Author's Note: The first time I heard the song "Collide" by Howie Day, I knew I had to write this. As I was listening to it, these images just came to my mind. So you know, these are just abstractions, there is no fluid plot. You don't have to know the song to understand this, but if you listen to the song while reading this, I feel like it just takes it so much deeper. So if you can, listen to the song while you read, if not, well, read it anyway! It's still good on its own. I hope you enjoy.

Diclaimer: I realized after I wrote it I didn't actually say anything too specific about the characters, but this was written with Harry and Draco in mind! Harry's lines are in italics, Draco's in bold.This takes a lot of explaining. Read it, hopefully you'll get it. Draco and Harry belong to JKR, the song is Howie Day, "Collide"


Soft light streaming through the window, bursting through the curtains in sparse, bright beams, slipping across pillows and sheets, warming skin. My eyes flutter slowly open under the intrusion, swollen and bleary and I shut them almost instantly, groaning and burying my face further against your throat, untangling my arm enough to tug the blanket back up over us. You mumble something, squirming against me, tangling us further together and I pull you close, marveling at the way your skin slips against mine, the warmth trapped between us despite the slight chill in the room. Perfect. Yeah.

"Even the best fall down sometime"

You fling the door open so hard it rattles on it's hinges, slamming it closed behind you, right in my face. I know it's my fault this time, it almost always is. I know how wrong it was for me to say, how much I've hurt you with my calloused words and I chase after you anyway, following in the dance we both lead, terrified I'll never see your face light up again.

"Even the wrong words seem to rhyme"

I'm quiet, you know. I watch you make your entrance, beautiful and grandiose, drifting across the ballroom floor. You're so smooth and perfect, the crowds seem to part away for you, all eyes riveted. You could have anyone in this room, you know it, and yet it's me who's eyes you lock with your gaze, me who you approach. It's me you love. And I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on you're mind.

"Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find"

Your hands slide up and down my chest, my sides, my arms, teasing lower and lower, spreading me open beneath you. I squirm, twisting in the sheets, tangling them about my legs and you pause, poised above me, outside when I want you in, lips above mine, waiting to claim my body completely and I meet your eyes, my own shining and desperate and I manage to pant. "Don't stop here." You stare into my eyes and I know you can see it, my love for you. I know you can see that you are my world and your own eyes widen, shocked and then softer, pressing your lips to mine. "I lost my place." And then there's nothing left between us and we melt into one, gasping and moving together and you kiss me so deep, love me so completely that I'm falling, falling, falling and I hear you whisper in my ear "I'm close behind" and then you're there with me in paradise at last, and I've no intention of letting you go.

"You and I collide"