Reviving The Heart

A/N: It's really important that all my readers of this story read this. I have been thinking about discontinuing this story BUT only to make it 10x darker, 10x angstier, 10x more dramatic, && with 10x the romance. I started it when I was 15 years old and my writing style and whole way of thinking has since changed. I look at it now and realize how choppily it was written. I was wondering if you guys wanted me to keep it the way it is now or you want me to rewrite it to be more interesting && more appealing. The choice is not up to me, however, it is up to all my readers. If you want me to keep it as is - I will try && finish it the way I was originally going to - but if you want me to redo it - I will most certainly oblige. So, give me your comments & feedback. They would be greatly appreciated.

Love Always,