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Friends forever, right?

Chapter - 15, My Immortal

(Recap) "Oh god..." Sam whispered to herself while running over to Danny's side. The infection from his wounds was now spreading throughout his entire body. His pale face was flushed and he looked as though he were gasping instead of breathing. "Danny? Danny!" Sam shouted. "Tucker we're losing him! We have to go faster!" She cried.

"We're going as fast as the ship can go! I can see the portal to the normal world already, you just have to hang in there a few more minutes!" Tucker replied desperately. Frustrated, Sam turned back to face Danny. The gasping was getting louder and louder until finally, Danny stopped breathing.

"Oh my God! Tucker! Danny stopped breathing!" Sam cried frantically.

"W-WHAT?" Tucker shouted, nearly crashing the ship as he whipped around to face Sam.

"He stopped breathing!" She repeated again while tilting Danny's head back in preperation for CPR. "Just get us the hell outt here and hurry! I'm going to give him CPR until we can get him to a hospital" Leaning in and placing two fingers on Danny's neck she couldn't feel a pulse. 'Was it already too late?' Sam felt herself thinking as she breathed into Danny's still form. Watching his chest rise and fall from the rescue breaths she couldn't help but feel as though Danny had already left her. She was just beginning compressions when they entered the portal into their world and were coming to a screeching hault.

"I'm going to go call the paramedics! Keep him hanging in there Sam! We can't lose him like this!" Tucker ordered as he ran out of the ship and up the basement stairs. Sam, almost acting on automatic, continued giving Danny CPR. They had come too far and had been through too much for it all to end now and even if she had to suffocate herself to make Danny breathe she would do it. About 3 minutes had passed and Sam was feeling desperate. She was getting tired and light headed and just knew that she had done more damage to Danny's body from the compressions on his heart. She was almost allowing herself to think that all was lost until she heard a bunch of footsteps coming towards her. Looking up she saw 3 Paramedics and Tucker approaching she and Danny at light speed.

"Thanks Miss, but we can take over from here." One of them ordered nudging her aside.

"What have we got?" Another asked quickly bending down to Danny's level. Sam tried to make up a story that would explain it all while still making them look sane.

"D-Danny and I were kidnapped from the hospital a few days ago by the same people who had put him in there. Its a long story, but to make it short we escaped from them not to long ago by making a run for it and the closest place to hide was here. But then he suddenly fell ill...I-I think his wounds got infected...They had us held in a really dirty place." She mumbled on, knowing that she made little sense, but content that she had gotten her point across.

"Well what we have here seems to be a little more serious than simple wound infection. James? Bag him, he's not breathing and Will? You get the defribulator ready, this kid doesnt even have a pulse." The paramedic ordered while retrieving a syringe from his bag. Ripping off Danny's hospital shirt, he began to hook Danny up to a heart monitor while James inserted a long plastic tube down Danny's throat and attached a bag to the end. Meanwhile Will had flipped on the defribulator and was readying the injection the other paramedic had started. Unsheathing the end of the syringe and revealing a rather large, uncomfortable looking needle, he shoved it into Danny's chest without hesitation. Sam turned her head in disgust at how rough they were being.


"Okay, we're still not getting a pulse. Get ready to shock. 100 jewels!" The paramedic ordered.

"Right, Nick. CLEAR!" A lound thump filled the room and Danny's body contracted as electric current shot through his heart.


"Still got nothing? Alright kick it up. 200 jewels." Nick ordered again. "CLEAR!" Another loud thump filled the room.


"Almost had him, lets keep at it. Start an IV." Nick said calmly while starting chest compressions in waiting for the other paramedic to finish inserting the IV.

"Alright, Nick, IV's plugged in." James reported.

"Good. 300 jewels! CLEAR!" Shouted Nick and just as before Danny's broken body jumped into the air. Sam, unable to touch Danny, but still close to him, felt numb. Watching them shock Danny time after time after time was beginning to bother her. Looking at his face, she was surprised to see that it was still flushed and red with life. How could it be that his heart still refused to beat?


"Nothing...This kid has no rythm at all." Nick mumbled in a defeated tone. "God I hate it when we get these young ones..." He added, frustrated.

"So should we call it?" Will asked.

"Noo! You can't! He can't be dead, he just can't!" Sam cried running over to Danny's side and wrapping her arms around him despite the wires that covered his body. "Not Danny...h-he's...he' Immortal..." She added in a whisper, tears rolling down her face in waterfalls.

"I'm falling..." Danny felt himself whisper. "I think I finally gave up. I'm sorry..." He added as he fell through the dark abyss. Faster and faster he fell, he could feel the gravitational pull. Then suddenly the harshness of his desperate situation disappeared and he found himself floating downward instead of falling. Finally landing on something soft, he opened his eyes and was met by an endless field of beautiful flowers.

"So your giving up?" a voice that sounded like his own echoed from out of nowhere. Danny sat up and looked around, but found no body that the voice was attached to.

"W-who are you?" Danny asked looking around nervously.

"Who I am is not important. Who YOU are is the question!" The voice replied is a stern tone

"I'm Danny Fenton, a boy with freakishly paranormal powers. Nothing more." Danny replied looking downward. "And now I am no one. I don't exist at all anymore." He added his voice cracking a little. The voice laughed and Danny immediately became angry.

"Why the hell are you laughing?" Danny asked, aggrivated.

"Because you have lived in that shell of yours for 14 years and still have no clue who or what you are." The voice replied, obviously amused. "You are these peoples son," The voice stated and an image of Danny's parents appeared. "You are this girls brother," It added now showing an image of Jazz. "You are this boys best friend," It continued showing Tucker now, smiling and happy as ever. "And finally, you are the object of this girls deepest affection..." It concluded showing Sam, her smile as bright as Tuckers. "You have all these people that love and care for you and yet you will abandon them without care? If you ask me you don't deserve them and their love for you." The voice stated flatly. Danny was outraged.

"I didn't abandon them! I have always been there for them! I love my family and my friends! I love Sam more than life itself, but I can't keep going...I'm so tired of fighting everything on my own. I'm tired of having to put off my feelings for Sam just to keep her from being a target, and I'm tired of lying to my parents about everthing. I just think that they all would be alot better off without me causing them trouble..."

"Thats Bull and you know it." The voice spoke again. "You are making things harder than they need to be. Your parents will love and care for you no matter what you do and its a little late to say that you are trying to keep Sam from being a target. Seeing as how she has been going through everything you have and wouldn't change it for the world; same goes with Tucker. They both will be by your side no matter what. In life...and death..." The voice added while showing Danny that Sam was leaning over him now, crying and holding him even though he was gone. Danny stood speechless, staring at the image in disbelief.

"Now is not you're time. You still have alot of work left to do on this planet, Danny, and alot of people who need you to protect them. This incident won't be the last. There is a dark force approaching this that could bring about the very apocolypse if left untamed. You are the one that will set things right and bring back a much needed prosperity when all seems to be lost, and take heart. You will not be facing it alone." With that the voice trailed off and all the flowers that made up the field began to wither and die. Danny looked around frantically.

"W-whats happening!" He shouted as the now dead flowers disappeared and he was met by the dark abyss once more. He could hear distant voices.

"We're going to have to ask you to move, Miss!" a stern voice shouted. "James, were hitting him again. 600 jewels this time!" it added.

"But Nick, thats really dangerous. Plus its been almost 15 minutes now, this kid is probably going to suffer some major brain damage if and I say IF he comes back around." another voice replied.

"I dont care! Just do it! Here let me have those if your afraid to take responsibility for saving someones life!" The man shouted. "CLEAR!" Danny felt an intense numbing pain and gasped as it shot through his entire being.


"We've got him!" Nick exclaimed throwing the pedals to the side. "Lets get him on the stretcher." he added and in a few mere moments they had strapped Danny down and were loading him into the ambulance with Sam and Tucker following closely.

"Can we ride to the hospital with Danny?" Sam asked the paramedics, a pleading look in her eyes.

"I don't think we have enough room, Miss." James replied, "Your welcome to follow us though." he offered with a smile.

"B-But we-" Sam began but was cut off.

"They can ride up front with Lou, James. I'll take responsibility if anyone says anything." Nick said while getting into the back of the ambulance. James, dumbfounded by the exceptions Nick was making for the three, simply nodded and then joined Nick and Will in the ambulance. Meanwhile Sam and Tucker had already bolted for the front of the ambulance and were climbing in. Once seated they were immediately addressed by the older looking man behind the wheel, that they could only assume was Lou.

"So we're lugging you two as well, eh? I'll letcha guys know now this usually isn't a bus service." The old man teased. Sam and Tucker, still deeply concerned about Danny, barely cracked a grin.

"Woah, tough crowd." Lou added, starting the ambulance and siren.

"Sorry..." Sam said in a depressed tone. "We're just really worried about our friend. He really wasn't doing too well back there..." She added as they sped along in route to the hospital.

"I wouldn't worry too much. I don't know your friend personally, but he seems like a fighter to me. We don't get too many cases where someone stays flat lined for 15 minutes and eventually pulls through. Hmm, and then again, Nick normally doesn't try that hard to bring someone back but hey, stranger things have happend..." Lou said, his eyes fixated on the road.

"What do you mean when you say that Nick doesnt normally try so hard to bring someone back? Isn't that a paramedics job? To keep trying to save someone's life?" Tucker asked.

"Yeah it is, but eventually it gets to a point where its not worth it to keep shocking an empty shell. Every paramedic has to learn that un-written rule and most of the time, its the hard way." With that said Lou grew silent, almost as though he nearly said something that he would regret. An uncomfortable silence filled the ambulance and then finally, after what seemed like forever, they arrived at the emergency department of the Amityville General Hospital.

"Thanks for letting us ride." Sam said as she exited the ambulance with Tucker.

"No problem." Lou replied with a slight smile as they shut the door. Once out, Tucker and Sam began to run after the other 3 paramedics that were now wheeling Danny into the hospital at jet speed.

"Whatcha bring us this time?" A doctor asked, appearing almost out of nowhere as they entered the emergency room.

"Frankly, a mess." Nick replied as they continued to wheel Danny further and further away from Sam and Tucker who were trying they're hardest to keep up. "Even I can't begin to speculate what all could be wrong with this kid." Nick added.

"Okay, we can take over from here." The doctor ordered, four nurses joining him. "Oh yeah and can I get someone to escort those young kids out of here? This is no place for children." he shouted pointing at Sam and Tucker.

"Hey! Wait!" Sam shouted back at the doctor, her fiesty nature finally returning, "We want to stay with Danny!"

"Sorry you two, but you will have to go to the waiting room." The doctor replied as a nurse began to shove Sam and Tucker back through the emergency room doors.

"I'm really sorry, but it is Hospital Policy. No one is allowed in the emergency room unless they are on hospital staff." The nurse explained once they reached the waiting room. "I'm sure your friend will be alright. The doctor will be out to talk to you as soon as possible." she reasurred before walking away. Sam and Tucker, frustrated, flopped down onto the couches that surrounded them.

"This sucks..." Sam said flatly while lying back on the couch. Her exhaustion was kicking in.

"Thats the first thing you've said all day that truly sounded like you, Sam." Tucker mused.

"Sorry. Its just that being in that place you couldn't help but become someone other than yourself." She replied while staring up at the ceiling. " I feel sick just thinking about that hell hole..." she continued.

"I'll be right back, I have to go call Danny's parents. I promised them I would let them know if anything changed." Tucker said while getting up.

"Ok." Sam replied rolling over and closing her eyes. Almost immediately she fell asleep, but it was far from peaceful. Her usual dream world had been replaced with an inescapable nightmare in which she relived that last couple of days over and over again. She finally snapped awake when someone placed a hand on her shoulder. Quickly sitting up she realized that it was Danny's dad.

"You ok, Sam?" he asked her in a concerned tone of voice. Looking around she could see Danny's mom, Jazz and Tucker all staring at her.

"Y-Yeah I'm fine, Mr. Fenton. Any news about Danny, yet?" She asked straghtening her posture.

"Not yet. We've been waiting around here for about 3 hours now and thats not even counting how long it took us to get here after Tucker called us. We were all the way on the other side of town looking for Danny." Maddie replied, her gaze cast downward. "I just hope Danny's alright..."

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