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Calvin was flying over the town with bluebirds birds fluttering along with him, chirping happily.

Planes passed, and stared at Calvin in awe.

Calvin was laughing, as the birds flew with him. Now he knew how the birds...


Calvin's eyes opened.

He was in bed.

Hobbes was laying next him. His eyes seemed to glued shut. His mouth was hanging open, and a long, loud, disgusting snore came bouncing out, and into Calvin's face. He smelled tuna and salmon.

As fast as possible, Calvin crawled out of bed.

Trying not to listen to the fog horn that was blasting out of Hobbes' mouth.

He put on his shirt, and pants, and walked down to the livingroom.

Calvin's mom and dad were there. Sipping coffee and reading their own copy of the day's newspaper.

Calvin, who didn't enjoy going to school, tried to sneak outside to his tree house. But dad saw him.

"CALVIN!" he yelled. "You don't want to go to school without breakfast, do you?"

Calvin rolled his eyes. "No dad." he said.

He pulled out a box of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, and poured a bowlful. He then tried to get to the sugar bin, but his mom caught him.

"Calvin! There's enough sugar in that cereal! If you put even a grain of sugar on it, I won't buy it for you anymore!"

Calvin grumbled and poured the milk into the bowl.

Almost instantly the milk turned a bright blue color.

Calvin's mom and dad never did notice it since Calvin ate in at the table in the mornings, when mom and dad drank coffee in the livingroom.

Calvin began to crunch his cereal.

Then Hobbes came sliding down the banister on the stairs.

He walked over to Calvin.

"Hello, Mr Sunshine!" he said. "How's the weather?"

Calvin grunted and didn't answer.

"My, my," Hobbes continued. "We're extra sunshiny today, aren't we?"

Calvin ignored him.

Hobbes, who was getting annoyed, hit the switch blade in his paw. His claws shot out. Hobbes reached under Calvin's chair, and delivered a handful of pain right into Calvin's unsuspecting butt.

"YOW!" Calvin screamed, and flew three feet into the air.

His bowl spilled, and the milk and cereal was all over the table and floor.

Hobbes snickered.

Calvin landed face first into the floor.

Mom and dad, who were used to Calvin screaming whenever Hobbes came in, didn't even look up.

Calvin glared at all three of them, and grabbed his red backpack that was by the door.

Mom scooted her seat next to their picture window, so she could make sure Calvin would rush off to his tree house.

Calvin walked over to the road, and stopped.

There, he began to stare off into space waiting for the bus to come.

It was then that Susie came up.

"Hi Calvin!" she said, waving her hand.

Calvin grunted and didn't answer.

"Well aren't we cheerful today? What's with you?"

"Go play with a chainsaw, Susie." Calvin replied.

Susie glared at him, and stepped away from him.

Inside the house, Mom grinned.

"There's that Dirkins girl. Have you ever noticed how Calvin is always watching her?"

Dad smiled and nodded his head.

Hobbes slapped his mouth to keep himself from bursting out laughing.

Hobbes knew that Calvin was always watching Susie because he was waiting for a chance to smack her with a snowball or water balloon. But Hobbes always looked for an excuse to tease Calvin because of a so-called "crush" Calvin has on her.

The school bus came a few minutes later.

And thus began the mysterious NOODLE INCIDENT!