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Friends forever…right?

Chapter- 1, Ignoring the oblivious

Danny's Morning

It was a chilly, rainy, dreary day in Amityville, and Danny Fenton was feverishly rushing around his room looking for last nights homework, inexplicably drowsy from another all-nighter playing video games with Tucker and Sam. Falling asleep in class would be unavoidable at this point but turning in last night's assignment would at least halfway please Mr. Lancer, and halfway was better than not at all. The last thing he needed was a repeat performance of last time when Tetanus was trying to take over the Internet and he was stuck in after school study sessions. Continuing his search, Danny almost jumped when Jazz knocked on his door.

"Danny? Danny are you in there?" she shouted in from the other side. Dropping a pile of books Danny caught the door right before she opened it all the way. His room was a mess and he was not in the mood to hear an intellectual lecture on the reasons why cleanliness promotes intelligence.

"Of course I'm in here, what'd you think it was a ghost?" he shouted back at her, almost laughing at his dry humor.

"Funny…" she answered. "You had better hurry up, your going to be late you know! Tardiness won't look good on college transcripts. I've never been late a day in my life, and I refuse to have a sibling who makes it a habit!" Danny rolled his eyes.

"I'm not going to be late, so would you mind LEAVING ME ALONE!" he yelled. Growing silent for a minute, Jazz finally spoke.

"Fine, Danny, do what you want." She mumbled in an almost hurt tone. He heard her walk away and then he turned back to face his room. It looked as though it had endured a tsunami.

"I know its in here somewhere." He whispered to himself. Scanning his room he finally turned his vision to a pile of clothes in the corner next to his bed that appeared to as of yet be untouched. Walking closer he noticed a few sheets of notebook paper sticking out. He fell to his knees and snatched them out. Looking over them quickly, they turned out to be his homework from yesterday.

"Yes!" he exclaimed. "That's ½ less of a lecture from Lancer!" stuffing the homework in his pocket, Danny glanced at his watch, only to find that he had 7 minutes to get to class and the walk there took 10. His only chance was to fly. Quickly, Danny moved over to his door and creaked it open enough to make sure no one was outside. He had to make sure no one saw. He was not ready to explain to his parents and sister that he was part ghost. Finding no one within range of his door, Danny quietly closed it and transformed. With his once raven black hair white as snow and his ocean blue eyes a fluorescent green, he became intangible and flew through his window and out into the sky at full speed, heading for Casper High.

Sam's Morning

Sam had woken up to her darkly lit violet room as always and gotten dressed as normal. Taking note of the weather outside of her bedroom window, she couldn't help but feel more energized. There was nothing she loved more than a good rainy day. Grabbing an umbrella, she walked outside and began making her daily trip to school. Passing Danny's house on the way, she was almost compelled to stop and ask him if he wanted to walk there together, but knowing him he was probably running late as usual. With a heavy sigh she continued to walk the lonely trail that led to school.

After what had seemed like forever, Sam finally arrived at Casper High. The paved walkway that led to the front doors that was usually littered with students was now basically empty, which was how she liked it. Walking up to the doors, she barely noticed that Paulina, Dash and the rest of the jock jerks were outside huddled together gossiping, while sharing two oversized umbrella's. Sam knew that she somehow fit into whatever it was that they were talking about, but she was not ready for them to ruin her day just yet, so she picked up her pace. At least until Paulina called out to her, in her usual 'I'm better than you' tone.

"Hey Goth girl! Where's your loser boyfriend and the geek with the PDA? I though all you pathetic freaks stuck together! Or did they finally realize that you're the reason why no one likes them?" Sam, clutching her umbrella so tight that her knuckles turned white, slowly turned around to face them, her good mood completely deteriorated.

"First off, Paulina…" She began, taking a step closer. "That loser and that geek both have names, and its Danny and Tucker. Secondly Danny is NOT my boyfriend, and third who do you think you are? You are nothing special and never have been anything special! You just a fake made up joke that has to act like an idiot bimbo to be popular! You have no depth of character and probably never will. So all you can do is make fun of others to make yourself feel better, well I will tell you this, if its anyone in this school that is pathetic, its you!" Paulina's face had lost its hue and her sarcastic smile had disappeared. Sam had made her point and knowing this she span around on the heel of her boot and walked triumphantly into school. Opening the door, she walked in to find tucker, leaning against the wall clicking away on his PDA.

"Hey, Tucker, whatcha up to?" she asked, taking down her umbrella.

"Nothing much, actually. Just checking homework assignments." He answered not lifting his gaze from the screen. She looked around for a moment then tapped his shoulder.

"Tucker, have you seen Danny yet this morning?" she asked worriedly. Still fixated by the glowing screen Tucker refused to meet her stare.

"No, but he had better hurry, we only have 7 minutes till classes." He said, finally stuffing the mini computer into his pocket.

"I hope he didn't run into any ghosts." He added.

"Maybe I should wait outside for him, you know, just in case he need's help or something." Sam offered looking outside the small windows on the doors, hoping to see him running up the stairs. Making up her mind, Sam grabbed her sopping wet umbrella and turned to Tucker as she began to open the door.

"Go on to class, I'm going to wait for Danny." And without giving Tucker time to argue she was out the door." Stopping at the bottom of the stairs, she leaned against the cold, wet rail in wait. A few minutes passed and she knew the bell would ring at any moment. Looking out onto the walkway she saw a figure out in the distance, heading for her at full speed. Sam squinted in an attempt to make out who it was. The person seemed to be rather slim, wearing blue jeans and a white shirt, they had black hair. It was Danny. Without thinking, Sam began to run to him.

"It's about time you got here!" she shouted, ignoring Paulina and the jocks that were still in their same spot.

"What took you so long?" she asked, finally eye to eye with her soaking wet friend. Pausing to catch his breath, Danny waved his hand at her question.

"It's…a long…story…" he answered raising his eyes to meet hers. His wet hair hung heavily over his eyes. Sam moved closer and held her umbrella over his head.

"T-Thanks…" he mumbled.

"Don't mention it, now lets hurry in before-" she began but her words were cut off by Paulina's annoying voice calling out to them.

"Oh, Danny!" she called in an obviously mocking tone. Danny shot his gaze over to her. Sam knew of Danny's infatuation with Paulina and it sickened her. How could he be attracted to that shallow wannabe? What was so special about her?

"Danny, do you have an umbrella I could use? It's kind of cramped under here and I don't want to get my hair all wet!" she added, trying to sound desperate. Sam looked at Danny, hoping that for once he would ignore her, but before she could even say anything he snatched her umbrella from her hand and was running over to Paulina, leaving her in the middle of the schoolyard unshielded. The cold rain almost instantly began to beat down on her, soaking her hair in minutes and dampening her clothes. She knew she should shield herself with her hands and run into the building as fast as her legs could carry, but she was so stunned at what had happened that the thought never occurred. All she could do was stand there, watching Danny suck up to the very people that couldn't care less about him and totally ignore the fact that he had abandoned her.

Sam wasn't sure when it was, but eventually she felt her legs wobbly carry her into the school and to her class, which she ended up being late for after all. She felt herself sit down in her seat. She heard a squish noise from her sopping wet clothes, but was too numb to feel the dampness. She barely even felt Tucker poke her arm.

"Sam?" he whispered so as not to be heard by the teacher. Sam turned to face him, her eye liner had run down her cheeks creating long black lines on her face. Her expression was unreadable.

"Dude, are you ok?" Tucker asked eyes widened.

"Fine…" Sam answered turning away. Tucker continued to stare at her, wondering what had happened to make her so upset.

'Maybe I can get her to tell me at lunch.' He thought to himself.

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