A/N: I'm actually not sure what the whole a/n thingy means, but I'm going to put it up because everybody else does. So this story is kind of sad, but it will most likely become happier. Cause I am a naturally happy person. Ok so let's begin.

Past the Point of Return

She raised her eyes and looked through her drenched blonde hair at the school looming in front of her. And it begins again, she thought tiredly. Slowly she made her way to the front door and walked inside. The front office was easy enough to find, but class C-1 was more difficult.

Momiji's POV

I looked up at the sound of the classroom door opening. In walked a girl with sopping wet blonde hair that was blocking the majority of her features. I could see she was medium height and didn't have any emotion on her face.

"Class, this is our new transfer student, Miss Kyra Titsugumi," said the teacher when he noticed she had entered.Kyra pushed her hair behind her ears and looked at the class with a fierce pair of green eyes. "Ah, Mr. Sohma, will you please show Mr. Titsugumi around after class is over?" The teacher asked me.

"Umm, ok." I replied. Kyra's eyes sought me out of the crowd but that was all that moved.

Kyra's POV

The boy who spoke looked friendly enough so I turned to the teacher and asked softly where I should sit.

"There is a seat next Mr. Hatsuharu. He is sitting right there." The teacher replied, "Haru please raise your hand." A boy with black and white hair raised his hand in the back of the class. I walked towards him and sat down.

"Hi, I'm Haru Sohma, Momiji's cousin."

"Momiji?" I asked.

"Oh, the boy who is to show you around," he replied blushing a little. I nodded in understanding but didn't show any emotion.

"I am Kyra Titsugumi. It's nice to meet you." I replied politely.

"Alright class. Let's continue the lesson," the teacher started. I rolled my eyes, took out a piece of paper and began to draw. Soon enough the class let out for lunch. I started to fold my picture for better storage but Haru stopped me by placing his hand on my arm so he could see it. I glanced up at him and saw amusement in his eyes at the sight of my teacher caricature.

"Hey Titsugumi-san, I can take you to the lunch room now," said Momiji after I had put my picture away. "Alright," I replied and followed him out. Haru stayed with us on our way.

"Would you like to sit with us and our friends?" Momiji asked excitedly. I couldn't think of a good reason as to why not, so I went with them towards a group of students sitting at the base of a tree in the courtyard since the rain had stopped.

Hanajima's POV

"Hi everyone, this is Kyra Titsugumi. She just transferred here," the always cheerful Momiji said as he approached our group. The girl standing next to him quickly caught my attention. Her waves were very peculiar. I couldn't read them, but it wasn't as if she was dead, it was like she could block me.

"Hello Miss Titsugumi," Yuki was the first to say politely. Her eyes traveled to him when he spoke and she gave a small nod, but she didn't say anything. After everyone said hello we began to eat, but I never took my eyes off of Kyra. At the end of the meal she looked me directly in the eyes and I felt a slight tingling across my skin.

I must have shuddered because Tohru asked it I was ok. I did not want to alarm her of my findings yet, so I smiled at the brunette and said I was fine just a little chilled.

"Oh, do you think we should go inside then?" she asked worriedly. Just then the bell rang calling us all back to class.

Haru's POV

It was the end of school and Momiji and I began to walk home together. "What did you think of that Kyra girl today?" I asked him curiously. He thought about it for a minute before answering.

"She seems.... different. Some how cut off." He said finally. I looked up at him. It was strange that Momiji would be serious about something. "So, what are you doing this afternoon?" he asked me his cheerful self again.

"I don't know....."

Ok, so what did you think? I'll explain everything as it goes along so don't worry. I hope you enjoyed it, bye!