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o o o

Eight- forty five pm

Present Day

BBQ Bob.

Steve, Amada and Mark all sat around a table, all waiting. People had stared to leave, not really knowing what else they could do.

Steve looked around the place, there were only a few people left. His eyes roamed around, but stopped when his gaze fell on the banner. It was supposed to be a night of happiness.

He lowered his head in disappointment. He just couldn't believe how badly everything turned out.

"We shouldn't have had this stupid surprise party! we should have just told him!" Steve said angrily as he looked up at his dad.

"Steve, none of us couldn't have known what was going to happen," Mark replied sadly.

"But you didn't see the disappointment in his eyes, dad, he thought we forgot," Steve said sadly.

"That's what confused me, when me and Mark said that we weren't doing anything, he didn't act sad. He kept on smiling," Amanda said as she remembered what happened only hours ago.

"Well, I wouldn't be surprised by that," a male voice said from behind them.

Mark, Amanda and Steve turned to see Mr Dane Travis, standing by the bar. He was wearing dark pants with a black top on. They could also see the fear in his tired eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" Elizabeth Travis asked as she walked up to Dane.

"What? don't pretend that you don't know Beth, what you did to that boy is unforgiving!" Dane snapped.

"What I did? oh, don't act all innocent, Dane, I'm not the one that disappeared of the face of the earth. Your not the one that had to explain to a five year old why his father is Never around! or why his father forgot his birthday again, or why his father couldn't make it to prize giving!" Elizabeth shouted.

"DON'T you DARE put that on me. I know I wasn't there, but NEITHER were you! At least I don't pretend to be a good parent!"

"PRETEND? I was always there!"

"OH please! IF you weren't putting pressure on the kid, you were planning his life!"

Mark, Amanda and Steve just watched in complete shock as they watched Jesse's Parents argue. They just couldn't believe that they would argue when their son was missing. It was just completely unbelievable.

"SHUT UP!" Steve yelled as he held out his hand, motioning them to be silent.

Elizabeth and Dane fell silent as they sat down on the stools, looking at Steve, Mark and Amanda with angry glares.

"Do you mind, Your son is Missing!" Amanda scolded.

Everyone sat in silence, not knowing what to say, or what to do. Seconds felt like hours, as they sat there waiting.

Mark looked around and to his relief, Steve, Amanda, Elizabeth, Dane and him were the only people left.

Before he could speak, the door opened to reveal Steve's partner, Detective Cheryl Banks. They all turned to her, with hope in their eyes. But the hope faded as they saw the uneasy expression on her face.

"Cheryl?" Steve asked, hoping that she had good news.

Cheryl looked at Steve, before lowering her head, not being able to watch their expressions.

"We found his car, it was abandoned on the side of the road, about ten minutes away. We checked the car, the only thing we found was this," Cheryl said as she lifted her one hand up, revealing a swan shaped sculptor, made out of paper.

Mark, Amanda and Steve looked at the paper figure with blank expressions. None of them knew what it meant. However, their attention was drawn to Jesse's parents, when they heard Elizabeth's sharp intake.

"Do you know something about this?" Cheryl asked.

They all turned to Elizabeth and Dane, who were now glaring at each other.

"Well?" Steve demanded.

None of them paid any attention to Steve as they continued to glare at each other.

"I thought you said you handled this! Dane, he's your son!" Elizabeth said in a low, deadly tone.

"So NOW he's my son?" Dane asked angrily.

Steve could feel the anger boil as he watched Jesse's folks argued again. He just couldn't believe it. Sure he knew that they divorced because that they couldn't get along, but this was getting ridiculous. Their son was missing. Their son was who-knows-where, with who-knows-who, and here they are fighting.

"Excuse me? but Do you know what is happening?" Amanda asked.

Dane and Elizabeth glared at each other once again before Elizabeth answered.

"Yes," she answered sharply.

Cheryl looked at Elizabeth and Dane in amazement. She had never, not once since she joined the police force, had seen parents act so cool over their child's disappearance. If she hadn't seen Dane and Elizabeth come from the airport, she would have had them as suspects.

"Ma'am, Sir, if you have any information, I need to know about it," Cheryl said as she sat down next to Steve.

"It's all his fault! If it weren't for him, none of this would be happening!" Elizabeth said sharply.

Dane just shock his head in sadness. He had accepted that he couldn't change the past and he knew there would be no use to deny that he made some bad choices in his life, but he just couldn't believe how bad things were turning out.

"Beth, you know damn well that I was not responsible, I wasn't there. I didn't know what was going to happen. You know that I would never put my son's life in danger on purpose!" Dane snapped.

Mark, who could always keep his patience, was suddenly struggling to control himself from yelling at them. He was worried about Jesse, and their only clue lay with Dane and Elizabeth, who were now, to busy arguing to help them.

He wasn't the only one Cheryl, Steve and Amanda were equally annoyed.

"Sir, time is of the essence, I need to know what is happening!" Cheryl demanded.

"Tell them Dane, tell them everything," Elizabeth said sarcastically as she poured herself a glass of whiskey.

Dane knew that they were wasting precious time, but he just couldn't help the urge to argue back at his ex-wife.

"Oh, yes, I'll tell them, I'll tell them what a good mother you were," Dane threatened.

"ENOUGH!" Steve yelled.

"If you two don't want to cooperate, I can always take this matter to the station," Cheryl threatened.

This seemed to work, as Elizabeth and Dane settled down, both glaring at the others.

"This all started the day when Jesse turned five...." Elizabeth began.

o o o

Twenty years earlier...

Travis House

Five year old Jesse Travis sat by himself, staring sadly out of the window, waiting for his parents to come home. It was already five o'clock and they were supposed to be arriving soon. Today was his birthday and they had promised to come home early. But Jesse knew that the promises weren't very reliable but he just couldn't help but wish that this time they were telling the truth, that this time they kept their promises.

Jesse looked around the huge house, it wasn't much of a home, it was more like a museum. Everything was so clean, so expensive, there was nothing that really showed that people lived in it.

With a heavy sigh, Jesse looked up at the clock. It was already six, they had forgotten again. He should have known, he shouldn't have gotten his hopes up. He was foolish to even believe that they would have come, it was only his birthday, nothing special or anything.

A tear ran down his cheek as he slowly made his way upstairs to his room. He just wanted to sleep, to forget that this day had ever happened.

Jesse had just made it half way upstairs when he heard the front door opening. Hope returned as he smiled in excitement. They had made it! they had finally made it.

Without even waiting a second, Jesse turned and ran down the stairs, impatient to see who it was first, he opened the door.

But it wasn't his parents.

There, standing in the door way, were two grown men. Both wore black pants, with a black shirts. The one man had brown hair with green eyes, the other, had light hazel hair with light blue eyes.

"Who are you?" Jesse asked curiously.

The two men looked at each other then to the little boy before them. They couldn't help but stare at Jesse's big blue eyes that shown with his innocence or his long blond hair that came up to his collar.

"Are you Travis's kid?" the one man asked.

"Depends who's asking," Jesse replied.

The remark caused the one man to snicker in amusement.

"Ben stop laughing and help me here!"

The man with the hazel hair stopped laughing as soon as he heard his name, when he lowered his gaze to the floor.

"Sorry Matt, but this kids funny," Ben apologised.

"Yeah, real funny," Matt said sarcastically.

"Look kid, are you or are you not Jesse Travis?" Matt asked.

"Why do you need to know?" Jesse asked, not really liking Matt's attitude.

Ben just couldn't help but smile at Jesse's responses, however, Matt was getting annoyed, very quickly.

Matt couldn't handle another smart comeback, so he did what he was trained to do. Before Jesse could even react, Matt picked him up.

"LET ME GO!!!" Jesse cried as he tried to break free from Matt's grasp.

"Ben give him the shot!" Matt yelled a he battled to hold onto the squirming five year old.

Ben quickly took out a syringe from his pocket, and quickly injected Jesse in the arm.

"NO!" Jesse cried as he felt the prick in his arm.

Jesse continued to struggle, but the drug in his system worked fast as he soon found himself becoming drowsy.

"Lets go," Matt said as he felt Jesse's struggling begin to weaken.

"But look at this place, can't we take some stuff?" Ben asked.

"No, just leave the swan," Matt ordered as he walked to his car, with Jesse still in his arms.

Jesse's mind was becoming hazy, he couldn't focus on anything. He knew it was something that was in that injection, but it just hurt to think, it hurt to breathe. He just felt so tired.

"Let's go,"

Jesse felt himself being loaded in the back of the van, before darkness claimed him

o o o

Present time


o o o

"When I got home, I found the paper swan, with a note saying that they have Jesse, that I should not call the police and that I would be contacted soon," Elizabeth

"So this is a kidnapping?" Cheryl asked in confirmation.

"I think so," Dane replied.

"Wait, so are you telling me that Jesse was kidnapped when he was five years old?" Steve asked in shock.

"Yes," Elizabeth answered with no emotion.

"Do you think it's the same people?" Cheryl asked.

"Well, I think so, the last time didn't work out the way they wanted. They were arrested and sent to jail for about twenty years. Their names were Matt and Ben Johnson, they are brothers, " Dane answered.

"So it could be them. Steve, I'll check records, you wait here for the phone call. I'll also tell the Captain that we need more people to search for different leads, just in case," Cheryl explained.

"Let me know as soon as you found something," Steve asked.

Cheryl smiled and nodded just before she left.

Mark looked up at Dane and Elizabeth and knew there was something else to the story. He knew something went very wrong for the Campbell brothers to kidnap again.

"You said it didn't work out? what happened?" Mark asked.

"The thing that is bothering me, is why a five year old would be alone on his birthday?" Amanda asked angrily.

Elizabeth just looked at Amanda calmly.

"I was working, we had just fired our maid, and Jesse was old enough to look after himself," she answered.

Amanda's motherly instincts within were screaming to attack Elizabeth, but she knew it wouldn't be any use.

"Look, they phoned us the next day demanding a million dollars and we would get Jesse back, I, um, got help from my work, and we caught the brothers," Dane explained.

Mark, Steve and Amanda all knew Dane worked for the CIA, even though he had tried to keep it from his family, till someone came after Jesse, forcing him to reveal his secret life.

"A million DOLLARS?" Steve said in disbelief.

Everyone knew that Jesse came from a wealthy home, but a million dollars was a pricey. It was the kind of money that they could only dream about.

"Yes, but in the end, we didn't lose that money," Elizabeth reported happily.

"Money? I don't think that the brothers would spend twenty years in jail just to kidnap Jesse again for money? If it didn't work the first time, why would they try again?" Steve asked.

"Tell me everything, I need to know what happened. Maybe we are missing something?" Mark suggested.

Steve and Amanda nodded in agreement, both wanting to know more about the kidnapping and Jesse's childhood. They had known Jesse for a few years now, and yet, they only knew a tiny bit about his life.

o o o

Present time

unknown location...

Using the dark sky as their cover, two figures dragged the limp body into the small hotel room. Once in the room, the one man locked the door, making sure that no one would be entering, or leaving, any time soon.

"What we going to do with him?" Ben asked.

"Use him to get what we deserve and this time, we kill him," Matt replied evilly as he eyed the bound form which lay on the cold floor.

o o o

to be continued...