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April 9, 1858

Kyoto, Japan

The Imperial Gardens


The brunette leisurely starred at her reflection in the water fountain as she stirred her finger in the imperfect mirror causing ripples to dance on her reflection. She was wearing a pink kimono with white flowers on it. Her hair was let down with hairpins in it. Suddenly, she saw another reflection beside her's. For a moment there, she thought she saw Yuuki behind. She spun her head around and meets a pair of green eyes instead.

"Good morning, Haruka-chan." Syu greeted. He was dressed in a purple kimono with a black sash and a white hat. The green hair boy tossed her a pink rose.

The brunette put on a smile as she caught the rose. "Good morning," she politely answered smelling the rose "Mm, it smells nice," she remarked with her eyes closed. She re-opened them and asked, "What are you doing here?" she asked with curiosity.

"Oh, I'm here to show you a couple of co-ordination tricks." He replied.

The teen simply stood up and angled her head sideways. "Okay," she said quickly. "Like what kind of tricks?"

"You know, like how to co-ordinate with elegance. With your beauty, it will be easy," he winked at her which caused Haruka to blush slightly. He tossed out his ornaments and sent out his Masquerain. "Go Masquerain!"

In a flash of white light, Masquerain burst out of its ornament. "Masquerain!" it said in a buzzing sound. The eyeball-bug Pokemon flapped and showed off its wings.

"Masquerain, use Gust and follow up with Water Sport! After that, do a spin with sweet scent."

The moth Pokemon obeyed its orders from its trainer and performed its combo. Its combination and skills made the whole garden sparkle with beauty.

Syu put his arms around Haruka's waist. "Isn't it beautiful?"

Haruka nodded, "It is . . ." she hesitated and pushes Syu away. "I've . . . Got to go." She bowed and put the rose down. The brunette left Syu in the gardens as tears building in her eyes. 'Oh Yuuki, I remember when you made the cherry blossoms sparkle with beauty. I wish we can spend that moment together again . . .'

May 31, 1858

Kyoto, Japan

The Royal Courtroom


Syu lead Haruka to the courtroom. "This is where we will get married Haruka-chan," he said his green eyes filled with joy.

Haruka just gave a blank stare at the empty room. All she could think about was . . . Yuuki. She let out a small sigh and nodded at Syu with a diminutive smile.

"Aren't you happy? Both of us have the same interest, and we will live peacefully and happily together for eternity." He grabbed Haruka's hands. "Haruka . . ." he whispered as he leaned closer to her.

"Syu-chan, what are you doing?" Haruka asked with her eyes darting back and forth. It has been a while since she last kissed a person. And the last person she kissed was Yuuki.

"Haruka-chan, I just want to say that I really love you, and I just want to . . ." He leaned forward some more until their lips were about two centimeters apart.

The cobalt eye girl turned her head away and her eyes were squeezed shut. "Please, I don't want to do this now," she murmured. She squirmed out of Syu's grip and walked off, leaving Syu dejected once more.

That night, Haruka sat on her bed crying. "With the wedding coming up, I don't know what I'm supposed to do now . . . "

"What's wrong your highness?" Satsuki, the servant asked as she entered the room and bowed.

"It's just that . . . I miss Yuuki so much!" She answered, "I can't stop thinking about him!And I hate Syu. I hate him so much! All he thinks about is marrying me! He never thinks about how much my heart aches!" the young princess gritted her teeth at the thought of him. "Earlier today, he tried to kiss me!"

Satsuki gasped and ran over to Haruka. Not only was she as servant, but she was Haruka's good friend. Satsuki's cyan blue eyes looked at Haruka's gloomy face. Her eyes were weighed a deep sapphire from her quandary but Satsuki saw a small speck of hope in them also."Princess . . . What do you have in you mind?"

"One thing. I'm going to make and escape. But first, I need a plan. Will you help me Satsuki-chan?"

Satsuki shook her head as her sea green hair moved back and forth. She got on her knees. "No Princess Haruka-sama you mustn't do this! You willget in trouble!" Her eyes moved back and forth nervously. Then she raised her arm and put her hand to her chest. "I can get in trouble!"

"Don't worry Satsuki-chan! I have Pokemon to make this escape possible! Now, if you help, you may search for your family . . . Just like you said that you wanted to."

"My . . ." the cerulean eye servant paused. Then she breathed the word, "Family?" She lowered her eyes and bit her lip. Blurry images of her childhood flashed in her head. The word 'family' seemed distant to her, it only consisted of her frail memories of her childhood. She hesitated for a while. "Okay," she finally answered, "I'll help." she said in a firm, yet uncertain tone.

"Thank you Satsuki-chan!" Haruka said happily.

"But you will be leaving your home, and everything you have."

Haruka put on a sincere smile. "But . . . If I leave home, I will travel the world. And fulfill Yuuki's journey of exploring the entire Hoenn Empire. No one has done it before, and now . . . I feel confident that I can do this!"

There was a moment of silence. "If you say so . . . If we leave, we will go separate ways." Satsuki put her hands behind her neck and got out a necklace two color diamonds on each side. One half was the color of a rose, while the other was the color of the sea. "Princess"

"Satsuki, you may call me Haruka. And you may drop the formalities. For now, we are in this escape together. I will no longer be Princess, and you will no longer be servant here."

Satsuki paused. "But Princess-" she started.

"Haruka!" The brunette told her friend.

Satsuki hesitated "Haruka," She uncertainly started again, "I would like you to have my necklace. I treasure it so much, but it's a present from me to you." She took Haruka's hand and placed the necklace in it.

Haruka pulled out a hairpin from her jewelry box. The hairpin was in the shape of a purple butterfly and it had bells on it. "This is for you. We are in this thing together." The brown hair girl said with her first clenched with fortitude.

Satsuki wasn't sure at first, but seeing that Haruka was so sure, she smiled and nodded. "Mm-hmm!" She gave thumbs up.

June 15, 1858

Kyoto, Japan

Wedding Day

Natsu When The Moon Is Full

Walking in the courtroom with a red kimono and white sash, Haruka was going to get married to Syu. All the guest members agreed that Haruka was absolutely beautiful. Haruka's face was unadorned and her lips put on a firm straight line. Music flooded the background as the Emperor and Empress sat at the end of the aisle. Syu's parents sat along the sides, smiling.

Satsuki was behind Haruka, ready to carry out their plan to escape the palace. Haruka walked down the aisle with Syu right besides her. He put on a grin, happy that he was going to marry someone as attractive as Haruka.

When Syu and Haruka finally reached the end of the walkway, Nagashi told them to exchange gifts. Syu gave Haruka a Poke flute. "Here you go Haruka-chan."

"Now exchange gifts with Syu Haruka-chan," Empress Chikako told her daughter. Silence. Haruka didn't do anything. "Haruka-chan?"

Haruka glanced at Satsuki from the corner of her eye and nodded slightly. Satsuki nodded back and sneaked off to get the belongings.

"Oh, I have a gift alright . . ." she stated as she reached into her wedding kimono and pulled out an ornament. "Beautifly, GO!" she said as the butterfly Pokemon came out in a flash of white light. "Use Gust on all the guests!" she commanded. "After that, Silver Wind on Syu and . . ." the cerulean eye girl paused. "My own family," the brunette finished.

"Beautifly!" it sang as it let out its attacks.

There was pandemonium everywhere as all the guards approached Haruka. As for the entire group guests, they were hiding and screaming. "Haruka-chan, why are you doing this!" Syu asked with shock and disappointment when he hit the floor from the Silver Wind attack.

Haruka smirked. "Because this place is like hell, and I want to leave."

"HARUKA-CHAN! How dare you defy my orders of marrying Syu?" Nagashi asked in a booming voice.

The young girl just turned her head and rolled her eyes, ignoring her father's question. "Beautifly, use String Shot on everyone!"

The colorful butterfly aimed and fired all the people, including the guards, her own parents, and the guests . . . Even Syu too! "Let's go now! Beautifly, return!"

All the people in the courtroom were covered with white, silky silk from Beautifly. Haruka gave one last glanced at everyone whose eyes were filled with anger. Then she turned to leave. "Ha, that was almost too easy. I wonder where all the other guards are." She shrugged to meet up with Satsuki. "Wait . . ." Haruka stopped as she heard footsteps approaching. 'Yikes! Syu's guards!'

"There she is!" one of the guards said pointing at Haruka. The girl began to run towards the way out.

Satsuki was by the palace entrance waiting for Haruka holding two sacks of belonging and supplies. "Let's go," she said hurriedly as she grabbed Haruka and lead her the way out. Haruka had never been outside as much, but Satsuki has gone out millions of time to get grocery.

Haruka glanced back at the guards who were looking back and forth. "Where did she go?" one guard asked.

"How should I know?" another one said.

The brown hair girl mumbled, "Stupid," and snickered. They headed out of the palace.

Satsuki sighed when they reached the forest. "That was close. Syu's guards almost caught us." She tossed Haruka a bag.

Haruka caught the sack and wiped her sweat as she fanned herself and nodded. "Hot summer . . . I hate this kimono!" she said unhappily. The sapphire eye girl sighed and took off the wedding clothing, revealinga different kimono. After that, she stuffed the clothes in the bag.Theyoung girlglanced back at the palace to see what was going on. "Coast is clear!" The brunette got out some food and began munching on it. "Here you go," she said handing Satsuki another piece of bread.

"Thanks," Satsuki said as she accepted the bread. "Um, from here, what's going to happen?" She took a bite out of the bread.

The sapphire eye girl stared up at the starry sky and frowned. "I have no idea. I guess we will depart and go our separate ways." She lowered her hand that was holding the bread and shrugged a little.

Satsuki nodded as tears build up in her eyes. "I will miss you dearly then."

Haruka smiled solemnly as she nodded a 'me too'. She looked down the road, as far as her eyes can reach.

"I've got to go now. If we don't hurry now, the guards will surround the entire city, making escape impossible."

"Uh, right. Let's go."

The two girls walked in silence to the city gates. It took a while, considering that the gates were far away from the palace. The both of them were trying to beat the guards to the exit. After about twenty minutes, the two girls finally reached the gateway.

The city gates were unoccupied and safe for Haruka and Satsuki to pass through. It was really late at night and the moon was hidden behind the clouds. Through the city gates were two long roads. One leads to Littleroot, while the other lead to the docks to go to Kanto.

"Well, I guess this is where we will head off," the sea green hair girl said. "Are you sure you know the way to everything?"

Haruka nodded assuredly. "I could always ask for directions or read a sign." Then, there was silence. "Good luck on your journey," Haruka said.

"Same with you."

They waved each other a goodbye. "Ja Ne," the two girls said simultaneously and the both of them turned around and began to walk separate roads, not looking back.

As Haruka walked, she took out a trinket from the sack and clenched the brooch that Yuuki gave her before he left on his journey. She looked at the sky. "Please . . . Keep me safe and watch over me, Yuuki."

Walking on the road for most of the night, Haruka finally made it to Littleroot. It was a peaceful village and the Pokemon that lived there made a soft sound that sounded like music. She smiled at herself. "Now to find some place to stay."

The brown hair girl wandered the streets, looking for an inn or a place that she can sleep for the night. She turned the corner, made a left . . . And realized that she was lost. The blue eye girl sweat-dropped as she ran into a dead end at an ally. "Okay . . . " she turned around ran into some thugs. "Omph!"

"Hey watch where ya goin'! Well . . ." one guy started to say.

"Oh no . . ." the brunette backed away.

One man looked as if he hadn't showered for days and the other two guys were just the same.—only smellier and their clothes were more raggedy. "Well, what do we have here? A kawaii little princess," the hooligan said to his buddies.

Haruka's lower lip trembled with fear as she backed up to the wall. "W-What do y-you goons w-want w-with m-m-me?" she asked shaking with fear.

The guy smirked and said nothing. "Alright boys, get her!" Everything was happening at a fast pace. Haruka tried to run and reach for her Pokemon, but the men were too quick and strong. They grabbed the both of her arms and held her in a position that was powerless to get out of.

"Ahh! Let me go you creeps!" the brunette pleaded trying to struggle out of the guys' grip. "Ugh!"

"Shut up!" one of the men that grabbed her shouted. He took out a knife and threatened her with it. "Make one more sound and you will be saying goodbye to life."

Haruka flinched andlowered her eyes as tears fell down. "Please . . . Just let me go," she whispered.

"I'm not letting you get away that easily," the head thug said with a sneer. He walked closer to Haruka and cupped her chin with one hand. "Hmph!" he said triumphantly to himself.

Haruka was even more scared. She was helpless, alone, and no was there to save her. 'This was a foolish idea! I should have just gotten married! It would have been safer than wandering the streets! How could I have been so stupid and naïve to think that I can run away and not face any dangers!' she scolded herself as hot tears were now running down her cheeks. 'Now, it almost seems hopeless that I will fulfill Yuuki's dream of traveling the Pokemon world . . . '

Haruka closed her eyes as more tears tickled down her cheek. She wanted to scream for help but she knew that those thugs would just kill her right then. 'Please Yuuki,' she wished 'Please help me!' she thought.

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" A shadowy figure had come out of no where with a mouse Pokemon right by his side. Pikachu flew into the air as its cheeks sparked up with a yellow electrical light coming out.

"Pi . . . Ka . . . CHU!" The electricity came out and shocked all the men that had captured Haruka.

"AARGH!" the men had screamed in pain as the electricity surged through their bodies.

"Forget it, let's go guys!" the main bad guy screamed as he scurried away. All the guys ran out of the ally, leaving Haruka crying on the floor.

Haruka continued crying helplessly as she curled herself up in a ball and started rocking herself.

The adolescent walked over to Haruka. He was pretty tall for his age, and his body was strong. His black hair matched his dark serious eyes. His clothes consisted of a black kimono with wooden shoes, and a sword was carried with him. He was a kind, gentle hearted boy who would risk his own life to save someone else's.

The boy extended his hand to Haruka to help her up. "Hey, my name's Satoshi," he bowed respectfully. "And this is Pikachu. Let me help you."

Haruka threw herself into Satoshi's arm and started sobbing continuously. The black hair boy was shocked by this, but he patted her back and looked at Pikachu who was confused.

Haruka stopped crying and looked at Satoshi. She blushed a little and said, "I'm sorry about that." She sniffed. "It's just that I'm so stupid to think that I can wander around at night . . ." she trailed off. "Oh! I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Haruka!" She got up and bowed.

"Hajame Mashite Haruka-chan," the black eye boy said bowing again. He nudged Pikachu with his foot. "Pikachu, say hello!" he whispered.

"Pi?" Pikachu ran up to Haruka. "Pika!" it said bowing also.

Haruka smiled at the yellow mouse Pokemon. "Heh heh! It's so cute!" she knelt down and petted Pikachu on the head. "Aww . . ."

Pikachu grinned as Haruka stroked its head. "Cha . . ."

"Hey um . . . You don't look like you are around from here. And by the looks of your clothing, you must be rich or something."

Haruka turned to Satoshi. "Uh . . . Yeah. I'm from the city of Kyoto."

"Kyoto? The capital? Wow, why are you here then? . . . All by yourself?"

"Uh, I don't want to talk about it right now. And I assume you live here?" Haruka asked changing the subject.

"Me? Um, no. My friend lives here. I actually travel around with my Pikachu. Do . . . Do you need a place to stay?"

"Actually, yes," Haruka embarrassedly said.

"Okay, we'll talk some more when we get to my friend's house." He grabbed Haruka's hand. "Let's go," he said. The he looked down. "C'mon Pikachu."

Pikachu jumped on Satoshi's shoulder. "Pika!"

Walking down the streets of Littleroot with Satoshi seemed a lot safer than walking by herself. Haruka sighed at herself as she grinned that she was saved. "Um back there in the ally . . ." she started as she blushed slightly and whispered as she lowered her head, "Arigatou."

Satoshi looked into her clear blue eyes. "No problem," he responded smiling. They arrived at a humble looking apartment. "Well, we're here." He moved his arms towards the building. "I hope he's still awake," Satoshi said as he knocked on the door.

"I'm coming," a deep voice said as footsteps approached the door. The door slid open as a male about the age of seventeen stood in the doorway. "So now you're back," he said when he saw Satoshi.

"Yup," Satoshi replied.

The young gentleman had light blue hair and light blue eyes that reflected in the moonlight. His outfit was a white and red kimono with wooden shoes.

Haruka looked at Satoshi's friend andimmediately recognized him. "Daigo-kun?"

The male glanced at Haruka questionly. "Princess Haruka-chan? Is that really you?"

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