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Chapter 12: Rock 'til you Drop

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR E-ED, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOOU!" Edd, Eddy, Christian, and Jimmy crooned.

The band and their "artistic coordinator" cheered loudly as Ed blew out the 19 candles on the dinky guitar-shaped cake in one gargantuan breathe. Even though the contest was only one day away, the band decided to hang around at Eddy's house to celebrate their rhythm guitarist's birthday.

"I know this's gonna sound a little stupid Ed, but what'd you wish for?" Christian asked, taking a sip from his Labat.

"Oh, I wished that'd we'd win the contest tomorrow, Christian." Ed replied, "Silly little bastard…"

"Not like we're going to need that wish!" Eddy retorted cockily, "We're frickin' Edtallica, we don't need luck!"

After another pointless cheer, the band divvied up the puny pastry as evenly as they could among the five of them and inhaled it on sight.

"Oh, guys I almost forgot!" Jimmy stated, grabbing his backpack, "I got your t-shirts made at that custom clothing design shop downtown."

Jimmy passed each of the band members a black t-shirt. EDTALLICA was printed in white across the top in Jimmy's logo writing with a picture of "Winslow" underneath.

"Whoa, these are awesome, Jimmy!" Ed exclaimed, "They even have our names on the back!"

"You just be sure to wear them at Mosh rock tomorrow." Jimmy said.

"Speaking of which," Eddy interrupted, "Did you guys see who the judges were?"

"Here we go…" Edd muttered, massaging his temples warily.

"Tommy Lee's one of the special judges!" Eddy exclaimed, "He's been my hero since like, forever!"

"Jeez, Eddy calm down," Christian said, "Jason Newsted and Lemmy Kilmiester are there too, but you don't see me spazzing out do you?"

"Yeah, and Buck Dharma's supposed to show up, too!" Ed interrupted with a mouth full of cake, "Do you think he will let us be one of his many side projects if we win?"

"Don't get your hopes up, Ed." Jimmy responded, patting the birthday boy on the back, "It should be a good show, though. Thanks for the ticket, Christian!"

"No problem, little dude, my parents wouldn't like it and I don't presently have a girlfriend to speak of to give it to. Just think of it as a 'thanks' for the t-shirts." Christian said.

"So… how're things going with that Cindy girl, Jimbo?" Ed asked, elbowing his little buddy.

"They're going pretty good," Jimmy nodded, "I've been out with her about six times or so."

"You touched any bases yet?" Eddy asked slyly.

Jimmy looked away and turned a few shades of red before nodding slightly.

"We made out for like, five minutes at the end of the last date we went on." Jimmy answered, blushing some more.

"'Atta boy, Jimmy!" Eddy laughed, "I knew you had it in ya!"

The five continued to have enchanting conversation of that nature with the music cranked for a few more hours.

"Any of you guys got the time?" Ed asked.

"Oh yeah sure, it's about uh… four thirty-five." Christian answered.

"Oh ok, tha- Four thirty-five! I've gotta go, guys!" Ed yelped.

"What do ya mean you've gotta go?" Eddy griped.

"I mean I was supposed to drive Sarah to her school schedule pickup ten minutes ago!" Ed yelped.

"Are you tellin' me that you have to drive Abercrombie-and-Bitch around on your own birthday?" Eddy asked raising an eyebrow, "That's total bullshit! Why can't your parents do it?"

"Mom's at a meeting and dad's still at work!" Ed answered, bolting out the door, "I'll catch ya later, guys!"

"I still think that's total bull!" Eddy cried after him.

Ed sprinted home as fast as he could, his red mullet flapping in the breeze behind him. As he drew nearer to his house, he could see his sister leaning against his mother's car, tapping her foot impatiently.

"There you are! Where were you?" Sarah snapped.

"I was at Eddy's and I lost track of time, sorry baby sister!" Ed cried as he ran inside to fetch the car keys.

Ed opened the door and snatched the keys to his mom's shamefully un-metal purple PT Cruiser and went back outside.

"Some birthday this is…" Ed muttered, "Ha ha ha, 'Abercrombie and Bitch' that was a good one!"

Ed and Sarah quickly got into the car and sped off towards Peach Creek High.

"I'm going to be so late, Ed." Sarah griped, "Thanks a lot…"

"Well excuse me for trying to celebrate my fucking birthday!" Ed muttered, "You can't be late for a schedule pickup, Sarah. That's a suggested time to show up!"

"How do you know?" Sarah asked.

"Uh… I graduated last year, Sarah. I've been to four of these things, you know." Ed answered, "Oh, look! Here's the school now!"

After parking the Chrysler in the same spot that he'd parked in everyday during the school year, Ed trudged back into the building he never thought he'd have to set foot in again. Ed sighed as he looked about his old stomping grounds, which were once again full of bewildered freshmen-to-be, broken-in sophomores, battered juniors, and seasoned seniors picking up schedules, locker combos, and chatting with buddies loudly.

"Ok Sarah, here's how this works," Ed explained quickly and unenthusiastically, "First, go to Mrs. Thomas and tell her your name, she'll give you your schedule. Then you go over there to Mr. Klaus and get your locker combo. If you want to join drama, go to their booth, pick up a form, fill it out and give it back. That's all there is to it, I'll be right here when you're done."

Ed then crossed his arms and slumped into one of the chairs that were set up in the hallway. He watched his sister follow his instructions for a while, but then he saw Sarah wave to somebody and walk over. Then he heard high-pitched "greeting squeals" as he called them, followed by hyperactive preppy chatter.

"Oh for the love of Danzig…" Ed muttered, slapping his forehead, "This'll take a while…"

Ed sat in that spot for what seemed like an eternity. He checked the clock that was hung on the wall every two minutes, praying that the hands would move a little bit faster each time. For an hour he sat there, and just when the mulleted guitarist swore that he was starting to gather dust, his sister showed up and gave him an overaggressive poke on the shoulder.

"Ok Ed, I'm ready to go home now." The sinister sibling smiled.

"Jeez Sarah, I don't know how you managed to make a twenty-five minute stop last an hour and a half, but you did it… Congratulations." Ed moaned as he started to drive.

Sarah snorted at the rocker snootily. "I was talking to some friends and lost track of time, sorry big brother." She taunted.

Ed cringed and turned up the radio, which was set on his favorite station: 106.6 "Wicked Six" FM. Ed grinned as the self-proclaimed best DJ in the city bantered endlessly. If anybody could block out Sarah's bitching, "Lightening Leif" was the guy.

"Hey everybody, it's Leif joining you on the countdown to the Mosh Rock contest tomorrow in Toronto, where I'll be there judging, of course. Ok I've some Metallica for ya right now off of 'Kill 'Em All' this is 'Seek and Destroy'!"

"Oh! This song's awesome, Sarah!" Ed proclaimed, cranking the volume up even higher.

Ed smiled and banged his head to the loud, fast early Metallica song. He didn't know the words, but that didn't take away from the coolness for him, at least he knew the chorus.

Ed started to sing along with James Hetfield on the chorus.

"Oh…. Seek and des-"

"-to finally rest my head on somethin' real, you know how good that feels..."

"Hey… Wait just a minute there…" Ed said, "This isn't James Hetfield, it's Ashlee Simpson. She sucks! And not in the good way like her sister, if you know what I think I'm talking about…"

"That song sucked worse than your band, Ed!" Sarah spat, "Now this is good music. If you let Nazz play in your band, you'd suck less!"

At that moment, something snapped inside the mind of the Mullet. He slammed on the breaks, causing the tires to squeal loudly on the pavement before jolting to a rocky stop.

"Ed! What the hell are you doing?" Sarah screeched.

Ed felt his eyebrows furrow as he looked over at his sister in the seat next to him.

"Get…. out…now!" Ed seethed.


"You heard me… get the fuck out of the car now!" Ed continued, "If you have a brain in your head, you'll get up, and walk for the last twenty feet to the house. There, you'll go to your room, shut up, and leave me alone, got it?"

"You're making me walk home because I told the truth?" Sarah asked.

"Did I stutter, princess?" Ed asked.

"Wha- this is bull!"

Before she could whine more, Ed gave her an aggressive boot out of the car and sped off. As he reached over to switch the station back, it suddenly occurred to him. He had just stood up to Sarah! He'd given ol' Abercrombie n' Bitch a much needed attitude adjustment, and that felt good. The angry brows were then substituted with a large, toothy, Pierre-style grin.

"This birthday's starting to pick up!" Ed said to himself happily.

He pulled up into his driveway and strutted downstairs to his room. His parents wouldn't be home for another hour, and it would be about twenty minutes 'til his sister would come home; and he had some celebrating to catch up on and some serious pre-gig jitters to get.

After locking the door and putting "Birthday" by the Beatles on a continuous loop on his stereo, Ed picked up his trusty old Fender Stratocastor and relaxed. He listened to the classic Beatles tune about ten times before getting tired of it, and decided that he should practice a little bit for the next day's contest.

Later, as Ed was practicing the chorus of "Helpless", he heard a knock on his door.

"Who is it?" Ed called.

"It's me, champ. Can I come in?" his dad responded.

"Yeah, sure." Ed said.

As the knob turned, Ed felt scruples about his actions earlier, which were surely going to get him grounded right now. Ed couldn't bear to feel the tension before his punishment was laid on him, so he came out and asked.

"Am I grounded, dad?" Ed asked.

"What? No, why would your mother and I ground you on your birthday of all days?" his dad asked.

"Well uh, Sarah-"

His dad chuckled and clutched his shoulder.

"Are you kidding, Ed? You think we'd ground you for that? Don't worry, much to your mom's dismay, I grounded your sister for a week; no Internet, no music, no cell phone, nothing."

"Whoa, really?" Ed asked, still in awe, "Are you serious?"

"Yep, let's just say I know what you're going through right now. Got the jitters yet?"

Ed nodded, "Yeah, but I've got a good feeling that we're going to win it tomorrow!"

"Oh! Almost forgot, while we're talking about that, I got you a present, close your eyes." His dad said.

Ed placed his hand over his eyes and waited anxiously.

"Ok, you can open 'em now!"

Ed removed his hand and noticed a hard black guitar case with "Gretsch" printed on the side. He unlatched the case and saw one of the most beautiful guitars he'd ever seen. Inside the case lay a Gretsch Tennessee Rose with a dark mahogany finish.

"I figured you'd need a new guitar for the contest tomorrow," his father said, "You've been playing that beat up strat since I got it used off ebay for you when you were 12. So, happy birthday Ed!"

Ed picked up the rock n' roll masterpiece and strapped it over his shoulder. He played a few notes, still in awe that his dad coughed up over $2000 for it.

Ed looked up and saw his dad strap on the white strat.

"C'mon, why don't you show me how you're going to win that contest tomorrow?"

Ed grinned and plugged in the guitar, launching into a song with his dad.

"Hey mom, would you pass the corn?"

Eddy didn't know why he was asking for more food; he could feel the pre-gig jitters piling up inside him already. He managed to shove down a few more bites of food that he hopefully wouldn't regurgitate within the next few hours.

"Eddy, you're not eating very much, are you ok?" his mom asked, reaching up to feel his forehead.

"I'm fine mom, honest." Eddy answered, "I'm just a little nervous about tomorrow's all."

"Why are you nervous, Eddy?" his father asked, giving him yet another look, "Do you have another 'gig' tomorrow that you'll be gone all day for?"

"No way dad," Eddy answered, a cocky smirk now growing on his face, "Me and the boys entered the Mosh Rock Contest. If we win, we'll probably get a record deal. Which means…"

Eddy looked at his dad and motioned for him to finish his sentence. Instead, Eddy just found himself on the receiving end of another odd look.

"C'mon dad, you know what it means if we win tomorrow. It means that we became a success before summer ended, which means…"

Mr. Van Dam rolled his eyes before finishing his son's sentence.

"That would mean you've won our bet." He sighed.

"That's right, pop. Which means I can keep my hair and I don't have to go to DeVry or anything!" Eddy declared, "Well, I'm stuffed. May I be excused?"

As Eddy went to the kitchen to wash his dishes, he could hear his parents talking quietly.

"…I still don't see why you're so upset with him for being a drummer, dear. It's his life, let him do what he wants." His mother whispered.

"Don't you get it? He's like a carbon copy of his brother!" his dad snarled.

"So? Jeff's doing fine over in San Francisco. In fact, just last week he called me saying that he's getting a raise, and he's marrying that nice girl he met last summer!"

" Only after nearly being homeless and sleeping with practically every skank on the Sunset Strip! I don't want another rock n' roll wannabe son!"


"Couldn't help but overhear your sparkling dinner conversation, pop," Eddy interrupted, "So me and Jeff are just fuck-ups in your eyes, huh?"

"I didn't say that, I was just simply trying to say-"

"Don't feed me crap and say it's ice cream! I just heard you restate that over and over again just a few minutes ago!" Eddy yelled, "We're going to win that contest tomorrow, dad. We're going to win, and Edtallica's going to be huge. Then, one day you're going to be sitting in some nice home I'm gonna buy for you two on a sunny beach thinking, 'why wasn't I proud of my boys?' Well, I'm going to go practice, I'll call you at work tomorrow once we win!"

Eddy trudged over to his room and sat at the helm of his drum kit and began to beat them fiercely with a determination that he'd never had before. He played every song on the play list, ending it with a three minute ending fill before stopping.

"Tomorrow," Eddy panted,"Tomorrow, it begins!"

"How's she doing, Uncle Ralph?" Edd asked his uncle over the phone.

"She's been doing pretty good today, she could sit up by herself and everything."

"Will she be able to walk again?"

"No, probably not. She's got no feeling below the waist, Eddward. The doctors say that she's going to half to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life."


"Are you feeling ok, buddy? You sound kind of weak yourself!"

"No, no I'm fine. I just need to catch up on some sleep for the big day tomorrow."

"Oh yeah! I remember hearing about your band getting in that contest, good luck then! Go get yourself some rest, you really do sound tired…"

"Ok, I'll try to get over there as soon as I can after the contest."

"Sounds good, she's been asking about you for days. Bye."


Edd hung up the phone and walked up the stairs to his room and immediately got into bed.

"It's been one eventful summer, hasn't it, Eddward?" he whispered to himself, staring blankly at the ceiling.

If he were younger, he would be feeling the troubles of another awkward day of failed scams fading away as he lay down in bed. Pfft, scams. Jawbreakers. That was kid stuff. Books, studying, cleaning, that was kid stuff, too. Dreams of being a doctor or a big successful businessperson like his parents: kid stuff. Kid stuff was behind him now.

Right now, he had to "live in the now" as Garth said in "Wayne's World". Tomorrow was the most important day of his musical career, and he had to make sure to play like he'd never played before. He had to for his friends, for his hundreds of fans, for himself, and for his family.

Christian pulled up to a shop called "The Axe Armory Guitar Shoppe" and walked in. The time had come to get a new bass, because needless to say, his old black Fender was a little worse for wear. He also needed a fresh bass for a fresh start as the huge rock star that he was going to become tomorrow.

"Christian? Is that you?"

"Hey there, Walt!" Christian greeted his old friend.

"Dude, I haven't seen you since uh…"

"High School?" Christian interrupted.

"Yeah, high school! So what're you doing here so late?" Walt asked.

"Just came here to buy a new bass," Christian answered, "I'm in a new band, and we're playing Mosh tomorrow, got any suggestions?"

Christian followed his high school chum around the bass section of the store for about forty-five minutes, looking for the perfect instrument. After trying out and posing with nearly every bass in the store, he finally found what he was looking for: a black ESP F-104, which gave him the semi-satanic look that he wanted.

After buying his new instrument, he drove quickly back to his apartment. He placed his new ESP on his guitar stand, then hung his old, beat up, duct tape covered Fender in a place of honor above his bed so that he could admire it. He then crawled into his tiny bed, for he'd need all the sleep he could get for his "second day of rebirth".

"Eddy! Eddy! Aw c'mon, Eddy wake up!"

"What the?"

Eddy's eyelids slithered open at the sudden ruckus coming from outside. He pulled open his blinds to see Ed tapping on his window, like he would when they were younger.

"WHAT?" Eddy yelled at Ed through his window.

Ed put his watch up to the window and tapped it frantically.

"C'mon, Eddy hurry up and get dressed, it's 9:30 already!" Ed cried, "Double D already drove off, c'mon!"

Eddy sprang out of bed and threw on his leather pants (courtesy of his brother) and his Edtallica shirt. He then quickly grabbed his bottle of Aquanet and his drum sticks and bolted out the door towards his car.

"What time does the contest start again?" Eddy asked his friend.

"The form says that we have to be there by 2:30, we've still got some time, I think!" Ed answered, "But on a different topic, guess what I did yesterday, Eddy?"

"Am I going to care about this, Ed?" Eddy inquired.

Ed nodded happily and told his lifelong friend about how he finally stood up to his sister and didn't get grounded for it.

"About time you stepped up to the plate, Mullet!" Eddy exclaimed, "I thought I'd be fighting your battles for you 'til you were 20!"

"Well at ease, soldier!" Ed joked, "'Cause the Mulleteer's probably got one more battle in him."

"Holy hell…" Christian muttered as he looked out his truck window, "It hasn't been this crowded since the times when WrestleMania's come here!"

The band looked out the window at the quagmire that was the Sky Dome parking lot. Cars were lined up as far as the eye could see, with news channel vans zipping through and parking with the rest of the media circus.

"Where're we supposed to park?" Ed asked, "It looks like it's all full!"

"Wait, check it out!" Eddy exclaimed, pointing towards a sign.

A large sign that read "BAND PARKING AHEAD" in bright red letters pointed them towards a parking garage. After confirming themselves as contest entrants with a tollbooth guard, the band grabbed their equipment and headed towards the entrance. Inside, yet another sign greeted them and pointed the fearsome foursome towards the registration desk.

"Name?" a very threatening biker grunted from behind the table.

"Uh… we're Edtallica, sir." Christian responded carefully.

The Hell's Angel gave a grunt of acknowledgement. "I saw you guys play at the 5-Hole a couple weeks ago, you're good! "

"Thanks a lot, sir." Edd replied.

The biker let out a grunt that probably meant "don't mention it" and a snuff spit that surely meant "good luck", then pointed behind him.

"Dressing room's back there. There's a guy with a clipboard, he'll tell you when you're s'posed to go on, got it?"

"U-Uh huh…" Edtallica stuttered.

The Eds and their Canadian comrade backed away slowly towards the dressing room until they were well out of ear and eyeshot of the brutish biker, then walked quickly towards the guy with a clipboard. The much cheerier guy led them to their dressing room and showed them their time slot.

"Ok… Edtallica. You guys are on at 8:30 right after Iron Fist. I'll come get you about five minutes early to direct you towards the stage. There's a TV in there so you can watch the other contestants so you have an idea of what you're up against. I'll see you guys later!"

"Ok, thanks!" Ed called after him.

"8:30! Great, this'll be like waiting for death!" Eddy moaned, twirling a drumstick idly

"You've said that so many times that it doesn't mean anything anymore!" Christian pointed out, "We may as well watch the contest, it's not like there's anything else on, eh?"

"Hey guys, check it out, Christian's old band's on now!" Ed proclaimed, pointing at the TV screen.

"'Bout time, eh? Now I'll get to see the hoser that they replaced me with!" The Canadian said.

The slightly fuzzy screen barely picked up the five black-clad "devil worshippers" as they walked to the stage with their heads hung low and their matching pentagram necklaces gleaming in the stage lights.

"Whoa, those're some scary hosers right there, huh guys?" Ed said, elbowing Christian.

"They may look scary Ed," Christian lectured, "But I've known most of 'em since High School, they don't have the balls to swat a fly!"

"Ha! Pansies!" Eddy cackled.

"All of 'em are compensating for something, too!" Christian chortled, "The singer guy, Luke Van Helsing, got shot down by seven girls before his senior prom. The two guitar players, Joe and Vance, used to be really nerdy! Chess clubbers, both of 'em! Last but not least, my brother Craig, the drummer, he enjoys watching home makeover shows, soap operas and Masterpiece Theatre!"

"Ha ha ha, they're not so spooky now that I think about it!" Ed chuckled.

"Shut up, Ed! They're starting to play." Eddy yelled.

The band sat and watched the satanic set. Every now and again, Christian would be mouthing along with the words or muttering "C'mon hoser, show me what makes you so great…"

Compensating nerds or not, the set was still shockingly frightening to the Eds. So shocking, that they almost didn't hear the clipboard guy knocking on the door.

"Ok, Edtallica, it's time!"

"Finally!" Eddy yelled leaping out the door.

The other three grabbed their guitars and followed the carrier of the clipboard towards a huge black curtain. They could feel the vibrations from the bass and drums at their feet as Iron Fist continued their barrage of Satanism. Christian swallowed and took a shaky, nervous breath. He then called his band mates into a huddle.

"I just wanted to tell you guys…" Christian blubbered, "That you're the best friends I've ever had, and this is the greatest band I've ever been a part of!"

"Aw c'mon, Christian," Eddy said, patting his friend on the back, "Don't get all weepy on us now, we've got a fucking contest to win!"

Christian nodded.

"LET'S GIVE 'EM HELL!" Ed yelled excitedly, clutching his new guitar like a bayoneted rifle.

The band then broke the huddle and began their "communist Mosh Pit", jumping higher and screaming as loud as they could, psyching themselves up as much as possible.

"Ok, you're on!" The clipboard guy cried, pointing them towards the stage entrance.

The boys walked out towards the stage, where "Lightening Leif" was introducing them.

"Ok, next up is a band that's made it big in the bar circuit! I saw 'em play at the 5-Hole Tavern a week ago, and they packed up the place, so put your hands together for Edtallica!"

The roar of the crowd was seemed deafening as the band walked confidently out onto the stage. They all took their places, and Christian plugged in his bass and clutched the mic.

"Gooood Evenin' Toronto!" Christian breathed into his mic, "We're going to get things started with one of our favorite songs. This's called 'Helpless' by Diamond Head, ya ready!"

The crowd let out a loud roar in response.

"Hit it Eddy!" Christian said, nodding towards the drummer.

Eddy acknowledged the hugest crowd that he had ever seen before diving into the fast-paced beat full of fills and flams.

They played each song to near-perfection, putting their little stage antics into use. Ed performed his backward duck-walk more times than necessary, waving his mullet all over the place as he did so. Christian made up a move on the fly by downing a bottle of beer he had stored on behind one of the huge speakers without using his hands during his solo in "Deadeye".

"Woo! Well looks like our time's almost up, Toronto!" Christian said, pretending to cry, "But we've got one more song for ya, it's the first song we ever wrote, we hope you enjoy it, it's called 'Apocalypse' 1,2,3, Go!"

The band played their final song with the more enthusiasm than they ever had at any gig. Edd stretched his solo out by adlibbing for five minutes, and then Eddy played a four-minute ending fill to close the final song.

"Thank you Toronto! Thanks for getting nutty with me and the Eds for a while, you crazy fuckers are awesome!"

After his closing statement, Christian waved over his band mates to the front to the stage. Together, they raised each other's arms and took one final bow.

Epilogue Montage: (feel free to listen to any inspirational music while you read this part. I recommend "Yesterday" by Guns n' Roses, "Kickstart My Heart" or "Time for Change" by Motley Crue, "Two Steps Behind" by Def Leppard, or "Unskinny Bop" by Poison. Ok… maybe not so much on that last one, but I ramble, here's yer montage!)

Edtallica won the Mosh Rock Contest. A few days later, Jason Newsted offered them a deal at Chophouse Records to record an album and tour with Echo Brain and Voivod during the summer of 2006. Edtallica eagerly accepted and began recording with Jason immediately. Their debut album "Heavy Metal Mental Case" went platinum shortly after its release. However, personal demons that some members battled with postponed a follow-up album and nearly destroyed the band.

Christian St. Denis- Christian became notorious for his pranks and constant unhealthy drinking binges while on the tour. The drinking nearly cost him his life when he drove his Ford Thunderbird convertible while drunk at dangerous speeds. He checked himself into rehab, where he stayed for eight months. He currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, where he hosts his own radio show and various music award ceremonies.

Ed O'Hare- Ed was one of the only members of Edtallica who didn't have any personal demons to contend with. He constantly found himself trying to stop his band mates from going down the road to self-destruction, and often failed. After Edtallica decided to take a break, he and Eddy stayed together and became the new hosts of MTV's Headbanger's Ball, where they brought back the humor and fun to the show, thereby boosting ratings. He currently lives in Detroit with his fiancé.

Eddward "Double D" McAllister- After winning the contest, Double D took a brief hiatus to the Illinois hospital where his mother was being held. There, he received his mother's blessing to go and live his dream. She died during a show in Los Angeles, causing Double D to relapse back into his grief drinking binges. He was checked into rehab for a year, where he swore to beat the drink for good. He is currently a journalist for Revolver Magazine and lives in San Diego, California.

Eddy Van Dam- Eddy was the other member that miraculously stayed clean while on tour. After the band began their "break", he joined Ed in joint-hosting Headbanger's Ball. There, he freely expressed his opinions on certain pop music stars, such as Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson. When Cabrera sued Ed and Eddy forthe constant on-air harrassment for a sum of quote "A million billion dollars", the ratings for the "ball" went through the roof. He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

To this day, Edtallica is anticipating getting together to make a follow-up album, but dates are not yet certain.

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