Pokemon Generations

By: Richard

Before continuing, I claim no power over the pokemon franchise, and the ideas, opinions, or views expressed here are mine, and have nothing to do with the pokemon establishment, thus not infringing any copyright laws, or violating patents. This is purely fan fiction, and the only reason it's here is because I like pokemon! Lets continue on with the story shall we?

Chapter One: The rite of a Pokemon Trainer

She awoke as she did everyday-in a lousy mood. Her mother, talked with her husband about whose turn it was to wake her. Ash, knowing how hard it is to wake a Ketchum, decided to volunteer his wife to do so. Dressed in a flowing yellow gown of silk, May argued. "I woke her up yesterday. It's your turn now Ash. I'm not waking up 2 Ketchum's in one day." She then crossed her arms and looked in the right direction, facing a wall with the family photo. Ash, responded. "May…it's not my fault. I had to do the garbage yesterday…I couldn't wake her up…" "Well, IF you did the garbage the night BEFORE, you wouldn't have run into this problem now would you?" Ash knew from the angry but gentle glare of May that he had no choice but to wake up his sleeping daughter. Sigh…he entered his daughter's room, and faced the sleeping beauty himself.

His wife watched from behind the doorway, safe from her daughter's tantrum. Ash, bent over, put both of his hands on her shoulders, and shook her many times. 2 minutes passed until his daughter finally awoke, slapping Ash to the ground. Ash groaned, and struggled to recover. Carol, Ash's daughter, stared at her father blankly and tiredly. As Ash struggled to his feet, her mother came in, and smiled at Ash. "She does that to me on most days…you only get Tuesday and Thursday."

May went to her daughter, and woke Carol up. Ash got to his feet, and decided to try his luck with her again. Carol, now awake, said "Sorry dad…did I do it again? You know that happens every time I'm tired…" "No, you do that every time someone tries to wake you if you slept at 9, and woke at 7." Carol, realizing this as the truth, smiled sheepishly. She turned to look at her beautiful mother, who was watching this scene, smiling at Ash, as he rubbed his swollen cheek. Ash, now remembering why he had suffered the "Great Slap", decided to consult with his daughter about something important. Something so important, it would change the course of his family's life. Pancakes!

He talked to Carol hastily and excitedly, more then usual, about pancakes. May, turning to look at Carol, said "Brush up and dress quickly. Remember what happened the last time your father had to have his pancakes delayed? He won't go to the gym if he's hungry you know…" Carol nodded in acknowledgement, and shared a quick smirk with her mother. Ash kept raving on about pancake temperature, and the ideal time to consume pancakes. "I remember when Brock made pancakes-the best in the world-The best I" Ash stopped as he received a glare from May. May, being a girl, was naturally competitive, and having her cooking insulted at the comparison of Brock was not a pretty thing. She never did truly beat Brock in any cooking contest; Ash always supported May because she was his wife. She smiled warmly and humorously at Carol, and departed with a scowl on her face, to worry Ash. Ash, now thinking of being punished by May, said, "see you at the table…" in a very weak and anxious voice.

Carol quickly dressed in her poke-wear: a white t-shirt that cuts the sleeves at half the arm, imprinted with the image of a Pokeball by the Official Pokemon League at the front. She then wore her blue jeans, partially worn, and took her black belt, outfitted with six slots for pokeballs. She stuffed her pockets with candy, keys and money, and left her room. She went down stairs, and went to the kitchen to meet with her family. May was serving pancakes to the anxious Ash, and when Carol sat down, Ash dung deep in his plate. 3 seconds-counted, all the pancakes from his plate were gone. Ash, now waiting for his second helping, was met by looks of disgust, as his lack of culinary etiquette was once again displayed. Pikachu, leapt from the floor on to the top to the table, next to Ash and Carol. He looked at his plate, which had just as many pancakes as Ash, and gobbled all of it in a setting. Same as Ash's time too…Pikachu, now a thorough representation of Ash, was awaiting his second helping as well. Pikachu's just so darn cute though; he was just looked at by adoring eyes.

Carol stroked Pikachu, on top the head, near his ears. This was their special scratching spot. Pikachu spoke to Carol, who understood perfect Pikachu. "Chaa…pika pi chu?" (Tomorrow's your big day right?) "Yeah…tomorrow's the day I set off to become a pokemon master, like my father!" Ash, upon hearing this, forgot about his food and shouted "YYYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!! See May, I told you she's going to be a pokemon master, not a coordinator. Who wants to see some silly pokemon contest right? Training to be a master trainer is the only way to go. Make the Ketchum's proud!" May said, "Excuse me, but I happen to like pokemon contests, and as the best pokemon coordinator in the world, it is my duty to defend my contests. However…Carol how could you?" May started to mock cry as put her hands on her face. "Sniff…my daughter doesn't want to follow my foot steps…sniff…following her arrogant father…sniff…I hope you don't pick fights with people like he did…" "HELLO, being a pokemon trainer is all about BATTLING. It's not my fault, it's part of the job description. Besides…I'm a gym leader. People are picking fights with me remember?" Carol sided with her father. "Yeah mom. Dancing isn't the thing for me. Beating punks is right dad?" "That's right! Right Pikachu?" "Chaaaaa…" (Don't bring me into this…) May then said, "Oh well…guess I lost the bet to your father…I'll have to clean the house for the month…"

Ash smiled at his daughter, picked her up and gave her a hug. "Dad…let go…" She said with her face slightly red. Ash, completely in bliss from hearing his daughter's decision just held her. May was quite pleased. Pikachu just nibbled on the pancakes on Carol's plate. Carol then said, "Pikachu…ouch…let…pancakes…go…dad…" Ash, immediately placed Carol on the floor, rushed over to his plate and guarded his plate from Pikachu. "Whew…thought I died…" Thought Carol as she got back up from the floor to the table. She finished up and went back to her room to groom herself properly, then say farewell ho her friends.

Carol got back to her room and started to brush her shoulder long dirty blonde hair. Her room was illuminated by the rising of the sun, covering the setting with its radiant rays of gold. She stared at the curvature of her body from the mirror, satisfied. "Yup! Just like my mother when she started out." She said aloud. She got her silver necklace out, and placed it around her neck. She got her poke watch, and put it on her left wrist. She put on her white socks, and her blue sneakers on her bed. Her bed was still a mess, but she's not the one cleaning the house for the next month.

She walked out of her house, which was the pokemon gym at Pallet Town, and walked towards the laboratory, which served as a school for trainers. Gary Oak greeted her. "Nice to see you made it on time today. Ok class, today we learn about the 3 basic beginning pokemon, curtsy of Carol." The class applauded, and Carol blushed. "Today, my research associate, Tracy will conduct the lesson." Tracy Sketchit went to the front of the room, where the black board was, filled with pokemon doodles. "Thank you Professor Oak. Today, we learn about the basic pokemon in which you can select as your beginning pokemon. The pokemon sanctioned here by the Official Pokemon League states that starting trainers must start with either Bulbsaur, Charmander, or Squirtle, if you wish to participate in the region of Indigo." Carol knew all this from her father already, who cheated by getting Pikachu, a high level pokemon. Carol spent the time listening to Tracy tell about pokemon strength and weakness, until the bell rung for recess.

She went outside, and consulted with her best friends, Lily and Crystal. "Hey guys, tomorrow's my big day. Guess I'll see you guys again as rivals huh?" Lily said, "Carol, how many times do we have to tell you? I want to be the greatest water pokemon master, not a pokemon master, and Crystal wants to be a breeder." Lily was Misty and Rudy's child, and Crystal was Brock's and Suzie's. Very respective to their parents. Carol was embarrassed. "Oh yeah…I forgot…who was it then that wanted to be a pokemon-" "Well if it isn't Carol." Said a boy wearing purple, with brown hair, spiked to the side. "Gary…" "I see you haven't gotten any smarter. If you have, you would know that it's futile to compete with me! I've beat you in everything since-ever! You can't be the best cause I am." "Right…and why are you here?" Responded Carol in a displeased voice. "Just wanted to know-are you really starting your pokemon adventure tomorrow?" "Yeah I am. Why do you care?" "If you were any bit like your father, (ironically) you would have known to check up on the competition. I'm starting my adventure tomorrow." Carol just gapped at him. "You really didn't know? You're not much of daughter are you?" "Why you…" "See you tomorrow loser!"

Carol stuck her tongue out at Gary (jr.), and retreated back to the trees. "He's such a meany…" Lily said to Carol," I know! I agree with you 100 Carol. Why can't he give you get a break?" "I'll tell you why" Crystal said. "He's the son of your father's arch rival back in the day, until he became the worlds greatest researcher of pokemon. Family grudge you know?" "Yeah, but my father and Professor Oak are good friends…he comes over to the gym once every week to check up." Crystal said, "Well maybe he's just a naturally born prick. Nothing to do with blood." "Maybe…I still wish he'll lay off. It's enough he beats me in everything; he doesn't need to rub it in."

After class, Carol and her friends decided to eat at the local ice-cream parlor for one last time. After their sugary treat, they decided to travel back home. It was 5 o'clock, plenty of time for Carol to see whom the unlucky victim of the day was at her father's gym. Her father had to limit his variety of pokemon to normal, for he ran the Pallet gym, renounced for the challenge of the elusive normal pokemon. He was required to use weak pokemon (at level 75) or lower, because his pokemon were too strong. Not only were these implements in place, but also he had to choose the first pokemon in play, but let his opponent have the first move. If they won, (very few) they would receive the diamond badge, because he has colourless pokemon.

The victim today was a beginning male trainer, and no idea what had hit him. Carol stood outside, and greeted the trainer with a smile on her face. The trainer, in deep agony at his humiliating defeat ran into Carol. "Owww…watch it. Just because you're moping doesn't mean you can run into people." "Sorry…" The kid mumbled. He was running to the pokemon center, looking in his hands 3 pokeballs-the pokeballs that carried three very injured pokemon. Carol went to congratulate her father. "Great job dad, you crushed him." "Why are you so happy? When you start your journey, you're going to have to face me to you know." Carol bit her lip. She never thought she would have to fight her own father! "That's not important right now Carol. Right now, you should be restless, about your pokemon selection! Which one are you going to pick? This depends on which region you want to start off you know." "You know which region I'm starting out…the Indigo region! That's where you started out right? I've gotta follow in the worlds greatest pokemon master's footsteps right?" Ash beamed with pride. "Come on Carol; lets review the terrain of this region then shall we?" Carol followed her father into the study, and reviewed until dinner.

At 7:30, Carol and her parents ate Carol's favorite food in commemoration of her departure tomorrow, on her 10th birthday. They ate lobster, coated with many layers of cheese and herbs, loaves of garlic bread, covered with leaves of basil, soaked in butter and melted cheese, and many such items, each prepared deliciously and with great care. May decided to put all her effort into making one final meal for the family until her daughter's return. Carol ate each bite with relish, spending very little time to chew, alike her father and Pikachu. Only May seemed intent on retaining her morals about etiquette. They ate for several hours, talking to each other, talking about Carol as a child. Ash was proud that Carol was going to become a Pokemon Master, while his wife was quite melancholy in that manner. "Sigh…are you really going?" "Yup! I'm going to be the best, and beat dad." "Why did time pass so quickly? I still remember when you were a baby. So dependant, so cute…" "But dear, she's grown up now. We've got to let her go sometime. Besides…she's still cute…" "DAD!" Carol blushed at the comment. "I'm serious. You look just like your mother, only you've got dirty blonde hair, different clothes, and a different hairstyle:" May said, "How is that like me then?" "Well…you were real cute." Ash smiled at his now flushing wife. His daughter shared the same sentiments as her mother. Pikachu laughed at this situation. They continued until 9, when Carol was to sleep. Of course, Carol was not to sleep until 11 pm, as any Ketchum would.

"Carol, you should get some sleep." Her mother said. "But mom, how can I sleep when I'm starting my Pokemon adventure tomorrow?" "Well if you can't sleep, you should watch the show that Professor Oak gives to beginners." May turned on the television, now in her silky blue pajamas. May watched the program, which has remained unchanged through time. Professor Gary Oak still gave the audience the same kind of material as his grand father did, very well informed information of the greatest quality. Plus, he retained his youth, unlike his late grand father. "Hello, Pallet town. As you know, the future trainers of this town are departing tomorrow, at seven. They have to option of selecting one pokemon, from the three primary categories of grass, fire and water. Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. Which one will you choose?" Carol turned the T.V. off afterwards. She had been wondering her choice for some time now. Which will she choose? She wondered this as she drifted to a sleep filled with dreams of pokemon.