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Chapter 1

Meet n' Greet

Kagome Higurashi walked briskly down the harsh winding side walk on the way to her new school, Sarayaski High School, where she had recently been transferred from too many 'illnesses.' But, hey she wasn't complaining. There were just too many reasons why she actually felt sort of excited to be going to a new school. For one thing, everyone had a serious case of the jitters thinking they would catch whatever it is that she had. Also, she would be leaving her so called 'friends' who were forever demeaning her choice in guys and were too nosey for their own goods. And….she was leaving HOJO!!!! Yay! She'd actually cheered when she remembered she would be leaving that simpering wimp behind. And there was also the fact that her new school had a great reputation for grades. She was ever so grateful that she'd stopped visiting the Feudal Era so much in the last year so she could bring up her grades.

Kagome was so happy she was positively glowing. As she walked along she noticed groups of teenage boys and girls all clumped together doing their own things. First there were the preps holding some kind of signs. No doubt they were for some poor kid's fan club or something. And of course there were the nerds, geeks, etc who sat around talking about their various computer exports. Kagome smiled at them as she passed them, noticing the confused looks on some of their faces on why a school girl was actually being nice to them. Truthfully Kagome had no problem with them. She knew they could be some of the kindest people.

Glancing around she also spotted a group of four boys. Two of the boys, a red head and a black-haired boy were tustling playfully and taking swings at each other. Kagome smirked. These were her type of people too. She absolutely loved people who were different and weren't afraid to be who they were, who didn't hide behind reputation and images. Her eyes moved curiously over the group as she noticed two things. For one, the other two boys, one trying to hide in a tree no less, weren't entirely human. Kagome grinned. Maybe there was another reason to enjoy going to a different school. She used her senses as she scanned carefully for the little koorime she had sensed. She finally spotted him, lounging precariously on the end of a tall tree branch. She couldn't see him very well, but his energy…it felt odd. Like he was fire and ice. Wasn't that forbidden? Shrugging, she forced that thought away. What did she care? A demon is a demon, who cares why breed he is.

But…if Kagome wasn't used to hanging around with so many demons in the past she might have gasped out loud. For the kitsune she sense next, was probably one of the most beautiful demons she'd ever seen. Only….he was human. Her eyebrows rouse a few centimeters. "So, he's a human…with a kitsune soul," she murmured out loud. "Interesing." She continued to stare at him for a few minutes. "He really is beautiful, though, I wonder what his kitsune form looks like."

Kagome wasn't momentarily distracted from her thoughts as the kitsune's eyes suddenly caught her own. Instantly Kagome was assaulted with the most unusual shade of emerald green she'd ever seen. The kitsun's eyes. She knew she should be embarrassed at being caught staring at him for so long, but his gaze…it was so intense that it was hard to look away. Her eyes drifted down as she took in his entire male form. He was wearing the male uniform of the school, a garish pink that somehow made him seem more refined. He was tall and obviously well muscled. No matter how hard he tried to hide it behind that uniform, she knew he must have the body of a Kami under there. Licking her lips absently she continued to stare unaware of anything else about her surroundings.

She was caught off guard once again when he suddenly smirked and his eyes left hers and began a blazing path of his own. She felt her whole body blush as his eyes gently took in each soft curve of her full female body. His eyes moved down further all the way past her waist and took in the shape and definition of her long legs. She continued to stare as his green eyes began the track back upwards and finally clashed against hers. This time his eyes were tinted with a strange golden color.

Hearing the sound of a bell, Kagome quickly snapped out of her trance and realized it was a warning bell. "Oh!" She cried out loud. "I'm going to be late!" Kagome shouldered her pack using one arm to hold it in place over her right shoulder, glancing back one more time at the entrancing boy, noticing he had picked up his own back pack and was walking slowly along with two of his friends, and raced through the open front doors of her new school. So this was Sarayaski High School, she thought smirking slightly. This is certainly going to be an interesting year.

He'd sensed her the moment she'd stepped onto his school's court yard, and even from before that. He'd felt her strange energy coming and instantly analyzed it as a miko's. And although she felt quite powerful, for some reason, Kurama couldn't find any reason to be afraid of it.

"Kurama," Came Hiei's voice from up above. "Did you feel that?"

Kurama didn't even have to glace up to know where Hiei was hiding. "Yes," he murmured. "Seems Sarayaski acquired a new student."

"Hn," Hiei replied scowling slightly in the direction the energy was coming from.

Kurama continued to watch for the woman and had to catch his breath as she came into his line of view. However, she wasn't quite what he expected to see. From her energy he was guessing she was very pure and was expecting to see a very prim and proper girl wearing his school's required uniform. Instead she wasn't quite wearing the same uniform as everybody else. While it was the same style, it was however a bit different in color. Instead of it being red with white lining like most of the other girl uniforms, it was red and black, the shirt being red and the skirt black….and very short.

"Holy hell, who the hell is she?" Yusuke murmured, momentarily stopping pummeling his friend. Kuwabara's collar was being held forcefully in Yusuke's clenched fingers, though Kuwabara neither noticed nor cared as he too caught sight of the strange new girl.

"Hey, she's pretty," Kuwabara stated none too softly.

"Hey, look, she's not wearing the uniform either," Yusuke commented. Then he smirked. "I like her already. I bet she's got a hell of an attitude."

"Yeah, she could be your twin Urameshi," Kuwabara cracked up.

"What was that!" Suddenly Kuwabara wasn't so forgotten anymore and Yusuke went back to beating up his unfortunate friend.

Kurama, however hard he tried, couldn't keep his eyes off her as he watched her casual observance of the other student body. He noticed her glancing oddly at a group of popular girls holding signs for his fan club. He gave a momentary shudder at this and remembered that direct eye contact could be a devastating move. From up above he could hear Hiei's slight chuckle as he caught Kurama's stray thought. Grimacing Kurama twitched his fingers before a muffled shout from Hiei had him smirking again. Kurama glanced up and caught the sight of a glaring Hiei as he glared angrily down from his cage.

Kurama felt eyes upon his person and turned towards the source and found himself staring at a much closer woman. She was standing less than 20 feet away as she observed Yusuke and Kuwabara going at it. However instead of being disgusted, he was shocked to see her smirk of amusement and allowed a soft smile to fall across his face. He was shocked again when the woman's gaze began searching the tree. It was then that he realized since she was a miko, she would be able to sense Hiei and…Kurama gulped, himself.

Her eyes then turned to his and what he saw in them stunned him. She was staring at him in pure awe as her eyes trailed over his hair and face. Her eyes lifted and he was finally staring her face to face. What he saw, made him absolutely floored. Her eyes were of the lightest shade of blue he'd ever seen, just a tad darker than the sky. She had a heart-shaped face, high cheek bones, small kissable lips, and dark heavy lashes. She blinked and Kurama found himself being carefully examined as she allowed her eyes to drift over his uniformed body. Her eyes traveled over every nook and cranny and Kurama couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking. Come to think of it…what was he thinking? He'd never been this attracted to anyone girl before. True he'd seen his fair share of beautiful women, but her…this miko. She took his breath away.

He smirked in amusement as her eyes met his again, wondering why she wasn't blushing like most of the Ningen girls. Instead she looked unabashed for her careful scrupulation and simply allowed for his own investigation of her body.

She noticed her body tense and grew rigid as he allowed his green eyes to filter along each and every one of her curves. She had an ample supply of breasts however they weren't large enough to appear fake or over done. They were simply round globes of perfect quality. His eyes traveled slowly over her waist and legs as they were well-muscled and in shape. She was skinny, however she had muscle which caused her to look perfect in his eyes. He was almost disappointed when the bell rang and brought her attention off him. He watched her momentary panic as she adjusted her pack on her shoulder and raced past him into the school.

Kurama moved to pick up his own pack and was pleasantly surprised when she looked back and almost seemed to smirk at him. She disappeared a moment later, leaving him quite satisfied and energetic. He couldn't wait to find out who she was. Hm, he thought to himself, welcome to Sarayaski High, ms. Miko. This is sure to be a hell of a year.

Once inside the school Kagome momentarily forgot all about the strange boy as the hustle and bustle around her captured her attention. Sarayaski was bigger than she'd pictured, much bigger than her school and she was having trouble finding the office through all the masses.

Suddenly a hoard of women came screeching down the halls screaming about some boy.

"Oh, Shuichi!"

"Look it's Shuichi!"

"Over here look at me!"

Kagome thought she saw a cloud of red before a figure went racing off down the halls closely followed by his band of vigilant followers. Shrugging her shoulders after shooting a sympathetic glance in the direction the boy had fled to.

"Are you lost?" A voice came out of nowhere.

Kagome glanced around before she spotted two women, one with…blue hair and another typical teenager with short brow hair and eyes.

Kagome smiled politely. "Yes, I am. I'm new here and this place is a lot bigger than my old school."

The girl with brown hair giggled. "I'm Keiko and this is Boton. We'd be glad to help you."

"Oh, thank you!" Kagome squealed happily, glad to have made some new friends. "My name is Kagome, it's very nice to meet you."

"Well, it's nice to meet you as well, Kagome," Boton chirped.

Boton and Keiko began leading Kagome down the hall way until they reach a door on their right that said Office followed by the principal's name underneath the sign. "Well, thanks a lot. Hey, would you mind waiting for me. Maybe we'll have some classes together and you can show me the way," Kagome suggested.

"Sure," Keiko replied and Boton nodded energetically.

"Thanks," Kagome responded with a smile. "I'll be right back." Kagome left her new friends and entered the office. She stood there for a few minutes while the secretary ignored her. Kagome began tapping her nails impatiently against the wooden desk to try to get attention. When that didn't worked she coughed under her breath. When the secretary finally looked up, Kagome could clearly see the boredom imprinted on her face.

"Yes, what do you want?" She asked rudely.

"What I want is for you to stop being a bitch and get my schedule," Kagome responded icily. The secretary glared back before asking for her name.

"Kagome Higurashi," Kagome answered frostily.

The secretary took her time going through the computer as she used her long fake fingernails to attempt to type. Kagome fought down the urge to growl at her, before noticing a boy sitting off to the side, glaring at a wall. She noticed he was one of the punks she'd observed earlier. Like he, he too had forgone the dress code and was wearing a green uniform. She noticed he was quite cute, although not nearly as hot as the red-head from before. As she observed him, he looked up suddenly, glaring at her intensely before realizing who he was looking at. He was about to speak before her name was rudely called from the bitch behind the counter.

"Higurashi!" The lady snapped. "Here is your schedule, now get out of here. And don't cause any trouble like that one over there," she nodded towards the dark-haired boy in the corner.

"Oi, bitch! Why don't you shut up and stop being a hoe to everybody," The boy responded. "Now can I go? The principal isn't even here yet."

The secretary nodded all the while glaring at the boy. Kagome decided to put a stop to this and responded with her own threat. "Thanks I will have a nice day…and while I'm a it, why don't you try having one too. After all, we wouldn't all want to be crotchety bitches after coming in contact with you." Kagome's glare and Yusuke's combined caused the secretary to shrink back and nod in terror.

Kagome turned away and approached the boy sitting in the corner. She held out a hand to the boy. "Hi, I'm Kagome," she said.

Yusuke took her hand. Ordinarily he would have pushed her away. After all after the Keiko disaster he didn't want to have anything to do with females. Yet, something about her was different. She was obviously a punk like him, though she seemed to have a nice side to her. So he took her hand and smirked cockily. "Thanks, the name's Yusuke. And don't mind her over there. She's like that to everyone."

Kagome shrugged and pulled him to stand beside her. She and Yusuke made a move to leave before the secretary who must have gained her voice back called out to them. "Oh, and Higurashi, wear the correct uniform next time…you too Urameshi."

"Yeah, shove it whore," Yusuke called over his shoulder following a smirking Kagome. The two left the door and were met with the stunned faces of Keiko and Boton. Yusuke froze behind Kagome as she went to read her schedule. Glancing up at the suddenly silent hallway, she looked to the frozen faces of Keiko and Yusuke as they stared into each other and Boton's nervously shifting stance.

"Um, are you two okay?" Kagome asked worried.

Yusuke shook his head and turned back to Kagome. "Yeah, hey I have to go. I'll see you later, Kagome." He was about to head off before he stopped and turned back to Kagome. "Hey, maybe we, and come of my other friends, can get together and we can hang out or something."

Kagome smiled widely at him, glad she'd made another friend and maybe some others, including the demons from earlier. "Sure, Yusuke, I'll see you later." Yusuke smirked before heading off to his daily spot on the roof. Kagome turned back to Keiko and Boton. "So, shall we go? I have Math first, ugh," she made a face. "I hate math."

When neither Keiko nor Boton responded Kagome raised her eyebrows curiously. "Hey, guys is something wrong?" she asked worriedly.

"Oh no, nothing's wrong," Keiko shook her head and tried to smile, though Kagome could tell it was forced.

"Well, if you're sure…" Kagome muttered. "So, who's going to tell me where to go?"

Kagome spent the whole rest of the day following a subdued Keiko and a nervous Boton. Both girls were friendly in their own right, but Kagome couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. She also spent most of her time, learning her class schedule finding to her shock, that the fox from before was in most of her classes, although by the time each class ended, he either rushed off to another class, or she did before she could ever approach him. She had however felt his gaze fall appreciatively on her from time to time, which made her shift in her seat several times. But she did nothing to deter him. His gaze warmed her blood and made her aware in all too many ways how male he was…and something she'd forgotten…how female she herself had become.

Finally it came down to the last class of the day which ended up being gym. Kagome had quickly discovered Yusuke was in her class, when his name was called, however the boy never showed up. She wasn't worried. She figured he was probably skipping or something…he just had that look about him. Gym ended quickly while the teacher explained everything they would be covering that semester before he released them. She had just placed her school books back in her locker and collected her things for the end of the way when she felt somebody behind her.

"Hey, Kagome!" Yusuke called ambling over to her, hands in his pockets. He was smirking at her and couldn't help but smile back. He reminded her of Inuyasha in a way. And although she hated Inuyasha most times, Yusuke seemed to be a bit nicer version of him.

"What's up, Yusuke?" she called back and shut her locker.

"Not much," he answered, as he leaned his shoulder against another locker. Kagome giggled as Yusuke growled at a boy who was trying to get into his locker which was incidentally right next to Kagome's.

"Beat it, kid," Yusuke growled as the kid hastily grabbed his things and fled.

Kagome whapped him good naturedly on the shoulder. "That wasn't very nice, Yusuke."

Yusuke shrugged and grinned causing Kagome to giggled again. "So what are you doing this after noon?" she asked and began walking towards the school's exit.

Yusuke fell into step beside her as he casually held his hands behind his head. "Not much, I was planning on heading to the park. My friends and I were supposed to get together this afternoon since it's a Friday, do you want to come?"

"Sure," Kagome responded easily.

"Great!" Yusuke exclaimed. "Hey, Kagome, just a question, hmm?"

"What's that?" Kagome asked.

"How come you don't wear the school uniform?" he asked curiously.

Kagome shrugged. "I like what I wear and I detest conformity. So, I do what I want. Who's going to stop me?"

Yusuke laughed. "You have an attitude like my girlfriend."

"Who…Keiko?" Kagome asked curiously.

Yusuke faltered in his step before recovering. Kagome and Yusuke stepped out into the bright sun and Kagome looked down at her watch seeing that it was 2:30 in the afternoon. "Why do you say that?" Yusuke asked.

"Well," Kagome hesitated. "It was just how you two looked at each other this morning. Was I wrong?"

"Well, sort of," Yusuke admitted. Then he explained how he and Keiko had practically grown up together and how eventually he had fallen in love with her and she with him. He didn't come out and exactly say what their break up was, but Kagome had a feeling it wasn't any of her business.

"Oh, well I'm sorry," Kagome responded. "But I do know how you feel. I dated a guy for awhile and eventually we had a, er, falling out," Kagome explained gently.

"That's okay," Yusuke responded easily, wondering why he was having such an easy time talking to her. There were only a few people who could ever make him talk and that were his current girlfriend and sometimes Keiko…and now this girl. For some reason she made him feel at ease. Yusuke looked up and realized that they'd already reached the park where he was supposed to meet his friends.

Looking around he instantly spotted Hiei and Kuwabara, although his girlfriend and Kurama seemed to be missing from the picture. "There are two of my friends, although two are missing," Yusuke said.

"Oh," Kagome responded slightly saddened that the red-head wasn't here. Suddenly Yusuke broke away from Kagome and raced off to stand next to the little fire apparition and the other punk. Kagome followed after at her own pace and what she saw next made her heart stop. For there right next to Yusuke, was the fox from this morning….and he was still the most beautiful demon she had ever seen. And Yusuke was bringing him forward as his eyes looked up and clashed with her own.

Okay, just a few things I'm going to point out. Keiko and Yusuke will not be together in this one. I won't make her evil, but I will make her a Also, Boton won't be very pleasant either which will be explained later. Also, I don't like Hojo, that's why I added Kagome's little thoughts about him. I think he's a wimp and her friends are really annoying, so they probably won't be in the fic either. Ayumi is the only one I can stand at times. Anyway, I think that is enough for now. So enjoy!!

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