Title/ Burning Ice and Freezing Fire

Author/ Chiba Lae

Rating/ PG-13

Summary/ It begins as Daisuke staying at Satoshi's house for the weekend. But when Daisuke gets a glimpse of what Satoshi has been typing up on his laptop, he flees. Now Christmas is here and the two boys have become comfortable in each other's company. And slowly, the Hikari Curse comes into effect, and Satoshi starts to fade away. As the past is revealed, new twists and turns haunt the time they share together. Will Satoshi even live to see the New Year? (BEWAREShonen-ai content)

Disclaimer/ Pathetically, I own nothing. Which is a real pity because I would have never ended the series without these boys getting together! (humph)

Author's Note/ I don't know if anyone still reads these, but this is my favorite couple on and this is my first try at this. So be a little lenient, kk? On with the story!

Dark italics
Daisuke /
Krad ;;
Satoshi ;

Chapter 1/ Absent minded

(Daisuke's PoV)

I paced the entryway of my house nervously and anxiously. He would be here soon. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this. It could turn out to be a disaster! I shouldn't be going over there. What if it he catches me as Dark? What if he arrests me? What if he arrests us?

/ Dark/


/ I'm scared. /

Of what? Creepy bastard? No duh! He's Creepy Bastard!

/ I know. . . I just don't want him to catch you. . . .or me/

He laughed before answering, Him? Catch me? Never!

I shook my head at him. He really was over self-confident! I smiled. That's what I liked about him. Even if something caught him off-guard, he would act like it was nothing and he'd get out of it in a snap. I didn't like him in that way, but he was as close as I could get for a companion.

When is the Commander gonna get here anyway? I would've thought that he would be here by now!

/ Who knows? But let's hope he takes all weekend doing it. /

Well, he can't take all weekend. We have to steal the Orchid's Looking Glass tonight.


-Ding Dong-

/ Wha- How- I mean, Satoshi- /

Stop stuttering and answer the door, Daisuke!

I walked over to the door and slowly turned the door handle. What was on the other side . . . was just something that I didn't what to deal with right now. When the door opened, I saw the blue-haired boy with his back against my door jam. But he didn't look at me. He was starring off to the side, looking at nothing. It was this one moment. . . .when the sun made his hair shine and his icy eyes sparkle dangerously and beautifully at the same time… when he looked peacefully calm, but not frozen… when I saw a glimpse of just how stunning and handsome he really was.

I quickly shook the thoughts out of my head. And then the icy eyes turned on me. How many times I had seen those eyes so close to mine. I remembered the numerous times that he had me pinned to the ground. His face just inches away from my own. His warm breath upon my lips. So close. So very close. And I remembered the longing I had once, a longing for him. A longing to kiss the lips that were so near my own.

"Are you ready?" Satoshi asked in his normal, calm voice. I realized that I had just gone into fantasy mode. About Satoshi, no less. I wasn't to ask questions, so I hurriedly brushed away the thoughts and grabbed my bag.

"Hai, Hiwatari-kun!" I answered as I closed the door behind me. I could feel the blush on my face.

(Satoshi's PoV)

I sighed inwardly to myself and couldn't help but think the shade of ruby that covered his face was anything but adorable. Unfortunately, right now probably wasn't the time to fantasize about the younger boy. There would plenty of time to do that later, but I couldn't daze off while standing right in front of him. He closed the door and walked past me. I followed.

The walk to my apartment was uneventful. No one spoke. No one smiled. We just walked. It was natural for me to be silent, but it's awkward not to hear his voice. And I really wanted to hear it. If it called for it, I would break the silence once again.



"Dark is going to the museum tonight, right?" I heard him hesitate, then he spoke slowly.

"Hai. . ."

I couldn't think of anything else to say. Well, that was the end of that. Nice one, Satoshi! I mentally hit myself.

"Why do you ask?" Daisuke pushed on and I'm glad he was talking. But I had a feeling that I should've just made small talk.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go there with me once we dropped off your stuff." Wow. . that actually wasn't that bad of a cover up. The younger boy smiled at me and I knew that I must have smiled back when he blushed and looked at his feet instead of me. "He's going for the Orchid's Looking Glass. Do you know anything about it?"

He shook his head, but I knew that at that moment, he was discussing the topic with Dark. I gave them a minute or two to converse, then I spoke again. "It, like all the other Hikari Art, has a sort of magic. Do you know what it is?" This time, he nodded.

"It's supposed show if the people on each side of the glass are meant for each other. But how does that work?"

"The looking glass is really a stained glass mirror. It's shaped like the Orchid and is stained gold and red. If one person stands on each side of it, so that they can only see their reflection in the glass, then the mirror would either become transparent, which shows that they are meant to be, or it would become solid, indicating that they are not to be." I explained. We reached the door to my apartment just then and I turned to him. He froze under my gaze. Just like he did at his own door. I stared into his crimson eyes that held the warmth that I could never get. I yearned to hold him, to hear him call out my name, to kiss the lips of my fire. "It works on anyone." I wanted to lean down and take in the taste of his soft, cherry-blossom lips. I turned away and shut my eyes tightly, trying to get rid of my inhumane urges. It was bad enough that I had fallen in love with the person I was supposed to arrest, let alone the fact that it was another boy, and that the boy liked two girls. There was no way my distant dreams would ever be reality.

I opened the door and welcomed the boy inside. ;At least I get to spend a whole weekend alone with him.;

;;And why are you so happy about that fact, may I ask?;;

I rolled my eyes. ;Go back to sleep, Krad. You need your rest for tonight. Remember, we have to get Dark tonight.;

;;Or we could get him now.;;

;Shut up and leave me alone.;

(Daisuke's PoV)

Why did his eyes do that to me? It was weird, not to mention freaky. I wandered into the apartment and saw that the place was as plain as it was the first time I was ever in it. I took in the blank walls and white linens. I shook my head and made a mental promise to brighten things up.

I followed Satoshi to a nearby bedroom where he motioned for me to put my stuff on the bed. I did as he instructed and he told me that this was where I was to sleep. He didn't tell me anything else, other then where the kitchen was. I almost felt unwelcome here. That made sense. But I tried not to think of what might happen.

Satoshi looked me up and down before speaking. "Get some sleep. I'll wake you up in a hour or two." And with that he left the room, closing the door behind him.

It was going to be an interesting night…


Satoshi and I walked down the street toward the museum. It was 6 'o clock, and Dark was due by seven. I wasn't looking forward to this. Plus, it was taking forever to get there. A crowd was already growing in front of the building when we approached. And the first person I saw was Takeshi. He ran up to us and immediately started going off about Dark and the glass. I wanted to put duck tape over his mouth so badly.

I started to sneak away from the two others so Dark would have time to get ready, but Satoshi looked at me and asked, "Where are you going Niwa-kun? Dark isn't supposed to show up for a half hour. Let's go inside." I don't think I really had a choice. If he wanted me to go in with him, then by all means, I'll go. So I excused myself from Takeshi, who was pleading for the blue-haired blue to take him in as well.

We reached the double doors and the two policemen guarding them glared at me. That was quite unnecessary. Satoshi quickly took notice. He simply glared back at them and they got the message, nodding and letting us through. Satoshi led me through the building toward the glass. It was strange… you know, for Satoshi to actually help me find the thing I'm trying to steal.

(Satoshi's PoV)

Why was I doing this? Okay, it was a very stupid cover up. Can I take it back now? Gah, of coarse not! Jeez, how'd I get in this spot? I was walking in front of him, so he didn't see the annoyance on my face. Not to mention Krad's constant yelling and complaining didn't help much.

;; What are you doing! You're taking him to it! Are you trying to make my job even harder? You piece of dirt! You will be sorry tonight, Satoshi! ;;

; KRAD! Shut Up! ;

I walked silently until we reached the mirror. It had taken quite a while to get there in the huge building, and so the 15 minute journey was yet another awkward silence moment. This wasn't going to be a good weekend. In reaching the room, I didn't look at the glass. Instead, I found a nearby bench. Daisuke hesitated in front of the mirror, and then sat next to me. Our eyes met, and I was lost in my dreams again. I had seen it so many times before… in my sleep… and in my wake.

I would sit there holding his gaze, unable to break free. I'd move my finger down his right cheek and feel the soft flesh. His soft blush would be unbearably cute and I would have no choice. I'd hold his chin firmly yet gently in my hand then lean down to kiss the lips for which I longed. He wouldn't taste of cinnamon like most thought. He would taste of vanilla. The sweet originality that I knew as my only warmth.

(Daisuke's PoV)

Our eyes met, and I felt myself slip away. Before I could stop myself, My mind was racing with images that I had never imagined before. . . but they seemed so good.

Satoshi would hold my gaze and I'd freeze beneath his icy stare. I'd lean forward and throw my arms around his neck. He'd drape his arms around my hips and pull my body close to his. I had never felt so good. He'd bury kisses in my hair. I'd be caressing his neck with my lips and I would feel him give off a small shiver. I made him shiver? I would smirk against his neck and begin kissing my way up to his ear to nibble on his lobe.

(Satoshi's PoV)

I licked his bottom lip, requesting to make this a little more meaningful. Daisuke gladly allowed and we battled for dominance . . . I was winning by a mile! If I was going any farther, then I knew it couldn't be here. But there was no way that I was interrupting something I liked so much. I deepened the kiss as much as I could. I felt the boy buckle under the strength before steadying himself. I slid my hand into his hair to push his face closer to mine.

(Daisuke's PoV)

Satoshi moaned at the pleasurable contact and turned to face me and captured my lips in his. I quickly advanced into a passionate kiss that I had never even imagined with Risa or Riku! Wait! Imagine!

The grand clock chimed seven and the two boys snapped out of their daydreams to find that they had been staring at each other for the past fifteen minutes or so, and it was time for Dark to steal the glass before them.