Chapter one's been rewritten, because of some reason don't like scripts...

It's still pretty much the same just written in a different way so if you've read this before you can just skip forward to the spot where you left of and continue reading.

Zakura: hey wait up! can I say something?

Ms:Ecofreak: as long as you don't say anything stupid.

Zakura:... dude, the entire story is stupid

Ms.Ecofreak: you're right, just say what you want to say

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Samos: For every age there is a time of trial

I mean winter man! It's so damn cold!

Though there are bigger dangers

The rocks faced such a fire before they became grey, dull and lying on the ground.

The plant braved wast winds before they were blown away

As a really old annoying guy, I have only seen one such... thingy.

Yet the hore... I mean the hero it created, kicked ass though he had an irritating ottsel on his left shoulder.



It was a nice Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday morning in Sandover Village.

Jak, Daxter, Keira and Samos spent the day looking at some precursor thingy they found in the last game.

Samos and Keira were both wearing their new t-shirts.

Samos' t-shirt had a text on it saying "Mar is the coolest" and Keira's t-shirt-text said "Jak is sexy" but it doesn't matter, t-shirts are not relevant to the story.

"Today's the big day Jak", said Samos the sage. "I hope you are prepared to be sucked into this rift-ring and sent hundreds of years into the future"

Jak didn't answer, no wonder cause he's a mute, another reason was that he didn't pay attention to what the sage was saying, he was to busy planning what pizza he was going to buy after this adventure.

Keira, as the know-it-all she was opened her mouth and sound started to come out of it, in other words she was doing what Jak was known to not do, talking. This is what she said: "I think I've figured out most of this machine, thanks to my huge intelligence! And of course this book helped a lot", she showed a book to her family and friends, the book was called "Riftrider Instructions booklet"

"I just hope this dork didn't break anything moving it here to the lab".

She was referring to Jak's friend, an ottsel called Daxter.

"Did you just call me a idiot?" Daxter said sounding offended (gee, wonder why?)

"Of course not, idiot. I said Dork" said Keira.

Daxter accepted that, after all, he hated being called idiot, who doesn't?

"Fine" he said, "but if you know so much about the thingy, why does it say "Rob and Amy?"

And sure enough, the words "Rob and Amy" were written on it with large precursor letters.

Then Jak, just to be helpful, said "".

"Stop nagging Jak! Man you're noisy!" Samos said.

Jak just looked at him with a puzzled expression.

"Why don't you just press that large red button, I've got a feeling it will start the machine" Samos said.

Jak pressed the large button which said "Start" in precursor letters and suddenly the large ring the author forgot to mention started glowing.

Suddenly large bat-like creatures flew out, quickly followed by a pink rabbit with a greenish yellow gem on its head.

A scary Kor-like voice was heard from inside the rift-ring, "finally! The last rift-gate has been opened!" it said (who is Kor? You might ask… well, good question)

"Who said that?" Daxter asked.

"Not me for sure, I'm a mute" said the most unlikely of characters.

Daxter looked at Jak with a puzzled expression.

Suddenly a Kor-like creature flew out of the ring. "YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM ME BOY!" it shouted.

Jak hid behind the seat.

"Okay, so maybe you can hide from me" the Kor-like creature said, sounding very disappointed he wasn't able to kill Jak right then and there to prevent Jak from killing him later on.

"DO SOMETHING JAK!" shouted the girl who was very much likely to be in love with Jak because she's the only girl in this chapter, Samos' daughter and the fact that Daxter is an idiot.

But Jak, as the coward everyone knows he's not, just stayed there behind the seat.

"Stop making all that noise and do something!" Keira cried to the silent Jak.

"" Jak answered.

"I don't care! Just save my life or I'll die!" Keira cried.

That was something even Jak couldn't risk, he pressed the start button again and the rift rider got sucked into the rift ring (through the monster… how weird that may sound)

Daxter cried like a scared ottsel, "I want of this thing!" he cried and jumped of.

Oh man, no I'll probably have to fetch him Jak thought, and jumped after his jumpy friend.

"Bye Jak" Samos shouted as the two friends disappeared into the great nothing… or Haven City if that's what you like to call it.

Daxter crashed down on the hard street while Jak, the lucky pig, landed on some civilian guy.

"Ouch! That hurts!" said the civilian guy, whose name was Civilian Guy.

"That was painful" said Daxter.

Jak looked around; random elves were running around in random direction wearing random t-shirts with random texts on them.

"Do you even know how to shout up?" Daxter asked his friend.

Suddenly an important character who was thought to be dead after Jak2 came walking along with some guards.

"There he is, move in" the character said, and then he looked down and noticed Daxter, "AAAH! RATS!" he cried.

Daxter, who was dead scared of rats, looked around frightened, "rats? Where? Don't let them get me!" he said, and with that he took of and ran in a random direction.

Where was Daxter going? Jak was thinking. Oh! I know! He was probably going to buy a pizza! He smiled at the thought of getting a pizza.

"Forget the scary rat, Fatty wants him!" the important character said.

Jak, as the big hero he is, fainted…

"That was easier than I thought" the important character said smiling.