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Miss.Ecofreak: and since this is the last chapter I guess it's time to explain where the title "recless driving" came from, it comes from Jak2 renegade, which is what the european version is called, Jak3 is simply Jak3 so I don't think I'll write anyting special.

As for Malik Ming' question about how far I've gotten in Dork3, well, only about three chapters... I think. But don't worry, as soon as I get it removed from my own computer upstairs to the family's computer (the only one with internett) I'm sure I'll write more on it.

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Miss.Ecofreak: sure, but before you start, I've sneaked in a scene from Jak3 in this chapter, it happens at the start of Jak3 before the game begins so I don't think it can be counted as a spoiler, but just to let you know:), No I want you to sit back an enjoy: That Party At The end! Jihaaa! (shoots in the ground with small toy-guns)

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In the late baron's palace, Ashelin was getting ready for the party at the end of Jak2.

"Your transport is ready my lady" Brutter said.

"Thanks captain moron" Ashelin said before turning to Torn, "Come on, we'll be late for Daxter's rave-party"

Torn was wearing a t-shirt saying "I've got the world's best father-in-law"

"I don't have time. I've got 23445 t-shirts to throw at sea… I mean clean" he said.

"I'm glad you like my shirts but it can wait" Ashelin said.

"Besides I need to rebuild the city" Torn said.

"You still got time" Ashelin said.

The palace fell over (see: intro for Jak3)

"On the other hand" Ashelin, who was trapped under the ruins, "As the new governor of Haven City, I order you to rebuild this ridiculous palace"

Torn was also trapped under the ruins.

"Yes Ma'am, I mean miss… I mean… ehm… Ashelin" Torn said.

Brutter was trapped under the ruins as well.

"Brutter can't feel his arms!" He cried, "No wait, there they are, right next to me"

"That's my arms Brutter" Civilian Guy said.

"Brutter stole the Flea's line!" the Flea (from Mucha Lucha) said… don't ask me what he's doing in the palace ruins.

In the meantime, at the Naughty Ottsel, formerly known as Hip Hog Heaven, the new owner, Daxter, was having a party.

"Welcome to my rave-party! Where we celebrate the fall of the annoying director" Daxter said as the cameraman from Naughty Dog entered.

"Wow! What a great trophy!" Tess said, she was referring to the director's head on the wall.

"That's right! And I defeated a metal head baby!" Daxter bragged.

Everyone was very impressed.

"Who cares about the director? Erol is out of my life! I'm so happy I could sing!" Cornelius said and started singing, "What do I do to make you love me? What do I do to make you smile?" (This is Elton John's: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word)

"You know, for a guy who doesn't appear in this fic you certainly appear a lot in this fic" Jak said.

"It's so sad. So sad. It's a sad sad situation" Cornelius sang.

"Let's also celebrate that we finally got rid of Vin" Samos said.

"Yeah. He was a whining little sissy" Metal Kor said.

"Can you quiet down Cornelius? I'm trying to concentrate!" Keira complained while she was playing Worms 3d on Daxter's ps2.

"Hey! I lost!" Jak said. It might not be surprising that he always lost since he was eating pizza.

Remember he planned to buy a pizza after his adventure already in chapter one.

Suddenly Sig came in the door.

"Oh hi Sig, we thought you were dead. Make yourself at home" Daxter said.

"Why thank you" Sig said, and went home to get his furniture.

"Er… that wasn't exactly what I meant" Daxter said as Sig was moving in to the Naughty Hip Hog earlier known as the Ottsel Heaven.
"What am I gonna do? What am I gonna doooo? Sorry seems to be the hardest woooooord"

"Oh shut up Cornelius!" Daxter said.

"You've saved the city and more my boy" Samos said to Jak who was still playing worms 3d,"The annoying director won't annoy us any more, and somewhere out there, an ancient race has begun again"

At the metalhead nest, the precursor stone was still lying on the ground.

"No we haven't!" the precursor inside complained, "LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Back at the Naughty Ottsel, formerly known as the Hip Hog Heaven (or Hop Heg Hiven as Daxter calls it when he's drunk)

"Stop talking big green! I'm trying to throw a holy hand grenade at the worm Keira has called "Erol" just to annoy me" Jak said.

"What do I do when it's all over?"
"That goes for you too Cornelius John" Jak said (as in Elton John)

"I have a feeling we'll meet Mar someday" Samos said, ignoring Jak's complains.

"Dude, isn't he dead? He's got a tomb doesn't he?" Jak asked.

"Hah! Your little soldier Naruto is sleeping on the sea bed!" Keira said triumphant.

"NOOO!" Jak cried,"All my worms are dead! I lost!"
"Jak my boy, the future waits" Samos said.

"I don't care. As long as it don't involve me being trapped on the wasteland with Daxter, Pecker, Well and Well's hyperactive cousin I'll live happily ever after. That's it Keira! I want a rematch!"

Weird ending for a weird text.

Daxter: finally! It's over!

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Cornelius: but I'm still happy, I still want to sing! (Keeps singing) sorry seems to be the hardest woooooord!

Zakura: can you at least sing another song? That one isn't exactly cheerful

Cornelius: fine! (Sings) tell me it's not true. Say it's just a story, something on the news (this is another sad song called "Tell me it's not true")

Zakura: I give up

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