arms. They were strong and protective. The warmth of his breath against my neck had my core tingling. His hand traveled the length of my torso, down my sides, up my back, pulling me closer to him. He did the hair thing. Gods... how I love the gentle tugging and tangling. I felt him lift a lock and take in the scent of it.

"Thank you for dinner," I said softly.

"My pleasure," he replied. "I do have another present for you."

"Mm," I sighed into his shoulder as I snuggled a little more into him. "What more could I possibly want?"

He chuckled softly. "Well, you can decide for yourself."

With a small squeeze, he let go of me and walked over to his desk. He returned with what looked like an envelop and handed it to me.

A bit confused, hoping he didn't get me a lame gift certificate or something. I opened it and was just... a bit shocked.

"A ticket to Hawaii?"

"Not just any ticket to Hawaii," he said. He wrapped me up once again in his strong arms. "A ticket to spend Christmas with me in Hawaii. Three glorious sun drenched weeks in Hawaii."

"Eeep!" I squealed and jumped in his embrace to wrap my arms around his neck.
The ticket drifted off to the floor and was soon forgotten. I pulled his face to mine and gave him a sumptuous kiss.

"You and me in Hawaii for three whole weeks..." I trailed off dreamily.

"You in a skimpy bikini..." he added nearly mirroring my dreamy tone.

I swatted his bottom mockingly, "Hentai!"

"Mm, yes, Mistress," he drawled.

A hand drifted to the small of my back and began rubbing those magical circles that I missed so much. I melted into him. We rocked and swayed to the soft music that filled the air. My arms encircled his neck and I did the hair thing to him. I gently tugged and tangled the silken strands until I heard a low groan. I trailed kisses along his jaw line and dropped down to the gorgeous column of his throat.

Moaning and whispering naughty things, he began to unbutton my dress. I heard him catch his breath as he pushed the material off my shoulders.

"Kagome," he breathed against my collar bone.

My fluttered eyes open, concern tempering my lust. His hand had found his necklace about my neck. A small smile formed on my kiss swollen lips.

"Yeah?" Did that breathy sigh come me? I sure sounded sexy!

"I love you," he said as he stepped back from me, his eyes glowing with the truth of his words.

"I love you, InuYasha Takahashi. Forever and a day," I answered.

Closing the distance between us, I began to unbutton his shirt which he took over and tossed aside. I went straight for the waistband of his trousers. He stepped out of his shoes and toed off his socks. Pushing down both his pants and his boxers with one hand, I used my other hand to stroke his magnificent hard-on. His breathing started coming out in pants. Mm. I dropped to my knees to pray to my God. I took in as much of his length as I could and used my hands to make up for what my mouth couldn't accommodate. Soon I had a rhythm working that I knew was going to take him over the edge. I was surprised when I felt him pull himself a little from me and pull me up to him.

"Love, kiss me," he panted.

His mouth captured mine in a breathtaking kiss that made my blood race through me. My dress fell to the floor. I was about to step out of my heels when his mouth gently bit his mark on my neck.

"Leave them on," he commanded as he walked away.

He sat on the task chair by his desk and motioned me to come to him. His eyes greedily roamed my body, landing on my hips as they swayed with each step towards him.

"Fucking beautiful," he whispered.

I was straddling him, as we sat kissing, touching, exploring, reclaiming one another. His cock twitched against my wet heat. Whimpering against his mouth, I raised myself up and felt him position himself at my entrance. Our eyes locked in a white hot passion, he entered me. I saw his flicker with such emotion. I saw them all: Love, lust, heartache, passion, want, need... I nearly collapsed on him. He felt so good. His hands at my hips set a steady pace. With my heels on, my feet were flat on the floor. I sent him a silent thank you as I was able to meet his pounding thrusts.

That achy, needy pull in my loins was winding tighter with every thrust. He captured a nipple and sucked. Hard. Gods. I pulled myself up and pushed down hard on him. The grip of his hands grew fierce as I pounded into him, bringing on the dazzling Heavens in a scream. A sheen of sweat was on both of us. I leaned my forehead heavily against him, trying to catch my breath.

Before I could even think, he had me up against a wall. His hands on my bottom holding me up as he thundered into me.

"Fuck... Kaahhhgggs," he panted, his breath hot on my ear. "So good..."

Moaning, I clung to him. My head was spinning, I was still seeing the dazzling white lights. My body felt like it was on fire. Another engulfing orgasm crested, punctuated by a broken version of his name. His own orgasm was a howl of my name. I felt his release fill me. Gods. How I loved this man!

Somehow we made it to his bed. He gingerly took off my heels and kissed his way up my calves and thighs. Up my hip, across my tummy. A soft kiss on each nipple. Before he settled in, he pulled the covers over us and I curled my sweaty body into his.

"I love you, InuYasha Takahashi," I declared softly, eyes earnestly fixed on his.

"I love you, Kagome Higurashi," he said as he dropped a sweet kiss lightly on my lips and squeezed me for emphasis. "With all my heart and my soul."

"Forever and a day."

"C'mon, Kagome! We're already late, sweetheart!" I heard my mom yell from the bottom of the stairs.

One final look at my reflection, I ran down the stairs. We all piled into my mom's Jaguar. It was InuYasha's birthday and his father was throwing him a swank birthday party. The Takahashis always threw the biggest parties. Half the city would be there. The other half wished they could be. I looked over at my mom. She was beautiful in her Donna Karan dress. Even Souta was cleaned up from his wanna be Goth look and my mom managed to get him to have his hair dyed back to his natural shade of dark brown instead of the fire engine red he was so fond of sporting.

Glancing down at my outfit, I smoothed away an imaginary piece of lint. My short forest green suede miniskirt showed off my legs. I paired it with a matching backless top in the same material, it laced up in the back almost like a corset. It sure helps when your best friend is a fashion model. On my feet were a seductive pair of three inch black patent open toed vampy pumps.

Sighing contentedly, I looked out the window as my mom sped down Pacific Coast Highway. The last couple of weeks since my birthday was like a storybook romance. InuYasha and I were inseparable. Sometimes literally. We had such hot sex. Everywhere, at anytime. My Gods, you'd think I was a nympho or something with how I always wanted to do him. I told him that there was no way I was going to share. He was mine and that was final. He just smirked and said that was the only way he'd want it with us.

The party was at full swing when we arrived. Loads of people were there. All our friends, many of Mr. Takahashi's business associates. Even Sesshomaru's crowd was there. All dressed to the nine. Impressive.

"Hey, you made it!" came the joyous sound of my Puppy's voice.

I turned in the direction of his voice. My breath caught in my throat. Whoa. Now he was always hot. But, man! Tonight... he was H.O.T. Hot, hot, hot. He had his hair in a loose single braid down his back. Clad in dark chocolate trousers with an ivory linen button up shirt, sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows. Leaving several buttons undone, it showed off that gorgeous chest and throat of his. I took note that he wore the necklace I gave him on my birthday. Actually, he's been wearing it ever since I gave it to him. My eyes caught his glance, I know the first thing he did was check to see if I was wearing his necklace. We were such dorks, huh?

Walking straight into his arms, I smiled and said as I fingered the dark onyx beads, "I'm so glad you wore it."

"Feh," he answered. "Like I'd ever take it off."

His warm smile and the sparkle in his eyes belied the gruff tone. He knew what that necklace meant to me, to my family. It had been in my family for generations. Literally, over five hundred years. Traditionally, it was the first born daughter's right to give to her love, her mate. My mom had given it to my father one evening unbeknownst to her that he was about to propose. He wore it every day until he passed away shortly after Souta was born. My mom gave it to me when I started dating InuYasha. I knew I wasn't ready to give it to him back in high school. But now... now was the time that he knew it really was 'Forever and a day' for me.

The memory of giving it him will be forever etched in my mind.

I woke to the warmth of the sun on my face. InuYasha was softly snoring. As gently as I could, so as not to disturb him, I wiggled out of his arms and went to my handbag and pulled out my present for him: The onyx beaded necklace that had belonged to my father. It was a simple rosary that had white fang like beads evenly spaced between several of the onyx stones. Gingerly lifting his head, I placed it on my love. As I pulled his hair through, I heard him mumble something incoherent. I sat back admiring my handiwork. His eyes fluttered open, locking onto mine, and his hand went to the cool beads that lay on his bare chest. He knew immediately what they were. Without his gaze ever leaving mine, he sat up.

"Kagome," he whispered just before he claimed my lips, his eyes shone with love and awe.

"You are the only one for me," I answered. "When we're together, we're together. I know soon we'll go back to our lives seven thousand miles away from each other. But right now and forever, when I'm with you... You are mine. I won't share."

"That's the only way I'd want it between us," he said just before he kissed me.

We made slow, sensual love that morning. Each lingering a hand over the unsaid promises the necklaces kept. I made a silent vow to never take off his necklace. In my heart of hearts, I hoped he did the same.

"You look amazing, Kaggs," he said as he swept me into the warmth and love of his embrace, bringing me back to the present.

"Thank you," I whispered against his throat as I trailed open mouth kisses until I reached his ear. "You are gorgeous."

He rewarded me with a hard squeeze. He twirled a stray lock that fell from my messy wanna be French twist. Pulling back a little, his beautifully expressive eyes were filled with so much love it took my breath away. I pulled him down to lay claim on his sexy mouth in a delectably slow kiss. There was just something about InuYasha Takahashi that made me melt on the spot. My body completely relaxed against his and held onto him tighter. Surely my legs were going to give out soon. He tasted so sweet, so tangy... a little like Orange Chicken... but underneath that was that spicy sweet taste that was uniquely InuYasha. Man, I had to admit it... I was thoroughly addicted to him.

"Don't you guys ever get enough of each other?" came Miroku's masculine voice to the side of us.

After another moment, we broke our lip lock. A low growl emanating from InuYasha. He gently rested his forehead against mine, before looking up at his best friend... oh, and mine too.

"Hey, Sango," I greeted the duo.

Sango wore a vintage-looking tea length cocktail dress with a trailing hem in a lovely shade of lilac. She looked radiant. I mean, she totally glowed. She was a freakin' model and by definition beautiful. But something about her being with Miroku lit an inner light in her. And Miroku, man... I never seen him so handsome. Sure, I had seen him in those clothes before. The purple silk shirt with a Mandarin collar and black dress slacks.

Huh, that rosary again. I'll have to ask what the deal was with that. I was going to have to corner Sango and get her to spill some details. A twinge of guilt twisted in me, I really made little time to hang out with her on a one-on-one basis. I was usually with InuYasha or we were all together at Miroku's for Movie Marathon night. Or she was with Miroku. Okay, I didn't feel so guilty.

"The answer to your question, Tsujitani, is: No, I could never get my fill of her," my Puppy stated.

Both Miroku and Sango peppered the air with their light laughter. I noticed how his arm just wound tighter about her waist and he dropped a kiss on her cheek. It was almost too sweet how they were. I think I needed a toothbrush. Wow, she really looked happy. Happier than I ever saw her with Takeda, that was for sure.

There were only a handful of times that night that I wasn't by InuYasha's side. It was like we were telling the whole world that we were together. One time I caught his eye across the room as I was talking to my mom. He did this thing that made my breath catch. Oh. My. Memories of us watching TV late one night rushed to the surface.

"That was stupid," he complained.

"It was not," I protested, halfheartedly, half-asleep. "It was really sweet."

"Feh," he continued with his argument. "Like aliens are going to take over the world, assume human identities, and the only way you would know it really was me was if I did this," his forefinger dropped straight down from just underneath his eye to the middle of his cheek, "so you would know that I love you."

"Yes!" I squealed. "I would love to be able to tell you without words 'I love you.' And that you would know that was what I was saying!"

"Feh," he huffed. "I'll show you without words how I love you." Pulling me across his chest, he gave me a breathtaking kiss that left me weak in the knees. Thank goodness, I was already laying down.

I can't believe that he did that. I gave him my most sparkling smile. As soon as my conversation with my mom had a natural pause, I excused myself and went straight to him. Straight to his warmth. Straight to his heart.

To be continued...

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