these chapters seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Well, this chapter sucks, but it was necessary. The next one should be fun - avoiding capture by scandalously dressed women with pikes.


"Lets race, then. I bet I can get to the bridge in the Kokiri Forest before you can." The skinny runner at the back of the tent repeated for the fifth time that night.

"For the love of everything out to get me, please shut up! The bridge is BROKEN. You can't go anywhere!" Link groaned, his arm covering his eyes as he lay on the mat inside the carpenter's tent just outside the Gerudo Fortress.

Sora lay at Link's side, already fast asleep with her head resting on his chest. Link had refused to let go of her since the scare she'd given him a bit earlier. He still didn't believe his heart was functioning properly. There still existed a gnawing ache in his chest that had it hard for him to breathe. That, or Sora's head was just heavy.

From what Link had gathered, there was a bunch of warrior women in the city just beyond this place, and all the carpenters, who'd been working on the bridge that was currently broken, were trapped inside for some reason.

Link glanced wearily at Sora, making sure she was still there, before allowing himself to fall into a much needed slumber.

And with Link's luck, a few minutes later, a series of noises outside the tent startled him out of his doze. He rose up, holding Sora to his body with one arm so that she wouldn't fall away, while the other reached for the hilt of his sword.

The tent's flap shifted, and Harry stepped into the room, looking bewildered to find Link there. He held a broom that immediately drew Link's attention.

"What the hell are you carrying a broom for?" Link asked, to which Harry replied, "Hello to you too, man. Nice to see ya again."

Raven stepped in after him, looking rather pleased. Harry answered Link's confused expression to Raven's smile with a "I fell off the broom, and she had a nice laugh at me."

"Hello, Link." Raven's expression turned sour at seeing Link, then worried as she glanced at Sora. "Is she okay?" She asked, sitting on the mat opposite the small fire in the centre of the tent.

"I thought she was dead..." Link whispered, understanding what Raven had really asked, recalling the nightmare, "She's okay now though," he finished after a few moments' pause.

"Oh. I'm sorry Link.. Um.. I didn't mean to be so harsh with you." Raven apologized, which just goes to show how cheerful a Harry-falling-off-a-broom-from-the-sky could make her.

"That's alright. It's all okay now." Link smiled and lay back down on the mat, still holding a lightly-snoring Sora against him. Harry fell back onto a mat as well, breathing out an exhausted sigh and muttering something about socks.

Raven draped her long cloak about herself as a makeshift blanket before following their example.

And then I came in and shot them all to death. God, I hate Sora. Let's make her suffer some more, eh?

Link awoke the next morning with a start, since Sora was no longer in his arms. Raven and Harry still slept peacefully on the other side of the tent, and the runner at the end of it greeted him with a "wanna race now?" but Link barely noticed him as he rushed out into the canyon outside.

"Sora!!" He called out in a panic, and he was met by a soft and pitiful 'over here!'. Link rushed over to the source of the noise, which was by the cliff – which was attached to an opposite cliff via a small broken bridge, with a waterfall and rapids combination tumbling waaay down below in between the cliffs.

Sora was hanging out on a ridge that stuck out from the cliff a few meters below the cliff's surface, and about a mile above the raging rapids below.

"What the hell are you doing down there?!" Link squealed – a funny, pig-like squeal that quite matched that of the fan-girls that constantly plagued him. He must be really exasperated.

"I found a rupee." Sora whined, showing him the small glittering red gem in her hands.

Link looked appalled for several moments before unfreezing and finally going about saving her. He shot his hook-shot into the ground at her feet, had her hold on to the end of it, and dragged her up with it.

Holding firmly onto her arm lest she find something shiny at the bottom of the river, Link lead Sora back over to Epona, plotting out how he was going to rescue the trapped carpenters. After Link had Sora safely in front of him on the large horse, he trotted Epona over to the tent's entrance and called out to Raven and Harry, to let them know where he was going.

Raven staggered out first and headed over to the small basin of water a short walk away. She was followed by Harry, who popped his head out of the tent and looked around irritably.

"Who the heck stole my broom?" He whined as Link lead Epona down to the Gerudo City. And somewhere up in the sky, with his body wrapped around a broom as he raced against Hylian birds, the runner was learning how to fly.