Wow… this story really sucks, sorry everyone, not only that, but it's REALLY short. I don't know what's gotten into me, I can't write a decent fic. now a days. It really sucks, I promise the next thing I write will be better, thanks for reading it anyway.


He stood there. Leaning against the wooden frame, Rath watched her sleep. Blood red pupils filled with pain gazed intently on the still body. Even when sleeping tears flew freely down from Cesia's closed eyes. Strands of hair covered her glowing face. One of her hands was delicately placed inches from her rosy lips. She lay out across the plush bed, her dark black skirt lying sprawled across her silky legs.

For minutes on end he stood there, taking in this picture, keeping it locked safely in his stone heart. If anything, this would be the one thing no one could take from him, this one memory, this picture. Dark shadows engulfed his face, only hatred filled eyes pierced the still dark form in the doorway. What the hell are you waiting for? Silently he mentally screamed questions.

Pieces of his heart broke off. Cracks appeared on the stone walls that had held his heart so very well all these years. Moisture, tinted red, glowed calmly as it dripped down Rath's calm face. It was done, it was over, she had broken the wall around his tender heart, but she now had damaged it. Permanently. It wasn't her fault, in fact she thanked him for showing up in his life. But now, after he had loved her, he knew she had to leave, they weren't meant for each other, no matter how much they wished it to be.

Striding over into her room, Rath sat upon the bed. Raising his hand, he gently wiped her tears away, bent down, and kissed her. One last kiss. One last memory of true love. Lying down beside her, he fell asleep with his broken, bleeding heart, pounding to the beat of Cesia.

That morning, when he woke up, the golden sun shining mockingly through his eyelids, he found the bed empty beside him. Getting up, he quickly searched the castle though he knew he would never find her. Once again one question crossed his mind. What the hell are you waiting for? But this time, he knew the answer. She wasn't waiting anymore, she was gone. Forever.