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Summary: Two groups of exchange students. The first group is headed from Hogwarts in England to Ziriat in Maine. The second group from Ziriat to Hogwarts. Two students are recording the events in a series of letters to each other.

Port Merlin, Salem MA, U.S.A

September 1, 2005

Dear Kilo,

We are on our way to Ziriat! It is of course my first time in your United States (not to mention on an airplane!). Parvati, Lyle, Neville and I are so, so, excited. All the foreign exchange students (including the Hogwarts group) are meeting in Salem, Massachusetts. I believe that is a famous witchcraft town, yes? Then we are to take a boat to Bangor, then on to Silence and Ziriat!

Your friend,


Room 13, Leaky Cauldron,

London, England

September 2, 2005

Dear Padma,

You said the Hogwarts Express always leaves on Sept. 1, but this year it's on Sept. 4, since the first Monday in Sept. is the 5th. Everything you've told me about Hogwarts is bewildering. The others in my group are Paul, Irene, and Liza.

I'll tell you about Ziriat, to prepare you. First off, we don't wear uniforms, like you do, but we do have a dress code. You might want to check out the Student Handbook.

Second, we're bunked up in the dorms two to a room. We have ten houses, divided by grade into two segments, then just randomly mixed around in those segments.

I'm in Tiger House, which is in the East Tower. We share the Tower with the Fox House, which is on the lower floors. The other houses are Dolphin, Hawk, Dragon, Salamander, Phoenix, Lion, Unicorn, and Alligator. As you probably noticed, the houses are all named after animals. I'll enclose a map of the school.

Third, in addition to magical classes, we also have Muggle classes. You'll get your schedule before the first day of school. (We always start the day after Labor Day.)

Our school day is from 9:00-3:00, then we have free time and extra-curricular activities. That includes baseball, football, soccer, floor hockey, fencing, Drama, Band, Chorus, chess, dueling club, dancing, study groups, Peerleaders, and tons of others I don't remember.

You'll have to find out everything else for yourself later. Write back!