Reviving The Heart

A/N: This is a highschool story. Although, I think it will be different from the other ones. Like, way different. There'll be drug use, alcohol, & sex. There will also be many breakups and Vegeta will be a lot softer in the beginning. This is an Alternate Universe. So, expect some surprises. There will also be some songs used in here, since I get inspired to write by them. I hope that you'll enjoy this, and review please! Thanks.


A seventeen year old boy walked along the empty road after nightfall. All emotions were void of him. The only thing he could hear was the beating of his dying, broken heart. His only companion was his shadow against the street lights. The only thing that he could feel was the smoke filling his lungs which he inhaled from his cigarette. When he was done with it, he cast it to the ground and stepped on it to put it out. The name of this broken boy was Vegeta Ouji. He'd had a rough day in school which would impact how he'd live the rest of his life.

Miserable, broken, cold, and alone. The only object that had ever made him happy had been stolen away from him by her parents. He'd been seeing a girl for six and a half years before today. He'd planned on asking for her hand in marriage after his senior year. He was only a junior but he'd had faith that they would've lasted that long before this. All his dreams had been shattered in a million tiny pieces. He doubted that he'd ever see her again since her father had never been too fond of him. The girl he'd been with was absolutely gorgeous and nobody would ever be able to take her place at his side.

Her name was Bulma Briefs. She had the most dazzling, beautiful oceanic tresses that cascaded to the small of her back. Beautiful sapphire eyes that he used to gaze so lovingly into. She also had a smile that could light up a room. Her name was known all across Japan since her father had a famous, successful company called Capsule Corporation. Although, they'd all moved to America. A place of bigger and better opportunities.

At least he would always have his memories. Something so precious that nobody could ever take away from him. He wished the pain he was feeling in his heart would diminish. Although, he knew it would never go away. His love for her would never dissipate. The only thing he could do was shut himself off from the world. Close his heart to everyone. Even Bulma. Vegeta did not want the pain of being hurt ever again. His heart was dead. Nothing but an organ pumping and circulating blood through his body. No emotional strings attached.

After today, his attitude would be forever different. Cold, detached, angry, and alone. Vegeta turned up the path to his house and walked in the door, quietly closing it behind him. The last thing he wanted was to hear his mother ask him where he'd been since the digital clock in the kitchen would be flashing midnight. He moved in complete stealth past the kitchen only to be startled by the sound of his mother's beautiful voice. Vegeta had always wondered how his mother caught him every time.

Rosicheena, Vegeta's mother, was also a very gorgeous woman. She had light violet eyes, lightly tanned skin, and long black hair that fell to the small of her back. She'd seen and heard her son sneaking past the kitchen because of her sharp eyes and acute hearing. A smirk crossed her ruby lips as she decided to bag her son once again. "Vegeta Ouji! Get your ass back in here this instant!" When her son entered the kitchen, she immediately questioned him. "Where the hell have you been? Don't you know what time it is? It's midnight! You've got some explaining to do."

He figured his mother would ask him those kind of questions. "I've just been out taking a walk, Ma. Get off my back! I'm not in the mood for your shit or anyone else's."

"Don't you dare talk to me in that tone of voice and don't you ever swear at me! I'm sorry if I care about you enough to ask you what the hell you're doing out at midnight! I'm a mother, I'm just doing my job, Vegeta." Her voice softened in a matter of moments. She could tell that something was deeply bothering her little boy. "Now come here and tell me what's bothering you."

Vegeta walked toward his mother and fell right into her embrace. His head rested against her chest while she put her head on top of his. The seventeen year old closed his onyx hues and began to tell her all about his day. "Bulma moved, Mom. She left me here. I feel like my heart's been torn from my chest, thrown on the ground, and been stomped on." He could not help the tears that built up in his eyes. He just let them fall. He needed to cry.

Rosicheena held her son close to her. Her hands gently rubbed the side of his neck and his back in a comforting motherly way. "Ooh, hunny. I'm so sorry to hear that. Why didn't you tell me? I could've tried to talk to her parents about it."

"I didn't tell you because... she didn't tell me. She didn't even tell me that she was moving. The Principal gave me a note this morning that explained everything. She said she was sorry that she couldn't tell me. It still hurts, momma." He pulled the note out of his pocket and put it into his mother's hands. He watched her open it and then take her time to read it.

The note read...

Dear Vegeta,

Please don't be upset with me. I couldn't bare to tell you this and then have to watch the pain build up in your beautiful eyes. I'm moving. And it's definitely not a local move, either. I'm moving out of the country, to America. I tried to plead with my parents but they continuously said no. I hope that you'll understand, Vegeta. I don't want you to be mad at me. I wish I could've told you in words instead of through this note, but I just couldn't find the strength to do it. Vegeta, I love you. I love you so much. You'll always be in my heart. Please keep me in yours. I promise you that we'll meet again someday. I'm so sorry, Vegeta. I really don't want you to be angry at me. You know just as well as I do that this is not my fault. You know how much daddy doesn't approve of you. I'm legally bound to them until I am eighteen, unfortunately. Whatever they say, goes. You know what I mean? Baby, please don't be in pain. The only one who deserves to hurt is me. You do not. You deserve to live with a pain free existance. I apologize for the tear stains, it pains me so much to just write this. I'll never forget you, my love.

Forever yours,

His mother gasped as she finished the note and couldn't help but to feel her son's pain. His father had also chosen that moment to walk in the room. Vegeta's father looked exactly like him except for the fact that he had a mustache. They also shared the same name. Rosicheena eyed her husband who was giving them a look and spoke up. "Vegeta, come look at this. Just so I don't have to explain." She watched closely as her husband read the note and continued to comfort her sobbing seventeen year old son.

His father threw the note back in her face once he was done with it. He wasn't too fond of showing emotion. "So? Stop babying the boy. Look at how weak you're making him. I didn't have a son. I had a daughter." He went to the refridgerator, grabbed a bottle of Heineken and then walked back out into the living room. Deep down inside, he really did care about his son. He just didn't know how to show it.

Vegeta stopped the tears from falling and then pulled away from his mother's loving embrace. "I'm going to go upstairs, mom." He smiled when his mother nodded understandingly. The seventeen year old exited the kitchen and walked through the living room towards the stairs only to be stopped by his father's voice. Anger started to swell inside of him. "What do you want old man?"

The elder Vegeta watched as his son walked towards the stairs. He had to say something to him, just to let him know that he cared. "Son," he said to earn his attention. A nasty reply followed it. He knew he hadn't always been close with him and could understand why the boy was snapping at him. "I'm sorry about your loss, but I'm sure everything will work out in the end."

This caused him to turn around for a moment to look at his dad. "Thanks," was the only word that he could form on his lips. After that, he went upstairs to his room and gently closed the door behind him. The broken teenager threw himself down on his bed. The only source of light entering the room was a stray beam of moonlight peeking in through the window. It completely illuminated Bulma's picture on the night stand next to his bed. Vegeta grabbed it and looked at it with a content smile on his face before gently setting it back down on the stand. He never took his black gems off her beautiful face.

Before he succumbed to sleep, he whispered, "I forgive you, Bulma. Even though we're thousands of miles apart, I just want you to know.. I love you. I could never stay mad at you. Just seeing your picture reminds me of all the happiness you put into my entire being. I will never look at another girl without comparing her to you. I'll always keep you in my heart. Bulma."


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