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Notes: This is my version on Jesse's life, and why he became a doctor. It's a very different story, but I hope you like it. There are one or two little problems, 1) I have had to make changes, (Because it's fun, and easier to write!). 2) I'm behind in the DM series, (It doesn't help that the tv station has only shown six seasons, when I know that there are eight!, so I haven't seen the one episode where Jesse's mother has visited, because it hasn't been shown!). Sad, I know. Oh! and warning- my English is not good, be warned, but I do welcome Useful criticism- I do learn from my mistakes.

Warning's: There are scenes which might offend sensitive readers, as there are some scenes of child abuse, murder, and torture. I shall give out warnings, and will recap, in PG, what people missed.

Wow, that's a lot of notes, On with the story!

o o o

Elizabeth Travis sat alone in the doctor's lounge, with nothing better to do, she switched on the tv, which revealed Days of our lives.

With a frustrated moan, she switched off the tv before she threw the remote on the ground. She felt the anger begin to boil and knew it wasn't good for her blood pressure. However, at that moment, she didn't care.

She was a doctor, she didn't want to be sitting on the chair watching tv. She wanted to be out with the patients, or doing paperwork. Anything but sitting on the chair.

Her only option was to go home, but it hurt to much for her to be there alone. Her husband was somewhere, doing who-knows what, something secret CIA types of things. She didn't really care about what he did, she never really paid much attention.

Till now.

Till this moment when she couldn't work, where she couldn't keep her mind occupied. She knew that if she went home, she would sit on their sofa, staring out the window feeling miserable. Just like she is now, but at least here, in the Doctor's lounge in the hospital, brought her some comfort.

Anger, Frustration, depression, hopelessness, abandonment, fear.

All her emotions were high, and she had no one to go to. She looked at the reason why she was not allowed to work. Her hand rested on her large stomach.

"It's all your fault!" Elizabeth growled at her unborn child.

o o o

to be continued....


I know this is short, and yes, Elizabeth is Jesse's mother. I don't know her name, or what she does, but I did read somewherethat she worked in a hospital? This is just the beginning. I will try and write a longer chapter for next week.