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Secret Admirer

Chapter 1: The Padawan Next Door

16-year-old Adi Gallia sat in her Padawan's quarters and pondered. It was no light thing she pondered, either. She was thinking about something that was generally discouraged among the Padawans of the Jedi Temple. Love, romance, that sort of thing. It was not wrong that she should be thinking about these things. Most Padawans were bound to at least think about them. It was the practice of such things that was discouraged. And yet she could not help thinking about how romantic it was. How romantic what was, you ask? Well, the fact is that she had just been walking down the corridor to her room, when she found, just on the floor outside her door, a beautiful flower.

Now, you will agree that this is hardly romantic at all. The flower could have been let fall by chance. But there was a ribbon tied very carefully around the stem of the flower, indicating that it was intentionally put there for her to find. The funny thing was that there was no name on it t at all. A secret admirer, she thought wistfully. Of course it must be a secret. The members of the Jedi Council would have more than a few words to say to anyone who expressed such feelings. and yet, some young Padawan had risked that to let her know how he felt.

All of her wonderful thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. She already knew who it was. That pesky little twerp, she thought. Why can't he give me any peace? She went to answer the door anyway. Standing there, just as she expected, was the Padawan from the quarters next to hers. He always seemed to be bothering her about one thing or another. This time it was to tell her that she was late for something again. She was getting tired of it. She glared at him as he stepped back smiling. His tunic was drenched in sweat, his short hair glistening, his Padawan's braid plastered to his neck. She had to admit he was handsome, if she knew anything about handsome, which she did. But he just wasn't the type for her. They had grown up together here, always next door to each other. And he had always been a pest.

He looked her up and down, then remarked with a casual grin, "My goodness, but you look wonderful. You hardly look like you were just at your lightsaber training! In fact, I'll bet the reason for that is that you weren't." He had a rather heavy accent, but it was known as his trademark throughout the Jedi Temple. He had friends among many of the students. In fact, the only enemy he ever had here was dead.

Adi just rolled her eyes. "I was kind of busy," she said. She looked at him and wondered if perhaps he was the one she was trying to figure out. But no, he wasn't the type to disobey the direct orders of the Council. He was brought up that way, and he was 17 now. She didn't think he would go against the express wishes of the Council after all these years.

He looked at her curiously, then asked, "Doing what? Your Master waited for you to show up, but you didn't. She was starting to wonder where you were."

"I was right here, contemplating on something," she answered rather coldly. She didn't at all like the idea of this pesky Padawan always behind her, wondering what she was doing, hanging around waiting for her after her lessons because she was late all the time. He must think we're best friends, she thought. He had always acted like this, for as long as she had known him, and yet she couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Why? Because she would one day have to break the horrible truth to him that they were never friends. She didn't really understand why he hadn't taken a hint. But here he still was, standing in her doorway, like he had so many other times.

"Contemplating what?" he asked playfully. He knew the answer. She had done this a week ago, when she had found a small durasheet in front of her door. It was a love poem, and would've gotten the entire corridor of Padawans in trouble if one of the Council members had seen it. Fortunately, only one other person had seen it, and that was Qui-gon Jinn. He had advised her to keep it secret, but she had told the Padawan next door. Even if he was a pest, he wouldn't have knowingly gotten her in trouble. He wasn't like that.

She looked at him wondering if she should tell him. Finally, she held up the flower. he stared wide-eyed at it, then asked the question she knew was coming. "Your secret admirer?" She nodded, almost embarrassed at him seeing it. He was suddenly very serious. "Who do you think it is?"

"Obi-wan, stop it! You know that I don't know!" She didn't know why she was suddenly upset at him. It wasn't like it was his fault. She just didn't like the fact that she had a secret admirer and the only one she could tell was the pesky 17-year-old Padawan next door.