Potion Sabatoge, Time-Travel and Love

'Warning for the wise never volunteer to be Neville Longbottom's partner in potions-nothing good ever comes from it.' Harry thought 'Even if it is to save others and himself from himself-he'll take you down with him.' One may ask why the-boy-who-lived was thinking this. He had arrived in the dungeon potions room just as the professor, Severace Snape, was pairing people for the year and he had noticed that Neville was by himself. Thinking that it would be best if someone who wasn't afraid of the usually snarky teacher, and who was friends with the said teacher then the class and himself would be a lot safer Harry had rushed to fill the empty seat.
Sighing he went to shoot an apologetic look at his two friends, but they didn't even notice as they were to busy snogging and talking in quiet whispers. Really it was nice that they had finally confessed their feelings, but this was over kill, he didn't even know if he was still friends with them. He really didn't know how he had put up with Hermione's false knowledge and Ron's stupidity and jealousy. They had really damaged his grades, as he didn't want to offend them. Sev was right they weren't worth all this and he should stop trying.

He smiled at his nervous potions partner. "Hey Harry." Neville squeaked just before the professor started to speak. "I am truly amazed at how many dunder heads have managed to fool their way into my N.E.W.T's class. I will not tolerate any of the behavior that you have shown in the past five years. Many of you are in here by sheer luck and in some cases bribery and pleading from the head of your house." He paused to look at Ron and Hermione there. Harry snickered; Sev was never going to let those two live down the fact the Professor McGonagall had to agree to let Harry transfer to Slytherin, and her to be nice to the Slytherins for the year just so they could get their sorry butts into the class. Unfortunately they didn't notice. Sev glared at them then continued. "-While others have worked their way through many problems and survived getting into this class by their own wits and skills alone." He paused again but looked at Harry. Harry blushed; Ever since he had accidentally shown his love and adeptness for potions Sev hadn't let him cover it back up. Harry was the top of the class in fact. Sev gave him a small smile the continued. "Today we will be beginning to brew the Polyjuice Potion that is on page 1912. Please follow the directions carefully and at the end of each class cast some sort of shield around you cauldrons. This Potion takes a month to complete and mature" He finished before retreating to his desk to grade fifth year essays.

Harry couldn't believe his luck. He had brewed this potion in his second year, with some help from Ron and Hermione. The next month was relatively incident free, or so Harry and Neville thought. What they didn't know was that Draco Malfoy had been adding extra ingredients to their potion, changing its use dramatically. Finally it was the last day and surprisingly the potions color and consistency was just right, it looked perfect, a clear amethyst. That is until Harry added the last ingredient and it exploded, drenching him head to toe and filling his mouth and throat giving him no choice but to ingest the unknown potion. The last anyone saw of the-boy-who-lived he was screaming in agony in the middle of a white glowing mess, and then he disappeared along with the glowing concoction.

Draco Malfoy stood staring in shock at where his sexy nemesis had once stood. He was devastated, Snape's face was white with anger and pain filled his fathomless black eyes, Neville was sobbing in horror and Ron and Hermione hadn't even noticed their supposed best friend disappearance, they were to busy snogging to care. Snape finally got himself together and grabbed both Neville and Draco by the shoulder. "Comeā€¦" He said with barely repressed hate before he dragged the boys away. Ron and Hermione still had not noticed Harry's disappearance, thought the rest of the room was still in shock at the memory of Harry's pain filled screams.