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Point of No Return

Sohma Estate

Haru's POV

"Hello, I'd like to ask you a few questions sir. Sir?" I quickly started when the phone was answered.

(A/N I don't know any Greek what so ever so I think I'm going to try out a little translator thing. Norwegian was the closest language I could find.) "Hvem er dette?" A gruff voice sounded inquisitive.

"Excuse me?" I felt an inkling that something was wrong but my brain just wouldn't accept the fact that we didn't speak the same language and my English skills were horrible at best. (A/N in English now) "You have looked some teenagers soon?" The sentence sounded awkward even to me and I doubted it made any sense.

"Do you mean 'have I seen teenagers lately'?" his accent was heavy but the words sounded right.

"Yes!" relief washed through me but I knew it would be short lived. "Girl with yellow hairy and with boy?"

He hesitated I assumed to attempt to translate my sentence but his continued silence made me feel anxious.

"Maybe, who asks?"

"Me am friend with she."

"Very well, yes I saw them a few days ago but not since." Anger surged, but not at him. At myself.

"Thank you, good bye."

"No problem." As I hung the phone up I didn't feel any better. So she had been there, but where was she now? I didn't think I could wait two weeks or how ever long to see her.


Rob's POV

We just wandered the island finding various little places to stop and rest and every time we found a new marvel Kyra would be moved. It took so little to make her smile, but what would it take to make her happy?

"You're staring at me again," she commented as we walked side-by-side.

"What do you have eyes in the back of your head?" I blushed slightly but turned just enough so she wouldn't notice.

"Yeah, that's why I fall so often, it's my amazing sight capabilities." We both chuckled as she stumbled over a tree root and righted herself.

"You did that on purpose to make your point."

"Did not!"

"Did too!" I ended my argument by sticking my tongue out at her.

"Really are you five, cause I've been getting this 'I'm a little boy trapped in a man's body' vibe from you every since we got here."

"Am I that transparent?" I fluttered my hands over my chest and pretended to swoon, but really angled myself so I took her down with me when I fell. At first it had started out as a joke but when I landed on top of her and looked down I couldn't help it. I leaned in to see if her lips were as soft as they looked. Her eyes widened for a second as she saw me move closer but before our lips touched she shoved me with all her strength. It got one of my shoulders off of her enough so she could pull herself free. Swiftly she stood with her arms hugging herself. I sat on the ground for a moment before standing. I felt embarrassed but not to bad, I figured I just caught her off guard, but the look she was giving me had warning bells jangling in my head.

"Don't ever, EVER touch me again." With that she spun on her heel and walked back in the direction we had come from, back to town. I stood rooted to my spot not really comprehending what had happened. What's the problem? I thought bitterly to myself. Does she think she's to good for me? Fine, she can go blow off some steam but I expect an explanation back at the b and b tonight. I continued in the direction we had been going in towards the shore and more hidden places. Maybe that would help cool me off.

Kyra's POV

That stupid, idiotic, nincompoop! Why did he try and do that? Ruin a perfectly good friendship, the jerk. I was power-walking back to civilization so I could clear my head. I didn't even notice when I broke through the trees and was walking on a gravel path again. Well, maybe it's my fault. I might just put a vibe out there that screams, I'm LONELY, MAKE YOUR MOVE! Guys just pounce on girls they think are emotionally unstable, ugh. I HATE THEM! As my anger died down I looked at my surroundings. I was in a part of town I hadn't been to yet. There were very few people on the street and everything looked darker, like there was a screen making the air here dingy. Feeling nervous I turned around to leave this place when I noticed him.

There was a man standing not twenty feet away from me, and I was positive I hadn't passed him. He probably just came out of a store. The logical part of my brain kept trying to tell me, but my animal instincts were screaming to get away from him at all costs. To avoid him I continued deeper into the dark neighborhood and occasionally I would glance over my shoulder. He was following me. What the hell do I do! Shit shit shit shit shit! I was having a mental breakdown. I could feel his eyes on my back now.

"Der hun er! Hey De!" He was calling to me now so I stopped looking back to check if he was there, I wanted my options open if I had to run. His steps sped up so I broke into a run. As I went to round the corner a large man with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth caught me around the stomach. All the air was forced from my lungs with the collision so I couldn't scream as they pulled me into a nearby warehouse.

Rob's POV

I sat in a grove fuming for a few minutes before I decided to head back. The trees didn't seem as inviting and the water as picturesque without Kyra's here to name them so. I guess I was out of line trying to kiss her; she does love that Haru guy anyway. I wonder if she made it back ok? The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as this thought spread. I was here to protect her, why had I let her run off by herself? I was still being paid to keep her safe.

Leaping from my seat I dashed back towards the town. The sun was hot upon my back and sweat flowed into my shirt as I forced myself through the heat.

Kyra's POV

My heart was beating a mile a minute as I was pulled into the large empty room. There were a few lights dangling from wires, but the room was darker then it was outside. The larger man had eyes so dark they looked black as well as a cruel smile. He seemed more dangerous so I glanced at my other assailant. He was small in stature but muscular with ocean blue eyes and light brown hair. There was a hesitation in all of his movements as they pushed me into the center of the room.

"Really Garrett I think this is a really bad idea," he whispered to the bigger man and I hoped Garrett would listen.

"You don't call people by their real name when we are doing a covert mission, jeez. Now we have to make sure either she doesn't remember my name or make her know not to tell. Both involve a lot of pain on her part. Now why would you go and do that? You'll have to excuse my friend, this is his first capture." Garrett's voice was deep and rumbling and had my palpitating pulse stop for a minute then return faster than ever.

Rob's POV

Her footprints stopped at the edge of town, but in the dingy side of the town. I had carefully avoided taking her around here but it looked like she found it on her own. Great, just great. I thought I heard a yelp in the suppressed darkness but I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks. As the sun went down everything took on an evil visage and fear for Kyra made me start the search.

There were a lot of warehouses to look through but I wasn't going to stop until she was safe.

Sohma Estate

Akito's POV

What to do. What to do? Everyone looks to me to make a decision, but the Kyra ordeal is very difficult.

"Master, here is your breakfast." A young woman came towards me bearing a tray of food. Her hair was an auburn color and it irritated me. Why don't you have blonde hair? My irritation at her appearance must have been visible because she attempted to exit right away.

"Wait a minute. Come back here." She stumbled towards me and knelt respectfully. I moved to her side almost silently so she gasped when I gently stroked her face. It isn't the same texture or shape as Kyra's. I thought to myself. But when I closed my eyes it seemed that she had come back to me. "Oh how I've missed you. No one understands…"

"Um, what are you talking about?" My eyes popped open and the illusion was slaughtered. I swiftly slapped her across the face and shoved her away from me.

"Get out right now." I seethed with as much malice as I could. She stumbled from the room to shocked to cry out. When she was out of sight I moved back to the window and seated myself. Hatsuharu was working out in front of his house so I watched noting his speed, accuracy, and patience.

"Akito, did you strike the new maid?" Hatori was standing in my doorway when I glanced over my shoulder. I shrugged slightly and turned back to watch Haru. A sound must have alerted him that I was watching because he looked right at me before walking back into his house.

"Now look Hatori you ruined my afternoon show." He looked at me skeptically.

"How are you feeling today?"

"How would you feel if you were dying and there was nothing anyone could do?" I hissed at him as my temper flared.

"Well everyone is dying really and death is inevitable, we just have to appreciate the time we have." His words struck a cord as I remember Kyra talking to me about the same thing once, but he words were lost to me. "Where does it hurt the most?"

"My lower back and stomach," I muttered acting like a little child. I was surprised Hatori spoke to me in such a disrespectful manner, but it reminded me enough of Kyra that I didn't get angry over it.


Pete's POV

She looked terrified as Garrett stroked her hair and I felt knots tie me up inside. I hadn't wanted to do this anyway, why was I letting Garrett do this to a poor girl?

"Really, stop. I don't want to so this." I confessed and Garrett turned towards me.

"Fine, leave I'll find you when I'm done." He growled and turned back towards her. Her squeal of terror pushed me farther.

"Stop Garrett I won't let you do this to that poor girl. It's not human." The knife was so fast I didn't even see it until it was lodged in my throat.

"Stop it Garrett, stop it!" He mimicked at me as I sank to the floor. My last sight of anything was of the girl running away towards the door, then a few moments after Garrett lumbered after her. "Come back here you little slut!" Slowly the dark sank in and my vision blurred as my life drained away.

Rob's POV

Kyra burst through a door in front of me at a dead run and fought me when I caught her.

"Calm down, it's me." She wouldn't stop fighting me.

"We have to get out of here there's a guy with a knife and he just killed his friend." I didn't even weight for her words to sink in before I grabbed her hand and set off.

"Come back here you little slut!" A deep voice bellowed down the alley way and I felt anger slow my steps.

"No Rob, just keep going, he's armed!" She grabbed hold of my arm forcing me to follow. It didn't take long for us to reach a more populated area, but we didn't stop running until we were inside the police station.

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