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At The Hogwarts Express

"Hey, Harry!" Ron shouted across the crowd at the station platform.

"Ron!" Harry ran up to him, "where's Hermione?" He asked, looking for his friend.

"She's already on the train. We should get going." Ron said, Harry nodded. They ran up to a brick wall, and straight through it! It was a portal to platform 9 3/4, the Hogwarts Express. Ron got through the portal, and waited for Harry. But when Harry came through the Portal, he wasn't at the train station anymore!

At The Titan's Tower

"Raven! Breakfast!" Beastboy yelled from the kitchen. Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire were already sitting at the table. Beastboy sighed.

"I'll go get her..." he mumbled as he went up to Raven's room. He knocked loudly on the door.

"Raven! Aren't you gonna come down?" He yelled. No answer.

"Raven?" He said, a little worried. He opened the door carefully... All he could see was a blinding green flash, and an empty room...

In Our World

Sora sat surrounded by a pile of junk food as she sat trying to finish 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' while playing 'Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time' and watching 'Teen Titans' on Tv. She figured that if she managed to win the Zelda game and be able to understand anything from the book and Tv show, she should win a prize.

It wasn't going too well though... She was still at the very beginning of the game (waiting for the Deku Tree to stop talking so she could get in it) and she wasn't able to tell the difference between the book and the Tv show, they sort of jumbled together inside her head.

Unfortunately for her, the sound of herself reading the book mixed with the Tv show and the sounds coming out of Zelda was also jumbled together, together they sounded close enough to a spell for the spell to work...sending Sora and a few other characters tumbling through to a different world.....

In Kokiri Forest

Link was very close to dozing off...the Great Deku Tree's tale of the curse inside it was really...boring...He was taken by surprise when the Deku Tree asked him if he was brave enough to take the task. Link quickly answered yes, hoping it was the right answer. He was even more surprised when three strange figures fell on him from the sky...