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The five orphans sat inside the orphans' shack, the hay poking at their ankles, silent scuttles of crabs occasionally rushing across the floor. Duncan Quagmire looked up; his dark eyes worried, stray pieces of hair falling in his eye. He looked at each person in turn as he spoke.

"I've gone and made an imbecile of myself." He said. The word imbecile here means that Duncan had left his notebook in the library of Prufrock Prep.

"How so, Duncan?" Violet asked.

"I've left my notebook in the library." He replied.

Isadora looked up at her brother. "Well, I'd better go with you to get it." She smiled.

"Uh, no, it's fine, Isadora." He said quickly. "W-why don't you stay here and keep Klaus and Sunny company, while Violet and I go to the library and get my notebook?" Each orphan in the shack looked up at him quizzically as he stood, excluding Sunny, who was chewing on a thick piece of hay.

"Um…alright." Isadora said, feeling taken aback, a word here that means "felt odd that her brother didn't want to go with to the library".

"Why do you want me to go, Duncan?" Violet asked, standing and dusting off her dress.

"No reason; lets go." Duncan said quickly, grabbing Violets wrist and pulling her out the door. The cold night air whipped against Violets face as she and Duncan ran across the field towards the library. Violets feet began to cramp as they ran into the building down the hall.

"Duncan!" Violet whispered.


"Could we please slow down?"


"My feet are killing me!"

The pace of the two orphans slowed and their heavy breathing filled the hall, and echoing sound bouncing off the walls. Luckily, the bedrooms weren't anywhere near the library, so there wasn't a chance of disturbing anyone. Violet speeded up a little, Duncan's hand still gripping her wrist, and walked along side him.

"Why did you ask me to come, Duncan?" Violet asked. Usually, she answered her own questions and problems with an invention, but there wasn't an invention that could help her read other peoples thoughts. Well, that she knew of, at least.

Duncan said nothing but turned the corner into the library. His hand was firm against Violets. She blinked, brow furrowed. As they entered the library and closed the heavy doors behind them, Violet pulled her left hand free and pretended to adjust her collar with both hands. She smiled politely at Duncan, who did the same.

"So," Violet said. Walking around the room. "Where did you leave your notebook?"

"I believe," Duncan replied. "In that corner over there. On the desk."

"What desk?"

"T-the one in the corner, of course!" He laughed.

"I don't see one." Violet drew closer to the corner between two bookshelves. There wasn't a small desk that Violet could see. She spun around in the corner, about to say: "I don't see the desk, Duncan." but could only get out: "I don't se-" because Duncan had been standing behind her.

And now, he was right in front of her. More like, against her. Well, his lips, anyway.

Duncan's pale eyelids slipped over his eyes as he held Violets shoulders, kissing her hard. Violet's eyes, however, remained open, arms against her sides. She didn't know what to do, and obviously wasn't expecting this.


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