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When the James and Younger boys go off to war.

Jesse – 16 of age

Frank- 20 of age

M.k.- 11 of age

Ma James-37 of age

"Bye Ma" Jesse said as he hugged his mom.

"Oh please some back to me living and breathing" Ma James said as she hugged her son with tears in her eyes.

"We will Ma we will" Jesse said as he moved over to let his brother, Frank, say goodbye to their mom.

Jesse got down on his knee to hug his little baby sister bye. "B-B-Bye Jesse", his little sister said all teary eyed.

"Ah come on M.K. don't cry. Me and Frank will be coming back." Jesse said as he hugged his 11 year old sister, M.K. Jesse lend a way form his sister and smiled at her.

"I love you" M.K. said. M.k. looked at her brother.

"I love you, too. Say what you think of given your big brother a good luck kiss?" Jesse pointed to his check.

"O.k", said M.k. She gave Jesse a kiss on the check and when she was going back Jesse attacked her with kisses. He picked her up and swung her around. M.k. laughed as a response.

"Well Jesse we better get going" Frank said as he walked to Jesse grabbing him on the shoulder. Frank kissed M.k. while Jesse still had her in his arms. Frank whispered to M.k. to be a good girl. M.k. nodded. Jesse sat M.k. down and walked to his horse.

"Bye Ma", said Jesse as he jumped on his horse, brown stallion named Thunder.

"Bye Frank, bye Jesse", M.K. said as she waved to her two older brothers' goodbye. M.k. watched as her brothers left with a stream of tears going down her red cheeks

"Watch over Ma for us M.K." yelled Jesse as he and Frank rode away to war with there cousins the Youngers, all of the boys went except Jim, who was staying with his sisters. M.k. smiled at what her brother and watched as her brothers became little speaks and soon they were out of her site.

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