This story's going to be a combination of Hoenn, Contest, and Advanceshipping. And it'll be historical. Norman's name will be Nagashi in this story, and Caroline's name will be Chikako; just so it'll sound more Japanese. Nagashi means floating in Japanese, and Chikako was a name I found in a book I was reading.

Oh, and pokemon are stored in beautifully decorated ornaments instead of pokeballs. (Just to let you guys know). Oh yeah, and this story's edited a little.

So I won't be plagiarizing, I'll have to give credit to the book Kazunomiya: Prisoner of Heaven by Kathryn Lasky. There! Credit to Kathryn Lasky for the ideas from her book.

Summary: Haruka, a princess of Kyoto, Japan goes through many events in her life which includes both romance and confusion.

February 25, 1858

Kyoto, Japan

The Imperial Palace


Princess Haruka sighed and looked out the window. Masato, her brother,died 3 years ago. Since Prince Masato died, Haruka is to inherit the throne after her father. The court was not sure about this. Haruka, a woman, to inherit the throne? Emperor Nagashi knew what he was doing. Since everyone considered Harukanot fit forthe position of 'King', her father insisted that she studies the skills males learned. But, she still had to learn the skills of a noble woman also. She was also to remain in the Otsune-goten, the everyday palace at all times. She was to learn about the ancient arts of waka and haikus, or poems. She was also to learn how to be a young woman and play the koto, a stringed musical instrument.

"Why must I learn these things? I hate it," she continued to stare out the window.

"Haruka….." Sensei Kotomi said.

"I know, I know. I have to learn the arts and study as my father wishes. But I don't like to do these things."

"Haruka, I don't decide what we should do. If I stop teaching you, then I will face the consequences. Now, back to your waka."

"Yes, Sensei Kotomi," Haruka said bored. She sighed again and went back to her studies.

"How's this?"

Saruka blossoms fly

Where the wind carries them

As tears of rain are carried by the storm

"Hmm…. Not bad Haruka. But a good waka needs more mystery. More sense of quiet, and has the seasons tied in them. Well," the Kotomi looked outside, "Today's lessons are over for now. Don't forget to practice the koto."

"Yes, respectful Sensei," Haruka said as she bowed. Kotomi bowed back and left. "Now, I'll explore the palace. No need to practice. I could always have an excuse later. Father will understand." Haruka got up and left her quarters.


Haruka was exploring the gardens of the palace. She looked around for her Beautifly. "Beautifly! I'm finally here!" Haruka giggled. She had always enjoyed the gardens filled with pokemon. Only the respected members of the Imperial Court and the people in the palace were allowed to have pokemon.

"Beautifly….." it chimed as it flew by her. She was to keep grass and bug type pokemon instead of fire types. Fire types were only for men because they are too powerful for women.

"Beautifly. I wonder if the ceremony for tomorrow will go on. You know about it don't you?" Haruka asked Beautifly.

"Beautifly…… 'Of course I know. You are to see Prince Yuuki of theLittleroot Territory. And you are to marry him later in life right'?"

Haruka smiled and giggled. "That's right! He'll be back from his pokemon journey. I can't wait to see him again!" Haruka danced around.

"Haruka?!" a voice hollered. Haruka stopped twirling around. "Haruka? Aren't you supposed to be practicing the koto?" Emperor Nagashi walked in.

Haruka bowed. "Yes father, but I am getting some fresh air and relaxing before I go back to practicing."

Nagashi nodded. "Smart idea my daughter." He reached for an ornament in his robe. "Daughter, you are aware about tomorrow aren't you?"

"Yes…." Haruka answered slowly.

"Well, Prince Yuuki sent a pokemon for you. Here," Nagashi handed Haruka the ornament. "Send it out. Let's see what he gave you."

Haruka sent out the pokemon. It came out to be a Luvdisc holding a waka in its mouth. Haruka smiled. "Oh father! This is wonderful! Thank you!" The Luvdisc looked around in confusion.

"Don't thank my little Sakura blossom. Thank Yuuki when he gets back."

Haruka was cooing at the Luvdisc. "Oh I will then….."

"I better get going. I have a meeting now. Promise me Haruka that you will practice the koto and writing your waka. Okay?"

"Yes father," Haruka said and bowed as Nagashi left. "Hmm….. Haruka picked up the paper and read the waka that Luvdisc was holding.

The beauty of stars

Glows in the sky sparkling

As my thoughts turn to you

Haruka gasped at the poem. "Did you hear that Beautifly? He's thinking of me!"

"Beautifly…… 'Oh my! He must really love you that much! I can't believe he still remembers you!'"

"Oh Beautifly! You are so silly! Of course he remembers me! It might have been 1 year since I last saw him, but I remember him. So why not him remembering me?" Haruka laughed. "Well, I promised father that I will practice the koto. Have fun with Luvdisc Beautifly!" Haruka left back to her quarters.

"Well, back to the boring studies….. If only I can travel the world like Prince Yuuki…" she began to doze off.


"I'll be leaving my Princess. I shall be back, so don't worry," Prince Yuuki said.

"Are you sure? You promise that nothing will happen to you? I'll miss you……" Haruka said sadly. Yuuki walked closer to her.

"I promise. But Haruka, I just want to tell you before I leave that I……"

Haruka became interested in what he was about to say. "Yes?"

"Oh…. I can't say it! But I can show you…." Yuuki went up to her and gave her a warm kiss. Haruka was shocked at this, but she kissed him back. After a while, they broke it.

"Yuuki…..." Haruka said really sad now. "Aishiteru…."

Yuuki smiled. "Me too. But, I have to go now. I'm destined to do this. I'll see you some other time, my Haruka….." then he tuned around and walked into the moonlight.


End flashback

February 26, 1858

Kyoto, Japan

The Imperial Palace


Haruka woke up the next day hurrying and preparing for the day. She put on her kimono very fast and tied up her hair really fast and shot out of the door.

"Princess Haruka! Please! I'm here with a new kimono. And I'm here to fix you hair. Go back to your room so I can do this!" the servant scolded Haruka. This servant was named Satsuki, one of Empress Chikako's trusted servants. Satsuki was about the age of 19. "You're mother, Empress Chikako wants you to wear this new kimono," Satsuki explained. She held up a white kimono with light blue snowflakes on it. "And look at your hair! It's a mess! Do you really want Prince Yuuki to see you like this?" She laughed and joked at Haruka.

Haruka stopped and blushed. "Eh heh…. No." She walked back to her room. "Okay, you can get me ready now."

"That's more like it." Satsuki began fixing Haruka's hair. Haruka's hair was light brown and down past her knees. It was really long. After about 2 hours of fixing her hair, Haruka slipped into her new kimono. Then Satsuki began putting makeup on her face. After all of that, Haruka headed towards the courtroom where everyone was expecting her.

She walked in the courtroom and looked at everyone's faces. They were grim and sad, instead of happy and excited. Haruka looked around for Yuuki. There was no sign of him.

"Where's Yuuki?" she blurted out as she walked down the aisle.

"My daughter….. You'll have to understand that Prince Yuuki….." Nagashi trailed off.

"What is it?! Tell me! Mother, what has happened to Yuuki?" Haruka did not like the sound of this.

"Yuuki died. The report was sent to earlier this morning. The people have found his body not far from the Lavaridge Territory. They said he was trying to stop mysterious people from stealing the Rose Orb. But they killed him. His funeral is next week my daughter…." Chikako explained slowly.

"No….. This can't be! You are all lying! He is still alive!" Haruka burst into tears and sat down where she was, crying on her hands. "You're lying...."

"We have arranged for some else to marry you Haruka….." Haruka continued to cry where she was.

"I loved him…." Haruka ignored the fact that she had someone else to marry.

Nagashi sighed. "Take her to her quarters. We will explain the matters now…"

Haruka was sent back to her room. She continued to cry and cry. "Yuuki…. You promised. You promised me….." She stayed in her bed for the rest of the day. And then, she drifted off to sleep.

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